New Fast And Furious 6 Movie Delivered Excellent Action,Plot,Twists & More

New Fast And Furious 6 Movie Delivered Excellent Action,Plot,Twists & More

New Fast And Furious 6 movie delivered excellent action,plot,twists & more. Universal Pictures released their new hardcore action flick, “Fast And Furious 6” into theaters this weekend. I just checked it out,and thought it was “out of this world” fantastic! It served up nonstop action,left and right, along with an awesome plotline that revealed super twists towards the end. I mean, it really earned every dollar I spent to go see it. It stars: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster, Luke Evans, Joe Taslim,and Gina Carano.

In the new flick, it’s revealed that officer Luke Hobbs (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson) has been tracking an organization of lethally skilled mercenary drivers across 12 countries, whose mastermind Owen Shaw ( Luke Evans) is aided by a ruthless second-in-command revealed to be the love Dom thought was dead, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez).

Once Hobbs discovers Owen’s current location,he decides he needs Dom and his crew to help take down these rough and tough individuals. Dom quickly gets on board once Hobbs shows him that long lost Letty is actually working with Shaw. Hobbs later convinces the rest of Dom’s team to hop on board by agreeing to give them full pardons and a shot at getting Letty back.

From there, the action kicks into high gear as Dom and company run into big trouble when they experience their first run-in with Shaw and his team,particularly when Letty ends up shooting Dom in the shoulder. As the plot thickens, Brian (Paul Walker) eventually finds out that a former prisoner of his, Arturo Braga, had a connection to Owen, so he returned to the United States as a prisoner to gain access to Braga.

From there, Brian finds out what really happened to Letty to make her lose her memory and Shaw’s next move, which was to steal a computer chip to complete a Nightshade device which could shut off power in an entire region.. Next, we drew towards a wild conclusion that featured a car chase scene from hell,involving a freaking tank! At one point, Dom made an amazing catch to save Letty’s life. It was freaking amazing.

But it didn’t stop there as Dom and company had to also save Mia (Jordana Brewster) from getting killed by Shaw’s men on a plane that was about to take off. However, that plane never took off as Dom and the crew rushed to stop the whole damn operation by serving up tons of combat action, major stunt work,explosions,and more. I mean, the action just wouldn’t stop. Hell, even when you thought the movie was over, they served up one last action scene that involved the lead-in to the upcoming “Fast And Furious 7” flick.

That’s right, If you didn’t know, we will be seeing a new, 7th installment in July of 2014! And apparently, it’s going to reveal a tie-in of the 3rd installment, Tokyo Drift, as it correlates to the rest of the series. Again, the movie was just amazing. All the actors did a great job. It was quite humorous too,especially Tyrese Gibson’s character ,Roman Pearce. I gave the movie an excellent A + grade. Stay tuned. Follow us on Facebook by Clicking Here. Follow us on Twitter by Clicking Here. Follow us through rss feeds by Clicking Here.

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