Big Brother 19 Cody Won First Hoh And Put Megan & Jillian On The Block

Big Brother 19 Cody Won First Hoh And Put Megan & Jillian On The Block

Earlier tonight, CBS showed the 2nd part of their 2-part premiere for their new Big Brother season 19. It started off showing a little bit of the aftermath that took place following Cameron’s shocking first night eviction. Then it was business as usual.

They brought in last year’s winner Nicole Franzel to host the first HOH competition of this season. The comp was another physical challenge that involved the houseguests swinging on vines to retrieve rotten apples. However, there was a little twist thrown in the mix.

The 16 houseguests were separated into 4 teams of 4. The temptation twist involved a golden apple. Whichever teammate decided to retrieve the golden apple instead of the rotten one won safety for the weak. However, the consequence eliminated the teammate’s entire team from being able to compete any further.

This meant that the eliminated team could not win safety for themselves. Josh decided to go ahead and grab the golden apple and claimed that he thought he was being targeted. This eliminated his team which consisted of Kevin, Jillian and Elena from being able to compete for safety this week. It actually allowed Kevin to disguise his task of having to throw the comp for taking the $25,000 in the first episode.

At one point, Josh also started a big argument with Megan seemingly out of nowhere. He called her a snake in front of everyone which definitely sent bad vibes to all the other houseguests. Eventually, he apologized to Megan for his actions. However, there’s no doubt that he left a bad taste in her mouth. Also, Cody ended up winning the HOH competition. He revealed that he wanted to team up with Mark and Matthew. He made it perfectly clear that he didn’t like Paul and that he really wanted to go after him.

After some chit chatting footage took place, they finally showed the nomination ceremony. And it turned out that Cody decided to go ahead and throw Jillian and Megan on the block. He straight up told Megan that he just didn’t like her which was quite harsh but it is what it is. Earlier, he mentioned that he wanted to possibly backdoor Paul. So, we might see that happen if Paul doesn’t win the POV later this week. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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