New Big Brother Season 20 HOH Winner Revealed For August 17, 2018

New Big Brother Season 20 HOH Winner Revealed For August 17, 2018

Hey, fellow “Big Brother” fans. Let’s just jump right into this. As most of you know, Angie Rockstar was evicted by a a vote of 5-1 against Kaycee in last night’s LIVE Big Brother season 20 eviction show, August 16, 2018. Then, all the remaining houseguests immediately battled it out for the next Head Of Household. This HOH competition was a straight up physical one. It was the one where they had to run back and forth across a slip and slide mat and fill up a large tank with liquid with just a small scooper.

This was the competition for Faysal as he immediately got off to a big start and just never stopped. I mean he was really hustling for this one. He held the lead the entire competition with Scottie right behind him for a close second place. I think you guys know where I’m, going with this.

After everything was all said and done, Fessy emerged the winner. Usually, this type of competition takes a couple of hours, but I think Faysal knocked this one out in less than an hour or just right at an hour. It was very fast. Oh, we just got confirmation. Faysal won this thing in just under 30 freaking minutes! That has to be a record for this particular competition.

So, Faysal is the new Head of Household for this week! Some really, really interesting conversations took place after the competition completed. Haleigh and Faysal were seen talking about the votes to evict Angie Rockstar.

Once again, they were left trying to figure out who was the one vote for Angie Rockstar. Us viewing audience knows that Scottie voted to keep Angie ,and Faysal was canceled out by the Hacker from being able to vote. Unfortunately,Faysal and Haleigh can never figure out who exactly voted with them.

So, that means even anyone that was trying to help them could be come a victim of Faysal’s HOH reign. The only person that was left rolling with them is Scottie, but Haleigh and Faysal don’t know that for sure.

Faysal immediately started throwing Scottie’s name up as someone that he could be a target of his this week. At this point, Haleigh tried to keep Faysal in check by telling him, “We can’t go after someone that’s been trying to help us and is actively working with us.” Basically, Haleigh was trying to go to bat for Scottie. Faysal at this point, told Haleigh that he’ll go ahead and stick with Scottie if she trusts Scottie.

They also talked about some of the other people in the house. At one point, Faysal said he thinks Sam is full of sh@#t, and all that emotional stuff she pulls is just an act. But, he never really came around to thinking that JC was his enemy too. Faysal still trusts JC and listens to everything he freaking tells him.

At around 9:45 pm pacific time, August 16, 2018, Haleigh was seen having a very interesting conversation with Scottie. During their conversation, it seemed like they were finally piecing the big puzzle together. Haleigh said,”I think there’s a six-person alliance and that’s why Kaycee and Angela have the number 6 in their hats.”

Scottie agreed with her. At one point,Haleigh started talking about how shady Sam, JC and Brett are. She said f@#ck all of them. She and Scottie both agreed that they can’t try to work with anyone else in the house from here on out because they can’t trust them. They came to the conclusion that they’ll just have to try and keep winning competitions. They also explored the possibility of one of their evicted alliance members returning after a possible Jury Battle Back which has not yet been confirmed.

All and all, this seemed like a very productive conversation, and it appeared that they were finally getting it, but Faysal was off somewhere else, getting brain washed by JC. JC is currently targeting Scottie heavily by painting Scottie’s intentions in the game in a very negative light. He has Faysal convinced that Scottie’s motivation is to somehow get Faysal evicted to he can move in on Haleigh romantically and basically take Faysal’s place.

At around 10:31 pm, Faysal got his HOH room. After he read his letters and stuff, he got real serious with everyone, telling him he doesn’t want to hear their fake pitches because he basically no longer trusts anything anyone tells him. Then he asked everyone, “If you voted for Angie Rockstar to stay, raise your hand.”

