New ‘Easy A’ Movie Delivered Great Comedy & Drama With Emma Stone

New ‘Easy A’ Movie Delivered Great Comedy & Drama With Emma Stone

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New ‘Easy A’ movie delivered great comedy & drama with Emma Stone. Screen Gems released their new comedy/action flick “Easy A” into theaters this weekend. I just got done watching it,and I agree with the top critics’ positive reviews on this one. It was excellent.

That Emma Stone should be a comedian because she was funny as hell in this flick. Her and good ole Amanda Bynes really delivered some good drama and comedy. It stars: Emma Stone, Penn Badgley, Amanda Bynes, Thomas Haden Church, Patricia Clarkson, Cam Gigandet, Lisa Kudrow, Malcolm MacDowell, Aly Michalka, and Stanley Tucci.


“Easy A” revolved around character Olive (Emma Stone) who,one day, gives into her friend’s intense desires for her to tell her she finally had sex with a college guy. Soon enough,the rumor spreads like wildfire throughout the entire school. And,all of a sudden, Olive goes from being unnoticed most of the time,to being constantly stared at and talked about. It also doesn’t sit well with self righteous Christian freak Marianne (Amanda Bynes) who constantly tells Olive she needs to beg for forgiveness.

Things don’t stop there. Eventually, Olive helps out her gay friend Brandon (Dan Byrd) from continuing to get picked on by pretending to have sex with him. From there, the rumors got worse,but Olive embraces them,and continues to help intensify them by taking offers from more guys. As the hype of her being a whore continue to perpetuate,she plays the role in convincing style by wearing skimpy outfits with the letter “A” on them.

However, towards the end,one final altercation makes her want to set the real record straight. I thought the movie was extremely funny as it included scenes,which featured Olive making fake sex noises with Brandon,lots of fast,witty comebacks,Olive’s mother revealing that she was a slut in high school,and more.

The laughs just never stopped coming in this movie. It was never boring,and kept me highly entertained the entire time. That Emma Stone is a jewel of an actress. This movie made me a fan of hers. It was good to see Amanda Bynes back on the big screen. She was funny as well. Gossip Girl’s Penn Badgley did a good job as the cool,mellow guy Woodchuck Todd. If you wanna laugh hard,go check out this movie. I gave it an easy “A+” grade. “Easy A” movie is in theaters now. Get your “Easy A” movie tickets at Fandango by Clicking Here. Follow us on Facebook for more movie news,reviews,and more by Clicking Here.


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