Top Critics Gave ‘The Next Three Days’ Movie Mediocre Reviews

Top Critics Gave ‘The Next Three Days’ Movie Mediocre Reviews

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Top critics gave ‘The Next Three Days’ movie mediocre reviews. Lionsgate released their new thriller flick “The Next Three Days” into theaters today,and the top movie critics in the business didn’t seem blown away with it.

The movie stars: Russell Crowe, Elizabeth Banks, Liam Neeson, Brian Dennehy, RZA, Moran Atias, Lennie James, Allan Steele, Ty Simpkins, Leslie McCombs, Jason Beghe, Aisha Hinds, Kathy Fitzgerald, Olivia Wilde, Jonathan Tucker, Remy Nozik,and Daniel Stern.

Ty Burr at the Boston Globe gave it a C. He said, “there’s still no earthly reason for The Next Three Days to clock in at over two hours, and that ponderousness sucks the life out of a movie that should have been fast and tight.”

Roger Ebert at the Chicago Sun-Times gave it a B-. He stated, “The movie is a competent thriller, but maybe could have been more.” Lisa Schwarzbaum at Entertainment Weekly gave it a B+. She said, “enjoyably zigzaggy.”

Jesse Hassenger at gave it a C. He said, “Meandering and a little silly.” Todd McCarthy at the Hollywood Reporter gave it a C+. He stated, “Clever thriller needs a quicker pulse for big mainstream success.”

James Berardinelli at Reelviews gave it a B. He said, “offers enough suspense to make it worth the price of admission.” Peter Travers at Rolling Stone gave it a C-. He said, “It’s damn hard to enjoy a thriller when you don’t, won’t, can’t believe a word of it.”

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