Big Brother Season 20 Faysal Shafaat Did Something Extremely Shocking And Dumb August 17,2018

Big Brother Season 20 Faysal Shafaat Did Something Extremely Shocking And Dumb August 17,2018

Hey fellow “Big Brother” fans. Some very crazy stuff took place in the Big Brother Season 20 house these past two days and it all culminated in a huge blunder by houseguest Faysal Shafaat. Just a brief recap, this past Thursday night, Faysal won the Head Of Household competition this past Thursday night,August 16, 2018.

After Faysal won, his possible eviction nominations discussions quickly got underway. As most of you know, Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, Brett, Sam and JC are all voting together now during these Live eviction nights which leaves only Faysal, Haleigh and Scottie to fend for themselves.

With that being said, Faysal quickly threw out Scottie’s name as a possible eviction nominee. This is someone in his own alliance mind you. At the time, Haleigh quickly shot that idea down saying, “He is our only ally right now.” And that seemed good. Haleigh appeared like she was keeping Faysal on track to do the right thing with these eviction nominations.

Unfortunately, that all began to unravel after Faysal got his HOH room. Faysal decided to ask everyone, “If you voted for Angie Rockstar to stay, raise your hand.” Scottie quickly raised his hand, but then about a few seconds later, Brett raised his hand claiming he did too. That apparently raised enough suspicion in Faysal’s mind for JC to come in and do his brainwashing magic on Faysal.

Before the night was done, JC had Faysal believing that Scottie has an elaborate plan set up to somehow get Faysal evicted so he can move in on Haleigh and have her all to himself. What’s worse is JC ran this idea past Haleigh who’s supposed to be the smart one, and she also seemed to give into JC’s ideas although not as fully as Faysal.

Plus, Haleigh got drunk with JC so she wasn’t thinking as clearly as she usually does. Later on, the next morning and into the evening, August 17, 2018, Haleigh had her doubts about Faysal putting Scottie up. She even tried to make Faysal think about what he’s doing a couple of times by telling him Tyler, Angela and Kaycee will definitely be coming for them, and you’re getting rid of our only ally. But, it didn’t work especially since Haleigh would just give up after about three minutes and just go back to kissing Faysal.

About 30 or so minutes before Faysal’s eviction nomination ceremony, Haleigh did try and tip Scottie off that he might be going up on the block. She kept trying to tell Scottie, “You need to go talk to Faysal.” Scottie said, “He’s not putting me up is he?” Haleigh said,”I don’t think so, but you need to go talk to him.”

Scottie did go talk to Faysal and attempted to explain to Faysal how Tyler and that whole other side of the house is working together. Faysal seem to be coming around a little bit,but Faysal is just so slow that he wasn’t really getting it all.

With all that said, fast-forward to after the eviction nomination ceremony and Faysal did indeed nominate Scottie and Brett for eviction this week. So, Faysal did the most shocking and disturbing thing ever by nominating his own alliance member. The only other person besides Haleigh that would help him out in this game. Guys, this was so stupid it made my brain hurt just thinking about it.

After the nomination ceremony, Scottie immediately went to talk to Faysal while everyone watched on. Faysal told Scottie, “You or Brett is lying about the Angie Rockstar vote. So, I put you both up. I can’t trust you.” Things like that. Scottie tried to explain to Faysal again that the whole other side of the house has a deal together, and “They will all vote me out if I don’t win veto.”

Faysal being as dumb as he is, still didn’t really seem to care. He has a one-track mind. It’s believed the real reason Faysal did this is because of a deep-seated jealousy he has for Haleigh. Scottie and Brett just happen to be the two guys that Haleigh talks to the most in the house. Another thing that makes it seem that way is Faysal flat out refuses to listen to any kind of sound reasoning when it comes to these nominations. He just completely ignores the fact that Tyler, Angela and Kaycee are definitely coming after he and Haleigh next week. I mean it’s just so insane.

Another noteworthy conversation that happened late last night was with Scottie and Haleigh. Haleigh went to play Chess with Scottie. They eventually talked game. He explained to her again that if he doesn’t win veto, he’s going to get voted out by a clean 6-0 sweep from that other side of the house. Haleigh apologized for everything. She said her opinion didn’t seem to matter to Faysal. Haleigh told Scottie, “I hope you win the veto.” She also implied that if she wins the veto, she would use it on him. I don’t think that’s gonna stick though. She also told Scottie, “I wish you had one this HOH instead of Faysal.”

After their conversation, Haleigh went back and told Faysal in the HOH room, “I think you made a mistake by nominating Scottie. He’s all by himself now. None of the other people care that he’s on the block, but Brett has been having a great time with all of them.

Brett will stay. Everyone is talking to Brett today and no one talked to Scottie. Brett will stay 6-0. The other side will say thanks for taking Scottie out.” Faysal just said, “I’m going with my instinct on this one.” Eventually, what Haleigh told him did seem start sinking in a little bit ,and Faysal started feeling somewhat sorry for Scottie. Faysal got upset at Haleigh a few times saying things like, “Why are you questioning me now? You’re supposed to be supporting me.” Haliegh, said, “I am supporting you, but I just think this is a mistake.”

So, Haleigh has eventually come fully back to her senses, but I think it might certainly be too little too late. Haleigh should’ve had this conversation with Faysal the night before when she was getting drunk with JC and entertaining the idea of nominating Scottie. It’s just sad to watch.

I believe Scottie’s only hope is to win the Power Of Veto later on today. If he does win it, he’ll still be forced to have to work this fickle Haleigh and Faysal team because Tyler and his L6 crew will clearly not work with him. It’s just a bad, bad situation for Scottie.

A lot of people just hope L6 will go ahead and pick off Haleigh, Faysal and Scottie. Then from there, the rest of the L6 people can just battle it out. It certainly seems to be headed in that direction.

What do you guys think about Faysal’s crazy decision to nominate Scottie, a person in his own, freaking alliance for eviction yesterday along with Brett? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments. As always, You guys can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

The Power Of Veto competition is scheduled to take place later on today, August 18, 2018. So, be sure to stay tuned for our huge report on that. Another new episode of Big Brother season 20 episode is scheduled to air tomorrow night, August 19, 2018 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

It’s supposed to feature the nomination ceremony and all the crazy events that took place leading up to it. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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