Scottie was the only one who raised his hand. So, for a second there, we thought everyone was going to be honest. But, then a few seconds later, Brett raised his hand and said, “F@#ck it. It was me. I already feel like I got the whole f@#cking house against me. I finally f@#cking did it, whatever. I voted to keep Rockstar. I felt like Kaycee already felt that way. So, sorry Kaycee.”

Kaycee played along with Brett’s act and said, “I did feel that.” Then Brett said, “I didn’t really want to say it in front of everyone, but whatever. I’ve been honest about my vote the whole f@#cking time. It’s cool Scottie if you wanna say that, but you were the one who wore the Swaggy T-shirt and voted him out.

That started up a fight between Scottie and Kaycee. Scottie also called Brett a bullsh@#t actor. Kaycee acting like she was really upset, started yelling even more until everyone left Faysal’s room and started arguing downstairs.

At around 10:52 pm, JC was seen trying to work over Haleigh with the same BS story he fed Faysal earlier. He told Haleigh, “Scottie has a crush on you and is actively working to get Faysal evicted so he can have you all to himself.” At this point, we thought Haleigh might just be playing along and entertaining JC’s claims based on the conversation she had earlier with Scottie.

Shortly after that, both Haleigh and JC went up to Faysal’s room, and Haleigh still seemed to be playing along with all of JC’s claims. She didn’t necessarily reveal if she believed JC, but she said to Faysal later on after JC left, “I don’t know exactly what Scottie is doing, but I know he isn’t coming for me and is helping me in the game.” Faysal said the same thing about he and JC’s relationship.

We were kind of surprised that Haleigh didn’t do more to stick up for Scottie based on the conversation she had earlier with him. It seems as though JC really did have an effect on Haleigh. So, the really bad news for Foutte is that Faysal told Haleigh he’s going to throw Scottie and Brett on the chopping block.

Haleigh’s just going to go along with it even though she tried to stop Faysal from going after Scottie earlier in the night. So basically, they’re going to possibly get one of their own alliance members evicted from the game this week because Scottie was really working with them. Faysal never once suggested that shady JC get put on the chopping block. Fysal also thinks that Tyler will probably try to save Scottie if he wins veto. So, he’s just completely in the dark.

Later on, Haleigh tried to tell Faysal, “I feel bad for Scottie going on the block because he was helping me out in the game.” She also said that she was going to go talk to Scottie. But, what’s really strange is Haleigh never uttered a word to Scottie when she went down to the room he was sleeping in. She just played around with some of the other houseguests. Then went back up to Faysal’s room for the rest of the night.

So here’s the deal. We were trying to root for Haleigh and Faysal, but no more. They are shady as f@#ck. If Faysal actually puts Scottie on the block, we hope Scottie wins veto and just actively tries to get Haleigh and Faysal out for this because they’re hopeless.

Essentially, Faysal is gunning for one of his own alliance members this week. We didn’t think it was possible , but it’s true. He fed Hayleigh some BS about trying to make deals with the people who are really after them next week to keep them safe. Haleigh just went along with it. It’s unbelievable.

So, Faysal is going mess up this HOH for them. Since Scottie was their only other alliance member, they won’t have anyone to help them out next week whether he stays or not. So, they’ll be sitting ducks. I hope Scottie cusses them out for this. This is just nuts.

Faysal’s eviction nomination ceremony is scheduled to take place later on today, August 17, 2018. We expect some major drama to arise as a result of this crazy nomination. I’m still just in awe of this, guys. Like my jaw literally hit the ground when I saw this take place on the live feeds. One things’s for sure is this development is going to make things very interesting this week.

How do you guys feel about Faysal winning HOH and possibly putting up Scottie and Brett today? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments. As always,you guys can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That wraps it up for this very disturbing report from the Big Brother season 20 house. Be sure to stay tuned for our big eviction nomination report. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

Another brand new episode of Big Brother season 20 is scheduled to air this Sunday night, August 19, 2018 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. It’s going to feature the HOH competition and Faysal’s nomination ceremony footage. So, be sure to mark that down on your TV calendars.

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