Big Brother 19 Jessica Started Another Huge Fight With Josh Today August 8th

Big Brother 19 Jessica Started Another Huge Fight With Josh Today August 8th

Alright guys. It was another eventful day in the Big Brother 19 house. Jessica once again started another big argument. This time, it was with Josh. Of course, her lover boy Cody interjected himself into the fight once it started up and some awful threats were made. At one point, Cody charged after Josh in the backyard. It was freaking crazy!

Let me take you back to where it all started. At about 1pm Pacific time on the live feeds, Paul and Josh were joking about Matt being the cause of the California drought. Then Jessica decided to say a smart remark to Josh by asking him if he can spell drought. Josh went ahead and spelled it for her. She responded by saying, “Wow, I’m proud of you. I’ m pretty sure I could stump him on 100 other words. So, not to worried about it.”

Josh came back with, “I’m actually very smart Jess. I have a college degree. I have a business.” Then she replied with, “Ok, whatever you say Josh.” At about 1:11pm, Josh asked her to spell “evicted.” Then she got really ticked off and told him to F off. She also called him a moron.

Then at about 1:15 pm, they started in again when Josh went to say something else to her. Jessica was piping mad at this point. She told him, “I’m warning you. Today is not the day. Get away from me.” Then Cody interjected by telling Josh he has a fat body and the only reason why he’s running his mouth is because he knows they can’t do sh!@t in here. Cody also said, “You wanna try this sh#@t on the outside. I f@#ckin dare you.” Josh responded by saying, “You guys are taking this very personal.” Cody said, “It is personal.”

Jessica went on to call Josh stupid. Paul then proceeded to tell Jess that she’s going to feel real stupid about giving up her game for Cody when she watches the show back. At one point, Cody told Josh, “I will f@#ckin destroy you on the outside. I’m going to rip you the f@%ck apart on the outside.” So, he basically threatened Josh with physical violence outside of the game.

Josh asked Cody, “Why are you so mad? This is just a game.” Cody replied with, “This isn’t a game. This is real f@#ckin life.” Judging from that statement, Cody seems to be taking everything personally.

Later on in the conversation, Jess called Josh a coward and said he just got lucky with his HOH win. She also said, “Baby, I got a life outside of this house. If you’re going to evict me, I’m not scared!” At one point, Jess and Cody insulted Josh about his weight. They called him a fat, wobbly slob. Jess also told Josh, “The only reason people keep you in this house is because you’re a moron and you can’t think for yourself.” They really went at each other this time. It was no joke.

Things got even more heated between Jess and Josh at about 1:21pm as they kept insulting each other back and forth. Jess made a statement that really sums up why she and Cody’s Big Brother game quite frankly just sucks. She said, “We don’t talk to people we don’t like.” That’s like one of the main things you have to do in Big Brother.

Anyways, at 1:22pm, Jessica grabbed a spatula and started beating the counter with it right next to Josh! Then she got all up in his face with the spatula. From there, Cody rushed over to separate her from Josh. Meanwhile, she was shouting and screaming at him to try and drown out what he was saying.

After that, they kept shouting at each other for another couple of minutes. It ended with Josh telling Jess to just stop it. She told him, “Bite me!” Josh said, “Karma came and bit you in the a@@ boo boo!”

Josh then went and cried to Matt in the HOH room. Eventually, Raven, Paul, Christmas, Alex and Elena joined them to console Josh. Josh said he’s upset about how this makes his family feel. Paul expressed that he was very upset about Cody and Jess making personal attacks against Josh. He really made a big deal about it too.

Later on at around 2:23 pm pacific time, Josh went back outside to try and harass Jessica and Cody with the pots and pans again. He started singing too. The whole 9 yards. After that, Cody got really pissed and charged after him by 2:24pm. Then the feeds cut out for about 6 minutes. We guess Cody never laid hands on him since he’s still in the house. When the feeds came back on, Cody and Jessica were nowhere in sight. Eventually, they were seen cuddled back up in bed at around 2:59pm.

If that didn’t seal Jessica’s fate for getting evicted this week, I don’t know what will. There was talk about possibly getting Elena out. But after this, those plans are definitely out the door. Geez, I think this girl has started a fight with just about everyone. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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