New Once Upon A Time Season 7 Curse, New Big Bad & More Revealed By Producers

New Once Upon A Time Season 7 Curse, New Big Bad & More Revealed By Producers

Recently, Entertainment Weekly got a ton of new “Once Upon A Time” season 7 intel from a couple of the showrunners while out at Comic-Con last weekend in San Diego,CA. Apparently, we’re going to see a much tougher curse that’s in play. A new big bad villainess. New cursed personas and more!

In their spoiler session, they revealed that an adult Henry is going to leave home and get into some heavy trouble. This will prompt Regina , Hook, and Rumplestiltskin to try and help him out of his sticky situation. Unfortunately, things will not work out well for them because they are going to get hit with a new curse. So, it will be up to Henry’s daughter to get them all to believe again.

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However, this curse will be very different from the original Dark Curse that plagued Storybrooke. It’s going to be very difficult to break. Cinderella’s evil stepmother Lady Tremaine is going to be the main villain. Executive producer Adam Horowitz told them, “Lady Tremaine doesn’t like Cinderella very much and she’s got an agenda. But there is something broiling beneath that’s personal and painful that is driving all of this.”

Executive producer Edward Kitsis chimed in to also say, “She’s somebody who wants to get to the top and will use any means necessary. So, why it’s important for her to be royal. Why it’s important for her to crush everyone else is the story of the year. In true Once Upon a Time fashion, evil isn’t born it’s made and we’ll see that with her as well.”

Hyperion Heights will be the new main neighborhood that the storyline will take place in. Executive producer David H described the town. He said, “We’re going to see in Hyperion Heights that the role Lady Tremaine has taken is very similar in terms of getting to the top in terms of being a developer. Who is this character who is trying to push out the fairy tale characters who are living in Hyperion Heights, gentrifying the neighborhood and bringing other people in.”

Horowitz added to the description by saying Hyperion Heights is a city. It is “part of Seattle the way Brooklyn is part of New York. It’s more densely populated and it’s filled with fairy tale characters and non-fairy tale characters and that’s another interaction and vibe that we didn’t really have in Storybrooke where it was all the cursed people.”

They went on to say that Lady Tremaine will also not keep all the characters together in one place where they can eventually figure things out. She will push them out so she can gentrify the neighborhood.

The characters will also have new alter egos that are different from the ones we saw in Storybrooke. For example, Hook will be a cop. Regina will be a bartender. The producers noted that Hook actually never had a cursed persona in Storybrooke. So, they’re going to do something with him that they’ve never done before.

Plus, Regina was actually always aware of the curse in Storybrooke. She won’t be in this new one. Season 7 is set to debut on Friday night, October 6th,2017 at 7pm central time on ABC. Also, be sure to follow us on our Once Upon A Time Facebook page for more Once Upon A Time news by Clicking Here.

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