ABC Provides Exclusive Footage Clip Of 2010 Luge Crash Accident

ABC Provides Exclusive Footage Clip Of 2010 Luge Crash Accident

2010 winter olympics luge crash image

ABC provides exclusive video footage clip of 2010 Luge crash accident at Winter Olympics. ABC has recently provided an exclusive video clip of the unfortunate 2010 Luge crash accident during a training run at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. Nodar Kumaritashvili was the one who died. He was a Georgian luge slider at the Vancouver Olympics,and he died the other day after crashing during a training run and hitting a metal pole. He was only 21 years old.

The Huffington Post says that he was traveling over 90 miles per hour when he crashed. This luge track at Vancouver has been called the fastest track ever,and there were concerns raised even before Nodar’s very fatal crash. At Friday night’s opening Winter Olympics ceremonies,they held a moment of silence to observe and honor Nodar Kumaritashvili. His fellow Georgian Olympians wore black armbands in his memory. There have also been reports of other people getting knocked unconscious trying to go down the luge track,and others are having serious trouble just trying to make it through a heat on the dangerous track. To watch the ABC’s exclusive video Click Here. Watch CBS’ exclusive video (below).

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18 Responses

  1. Hannah says:

    This is a crime. For a a track so fast, why the walls were so short and why the poles are not covered? Those responsible should be identified and put on trial. It will be a shame if criminal charges are waved just because the athlete was from a small country.

  2. Harvey says:

    Rubbish, its a dangerous sport. The government doesn’t go on trial every time someone dies when their car hits an uncovered lap post do they?

  3. Emily says:

    Oh god, its justsooo sad i mean hes ther iving hi dream and then he dies justdays before the event. how sad

  4. john doe says:

    why cant you accept that accidents happen? Do you think that them guys are really responsible? come on always got to blame someone!!

  5. chris says:

    this is no crime he knew full well how much danger he put himself into luging, driver error was the cause

  6. mandi says:

    u can’t blame anyone….. and well there is risk in everything….if a skier gets hurt from his own pole is it really ones fault? I feel HORRIBLE that someones child had to do to make a change on a track.

  7. topgunr32 says:

    I agree with those who say you can’t blame anyone. He knew full well the risks of doing what he loved and he paid the price.. How typical of those who say blame the track builders, etc. for his death. That’s why society is so screwed up today

  8. Anonymous says:


  9. Anonymous says:


  10. rocky says:

    Im gonna mention something no one else has mentioned. Imagine what his family is going through losing their 21 year old son. Not only that im sure they have watched the horrific video of their son’s last little bit of time on earth and the circumstances of how he died. Here is another fact if the last part of the luge track was built correctly he wouldnt have died. Yes he was up too high on the last turn but still the last part of the track should have been enclosed and secure. It is shitty that it takes a death for people to do something about it. I have read here and there people’s comments about him not being good enough are your kidding me. He was ranked 44th in the world that makes him damm good and besides if you arent good you wouldnt make it to the olympics and the sad thing is he didnt get to compete in the olympics. I have seen other comments on other sites people are insulting each other back and forth i cant believe it. Bottom line is a man died for no reason and of course the olympic commitee is ruling it a human error oh big suprise there. By doing that they dont have to accept responsibility for the fact that the last part of the track should have been enclosed and secure i dont care how many people have gone down it and made it through one person died and that is one too many.

  11. Harvey says:

    I cant believe some of you people, you are the ones that ruin sport. Now you say that all these things should be done to prevent deaths, whats your next idea, ban the sport all together? That way nobody would get hurt and we would all live to old age and die in an armchair, rather than doing what we love.

  12. jonboi says:

    this is very sad. but i dont think anyone should be blamed. no matter whos fault it is, it happened, it was fixed, and no one else has died on it… although everyone should feel sorry for him and his family because it is incredibly terrible… )=

  13. brianm2 says:

    I know this is mean but it was partially his fault. He didn’t drive hard enough, came down, smoked the wall and bounced out of the track. BUT there is a flaw. The covering of where they slow down was added after it was declared safe. There are poles running every 10-15 metres, but it wasn’t part of the original plan, so it wasn’t taken into account. Some people on YouTube say that padding would help. Going 150 kph hitting paddin is like going 140 and hitting a pole. You’re still dead. Though it was the whistler track crews fault for not realizing the danger. I thought they where supposed to be making it safe. If there wernt those pole, he would be alive, but with multiple broken bones.

  14. JMG says:

    No one is saying that driver error wasn’t involved. The problem is that the fucking sides were low on a fast fucking curve and exposed steel fucking poles were less than one fucking metre from the fucking track, itself. He took that curve too high and he should have crashed, yes, but he didn’t need to fly off of the track and slam into a fucking steel pole. If you drive across a bridge properly, you shouldn’t have to worry about guard rails, right? So why put them there?

  15. brianm2 says:

    Also, they signed waivers so the IOC can’t be sued. They have no compensation except life insurance. And he knew the risks, and went through with it. He was brave until the bitter end.

  16. Dale1965 says:

    “it is never tragic to die doing something you love”
    While i feel for the family , he died doing an extreme sport that was his love and passion . I only hope when my time comes i can go the same way

  17. Cheryl says:

    I think it’s ashame blaming this on him. I’m sure he knew how dangerous this was & signed a waiver, but if he even thought there was a chance of dying he would’ve never done it. People should quit blaming it on him! If stuff is changed after his death then it should have been that way to begin with. That shows it wasn’t right. My heart goes out to his family & my prayers are with them. God be with his family & get them through this traggic death.

  18. Alex says:

    It is stupid for people to get annoyed about this, its a dangerous sport as most of them are in the winter the olympics. I’m a skier and theres always a risk in that but if someone crashes and brakes bones, or gets hit by an avalanche and dies people dont start looking for people to blame. He knew the risk when he went down the quickest track in the world as do all the others. It is sad but he knew the risked just as well as everyone else. Why should they have covered them poles.,? and even if they did do you relli think it would have made a difference when he’s travelling so fast.,? think it through!!!

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