New ‘Hugo’ Movie Delivered Interesting Drama,Storyline & More

New ‘Hugo’ Movie Delivered Interesting Drama,Storyline & More

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New ‘Hugo’ movie delivered interesting drama,storyline & more. Paramount Pictures released their new fantasy/drama flick “Hugo” into theaters a couple of days ago. I just watched it,and I thought it was a pretty interesting story,filled with lots of drama and emotion as young Hugo struggled to find answers from a mechanical robot man,and more.

The movie stars: Asa Butterfield, Chloe Grace Moretz, Sacha Baron Cohen, Ben Kingsley, Jude Law, Ray Winstone, Christopher Lee, Helen McCrory, Richard Griffiths, Frances de la Tour, Emily Mortimer,and Michael Stuhlbarg.

The flick is based on New York Times bestseller, “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” book from author Brian Selznick. In the movie, Young Hugo (Asa Butterfield) became captivated with fixing a strange,mechanical,writing man that his father had sitting around in his clock shop. They eventually decided to fix him up,together. Unfortunately, Hugo’s father died in a tragic fire,shortly thereafter,so he had to go live in the walls of a train station with his horrible,drunk uncle Claude.

Claude taught him how to fix the clocks in the station,and then disappeared,shortly afterwards,leaving Hugo pretty much alone and parentless. Hugo continued to work on the mechanical man,stealing parts whenever he could. Little did he know,he was about to go on an adventure that would lead him to the clock’s maker when he befriended a young girl named Isabelle (Chloë Grace Moretz).

Once,Hugo completed his work on the mechanical man,he discovered he needed a heart-shaped key that Isabelle possessed on a necklace around her neck. A that point, the mystery of the mechanical man started to take shape. Isabelle was,somehow,connected to it’s maker.

She eventually let Hugo use the key,once he showed her what it was for,and the mechanical man ended up drawing a picture that led them back to Isabelle’s godmother Mama Jeanne to search for answers to the mysterious drawing,since she was the one who gave Isabelle the key.

That confrontation didn’t go over well because,apparently, it had something to do with her husband Monsieur Labisse’s very sad story in the movie business. However,now that Hugo and Isabelle knew that something was up,they continued to search for answers,and they found them from a book author named Rene Tabard,who knew much about Isabelle’s godfather Monsieur’s movies.

This led to a very emotional and revealing conclusion that had Monsieur Labisse finally face his hurtful past in the movie business,and reuniting with his beloved creation,which was the mechanical man that Hugo worked so hard to fix.

I thought the movie was really interesting,especially since it’s not the type of film I usually watch. The movie trailer really sparked an interest in me to see the film since I had never read the book. I liked how the events sort of intertwined together to bring about the interesting conclusion. It was a little long for my taste at a little over 2 hours,but I think the time was needed to fully tell the story. I gave the movie a good B+ grade. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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