New Resident Evil 5,Retribution Movie Delivered Great Action,Thrills & More

New Resident Evil 5,Retribution Movie Delivered Great Action,Thrills & More

New Resident Evil 5,Retribution movie delivered great action,thrills & more. Screen Gems (Sony) released their new action flick “Resident Evil 5: Retribution” into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out,and thought it was very entertaining. Milla rocked the tight body suit like nobody’s business,and served up even more awesome fighting action. It stars: Milla Jovovich, Michelle Rodriguez, Sienna Guillory, Kevin Durand, Shawn Roberts, Colin Salmon, Johann Urb, Boris Kodjoe,and Li Bingbing.

The new flick kicked off where the 4th installment left off. Alice (Milla Jovovich) and the gang are seen fighting on a boat. Alice’s former ally Jill Valentine is being mind controlled by a red scarab attached to her throat, and she’s leading the attack. Finally, Alice shoots down one of the planes which crashes,and knocks her unconscious into the water.

After that, it kicks to a different scene,which appears to have Alice in a completely different,suburban, reality where she has a husband and child. Everything seems great until they are suddenly attacked by killer zombie freaks that have broken into their home. Alice’s fighting instincts immediately kick in,and she escapes with her child.

After all that drama,it kicks into another scene where the real Alice wakes up in an Umbrella base,and is interrogated by Jill. A few moments later, the Umbrella security system is completely shut down,allowing Alice to hop into that skin-tight,bodysuit and escape out of her cell.

From there, Alice gives them hell ,and later finds out from former Umbrella operative Ada Wong and Albert Wesker that they shut down the security,helping her to escape so they can eventually get her out of the Umbrella facility,which was being controlled by supercomputer Red Queen. They needed Alice to help them save what’s left of mankind. Ada also told Alice the Umbrella facility is a serving as testing ground for experiments,revealing that the whole suburban scene was just a test filled with an Alice clone and clones of other people.

From there, Alice,Ada,and a team of other operatives try to escape the facility,but it proves to be much easier said than done ,and a lot of people die along the way as they faced major car chases,gun shootouts,and a huge,nasty,monster that just wouldn’t die.

Eventually,what’s left of the group, does make it out,but it’s far from over,because their escape leads to a huge conclusion that involves Alice going head to head with evil Jill and Rain (Michelle Rodiguez). Rain injects herself with the Las Plagas parasite that gives her super strength and invincibility,so Alice gets caught up in a major battle that almost claims her life. It was totally action-packed,and they also left it open for yet another sequel.

Again, I thought the movie was highly entertaining. It showed some great action sequences with Alice pulling out all the moves from her repertoire to take out a whole slew of zombies all by her lonesome. It was really an awesome scene. I couldn’t have pictured anything better,and that was just one scene. There were dozens more.

I also loved all the action that went down in the end. There wasn’t a boring moment,and they kept up a good pace throughout. I gave the movie a solid A- grade. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here.

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