Big Brother 19 Eliminated Cameron Heard In The Premiere Tonight

Big Brother 19 Eliminated Cameron Heard In The Premiere Tonight

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Earlier tonight, CBS finally aired the premiere episode of its new Big Brother season 19. It started out by showing the usual introduction footage of the cast. They started with the first group of 8 houseguests. Afterwards, they sent them into the house. Next, they featured the second group of houseguests and sent them into the house. Everyone was very excited as they usually are on the very first day.

They introduced themselves to each other and did that whole thing. After that, Julie Chen called them to the living room to eventually remind them that this is a game for a whopping $500,000 and that it starts right now. She gave them instructions about a new game that would involve a major twist. It was pretty simple. Basically, they were all seated in front of a electronic tree or plant. Once it lit up, they had the option to press a button they were given. The first one to press it, won $25,000 right off the bat.

However, this would bring some heavy consequences into the game. Kevin ended up claiming the $25,000. Also, no one else knew who pressed the button so Kevin was able to keep it a secret. The consequences brought last year’s Big Brother 18 runner-up Paul Abrahamian back into the game. But it didn’t stop there. It was announced that his arrival would replace one of the newbies.

If that weren’t enough, Paul got to save eight of them with friendship bracelets. Those who didn’t get friendship bracelets from Paul would have to compete in a competition to save their lives in the game.

We saw footage of everyone trying to plead their case to Paul of why he should give them a bracelet. In the end, Paul ended up giving: Raven, Ramses, Kevin, Mark, Jessica, Jason, Elena and Dominique a bracelet. So, they were automatically safe. That left: Christmas, Matthew, Cameron, Megan, Josh, Cody, Alex and Jillian to have to compete for safety.

Their competition was an endurance one with some luck thrown in. They had to balance themselves on a narrow platform and hold onto a rope. The last one hanging, automatically won safety. The people who dropped, got to pick an apple that was either poisonous or gave them safety. Throughout this comp, Julie told them clues about which apples were most likely the safety ones. So, it benefitted them to hang on as long as they could to have a better chance at choosing the right apple.

Alright, so once everything was all said and done, Cody won the automatic safety by outlasting everyone. Then it was revealed that Matthew, Megan, Josh and Alex got real lucky by picking the right apples to give them safety. That left poor Christmas, Jillian and Cameron to get put on the chopping block the very first night.

From there, Julie revealed yet another twist. The remaining three got to choose whether they wanted to have their fate get decided by a house vote or another competition. Cameron voted for a competition while Christmas and Jillian voted to let the house decide. Cameron was outnumbered so it went to a house vote.

They showed footage of the endangered three houseguests campaigning to stay. Cameron knew he was in trouble by the response he was getting. And in the end, his intuition proved to be correct as he did receive most of the votes to get sent home. Christmas got the least amount of votes so she did a good job of campaigning. Jillian didn’t do too bad herself as she easily beat out Cameron by a landslide vote of 8-3.

Tomorrow night, we get another episode at 8pm central time. It will only be for an hour. There’s supposed to be another twist in there and we’ll also see who won the first HOH of the season. Be sure to follow us for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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