‘The Mechanic’ Movie Delivered Cool,Killing Action With Jason Statham

‘The Mechanic’ Movie Delivered Cool,Killing Action With Jason Statham

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‘The Mechanic’ movie delivered cool,killing action with Jason Statham. CBS Films released their new Jason Statham branded,action flick “The Mechanic” into theaters this weekend. I just watched it,and it was pretty damn good. It moved at a pretty fast pace as all Statham movies usually do,and featured a ton of good killing action,and more. The movie stars: Jason Statham, Ben Foster, Donald Sutherland,and Christa Campbell.

“The Mechanic” revolved around character Arthur Bishop (Jason Statham) . Arthur is known as a mechanic,which is a highly trained assassin. He gets paid to kill off people who are shady,or that have been involved in some crooked operations. He’s given records and photos of the people he’s assigned to kill. He kills them in creative ways,ways that can’t be linked back to him.

Everything is going fine for him in his career of choice as he’s labeled one of the best in his business. However, things take a sharp turn when his mentor and dear friend Harry McKenna (Donald Sutherland) shows up on the hit list to be killed. Arthur asks for a meeting with the boss to get more details,and is told if he doesn’t do it,someone else will because Harry has supposedly been tipping people off about their assassination jobs.

After Arthur completes the job of killing Harry,Harry’s son Steve McKenna (Ben Foster) shows up on the scene,and eventually asks Arthur to teach him everything he knows about being a mechanic killer. They eventually do a couple of jobs together,but the best job is yet to come.

Arthur ends up finding out that the killing job he did on Harry was part of a huge conspiracy by his boss. From that point on, Arthur has revenge on his mind,and brings Steve along for the ride to get vengeance for Harry’s death. I won’t give the ending entirely away,but lets just say that Steve ends up finding out that Arthur was the one who killed his father.

This fact results in a big twist towards the end,which involves lots of guns being fired,crazy car chases with tons of damage,and huge explosions. Also, you guys should love the ending scene because Arthur pulls off quite a clever stunt. For a film that’s filled with such ugly violence,it’s beautifully played out.

I thought Jason Statham did a really great job as usual,playing the cool,calm,and collective action star who can really kick butt. The movie never had a dull moment in it. They kept it moving at pretty good pace. I gave it an A grade. “The Mechanic” movie is in theaters now. Get your “The Mechanic” movie tickets by Clicking Here.

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