Black Swan Movie Delivered Lots Of Weird Drama & Interesting Story

Black Swan Movie Delivered Lots Of Weird Drama & Interesting Story

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Black Swan movie delivered lots of weird drama & interesting story. Fox Searchlight Pictures released their new,very intense drama flick “Black Swan” into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out,and thought it was extremely entertaining,but in a very weird way. I’m still not sure if I really knew what happened at the end of it. The movie stars: Natalie Portman, Vincent Cassel, Mila Kunis, Barbara Hershey, and Winona Ryder.

“Black Swan” revolved around character Nina (Natalie Portman) who’s a very focused Ballet dancer who desires intensely to do her best performances everytime. Director Thomas Leroy wants to start a new version of the swan show,and needs a dancer who can play both the white swan and the black swan. He thinks Nina makes the perfect white swan,but is having trouble seeing her as a black swan because she can’t let go and relax.

However, he eventually picks her for the role,thinking she has the potential to do it. Character Lilly (Mila Kunis) is the exact opposite of Nina,and has no problems enveloping the black swan character. Lilly tries to befriend Nina throughout the movie,but only causes distractions for her that lead her to become Nina’s alternate for the show.

The movie contained a bunch of weird dream scenario scenes,so much in fact, that it became tough to tell between reality of the film and her dream sequences. She was always falling into a dream. In fact, the movie started out with a dream sequence.

Some of the dream sequences included her literally starting to turn into a swan with her legs buckling,her stabbing and killing Lilly,slamming the door on her mother’s hand,a lesbian sex scene between her and Lilly,and more.

It also featured some very sexual scenes,but no nudity. The film concluded with a very strange ending that made me wonder if it was real,or just another dream sequence. So, I’m still not quite sure if what I saw really happened,or if she was just dreaming again. It was very odd.

Despite the weirdness of the movie,it was very entertaining,and captured my attention the whole time. I gave the movie a B+. “Black Swan” movie is in theaters now. Get your “Black Swan” movie tickets by Clicking Here.

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