General Hospital Looking To Cast A New Female Beauty For A Contract Role, New Details

General Hospital Looking To Cast A New Female Beauty For A Contract Role, New Details

According to a new report from soapcentral, the ABC General Hospital crew is currently on the search to cast a new, young female to join the cast in a full-on contract role. The official casting call describes her as being a beautiful, dynamic and complex young black woman that’s between the ages of 24 to 29 years old.

Unfortunately, there are no other details about this role. So, we don’t know what her name is or anything like that. Heck, there’s not even any information about when she’s due on the set or when her first onscreen appearance will be. All we know right now is that this is a full-blown contract role. So, whoever this is will be a regular fixture on the show when she does finally show up.

Soapcentral did add that the new co-head writer for General Hospital made a statement about this casting. The writer said they currently don’t know if this new character will be totally brand new to the viewing audience. However, there are rumors floating around that they are possibly looking to bring back a member of the Ward family which was introduced way back in 1994.

Hopefully, some official details about this character will get released in the next few weeks or so. We’ll just have to sit back and wait until something pops up. In related news, it’s also reported that William DeVry who plays character Julian Jerome is still trying to get his contract negotiations worked out.

He recently released a statement about it to Soap Opera Digest saying, “We’re chatting. It’s all very slow. It’s like a slow boat to China which seems to be fine with them and it’s fine with me.” He also said he’s been enjoying the time off he’s had since the last scene he filmed way back in June 2017.

In another statement, he expressed that he has a lot of hope that a deal is close to getting done stating, “ I’m hoping that we can get a deal done before too much time passes. I just feel like it’s so close to a positive outcome that it can’t not happen. I feel like I’m being reasonable and we’ll get it done.”

With that said, he also made it clear that he’s not 100 percent sure a deal will get done stating, “There have been some fan favorites who thought for sure they’d be back and weren’t. So, I can’t say 100 percent but I’m confident.” Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our General Hospital page for more General Hospital news by Clicking Here.

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