New ‘Warrior’s Way’ Movie Delivered Tons Of Action & Drama

New ‘Warrior’s Way’ Movie Delivered Tons Of Action & Drama

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New ‘Warrior’s Way’ movie delivered tons of action & drama. Relativity Media released their new action,drama flick “The Warrior’s Way” into theaters this weekend. I just saw it,and thought it was really entertaining. It delivered some very good actions scenes,mostly towards the end,along with some high intense drama. The movie stars: Dong-gun Jang, Kate Bosworth, Geoffrey Rush, Danny Huston, and Tony Cox.

“The Warrior’s Way” movie revolved around character Yang (Dong-gun Jang) who is a highly trained warrior assassin that is forced to hide out in a small circus town in an effort to escape his evil past. Unfortunately, he eventually finds out that this new life he’s found is not that much different from his old one.

He meets character Lynne (Kate Bosworth) who has been living in the town since she was a little girl. She eventually befriends Yang,and gets romantic with him at one point. The movie reveals that Lynne has vicious past that almost left her dead,but she somehow survived. Yang teaches her the art of fighting throughout the movie.

Lynne’s past eventually arrives back in town,and she’s dead set on getting revenge on the man who almost killed her and killed her family. This is where the action really picked up. The movie ended up capping off with a big,huge battle between the Colonel man Lynne wanted revenge on and his huge army of men,along with a ton of black assassins who were just trying to kill everyone in town.

The movie featured some cool action scenes that included Yang doing his quick fighting and slashing stuff,gun shootouts,huge explosions,a nice fight scene with Lynne and the Colonel guy she wanted revenge on,and more. I thought the movie was pretty fun to watch,especially towards the end when the action picked up,and it had a pretty good storyline.

Kate Bosworth did a good job playing the high strong Lynne character,and Dong-gun Jang was always cool,calm,and collective as Yang. I gave the movie a B. “The Warrior’s Way” movie is in theaters now. “The Warrior’s Way” movie is in theaters now. Get your “The Warrior’s Way” movie tickets by Clicking Here.

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