Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf Said Really Bad Things About Raven,Paul,Alex & More

Big Brother 19 Jessica Graf Said Really Bad Things About Raven,Paul,Alex & More

Recently evicted Big Brother 19 houseguest Jessica Graf gave an interview with the people over at She also did a live Instagram chat which you can see on Youtube by searching “Jessica Graf.” During her interview with Us Magazine, she commented on Matt and Raven’s relationship. She said it was straight up fake and that they’re just using each other.

Her comment verbatum went like this, “Matt Clines and Raven Walton are 100 percent a showmance. They’re not going to be anything outside of the house. They’re just using each other.” Jessica also commented on Mark and Elena’s relationship stating,”I’m pretty sure is already over. It’s interesting to see that there were very different relationships in the house. I wish Mark and Elena would stay together because I think they’re great together but we’ll see.”

The real hard shots were fired during her Instagram LIVE chat. She really didn’t have nice things to say about Raven. At about the 15:31 mark of her session, somebody asked Jess about Raven. Jess said, “Raven thinks she’s America’s sweetheart. She thought she was going to get the temptation. She genuinely thinks that she’s the most-liked person in the house.

I think that she thinks she can get away with all the things she does and says because she thinks she’s America’s sweetheart. But, the girl will literally offer you cookies, walk away and then talk sh@#t about you. So, I think she needs to be held accountable for that.”

About the 3:16 mark, Jess answered another question about Raven. They asked her, “Is Raven as annoying in person as she is on TV.” Jess replied with, “I promise you she’s even more annoying. The frustrating thing with Raven and why I stopped hanging out with her was because the girl has thirty different accents.

It depends on her mood, the day of the week, who she’s talking to. She does it all for attention and it’s frustrating. I saw right through her and I promise you she’s extremely annoying.” At one point, Jess also pinky sweared that she’ll never be friends with Raven. So, yeah. It’s very safe to say that Jess really doesn’t like Raven.

At the 6:32 mark, She gave her negative two cents about Paul saying, “Provoking all of this bullying is absolutely insane. So, Paul needs to stop thinking he’s better than other people because as far as I’ve seen, he’s a pos.” That stands for piece of sh@#t.

In a different moment in the video, she talk more about Paul saying, “Seeing Paul in the kitchen saying let’s not let them gain their sanity back. Let’s kick it up thirty notches. Get the pots and pans. Rallying everyone together and everyone being so mindless and being like, yeah, let’s go and terrorize these people. Give me a break. That’s not strategy. That’s pathetic. If you can’t rely on your competition skills and your social game, don’t play Big Brother. This isn’t a bullying match.

At the 14:29 mark, Jess had more things to say about Paul. She said, “In the house, I thought that I liked Paul personally. As a game player, I was going head to head with him. There was always that rivalry for me. I thought that I liked him as a person but after hearing some of the things that he’s saying behind closed doors, I think he’s gross.”

At the 23:19 mark, Jess said, “Paul is a great BB player. I just wish he didn’t talk so much sh@#t about people. I could totally get behind and support Paul if he didn’t say so many nasty, nasty things.”

Next, Jess went in on Alex. At the 18:20 mark, she said, “Alex wins HOH and it’s Paul’s HOH again. I might be able to get behind Alex as a game player if she started making her own decisions and went after Paul. She can win comps so great for her. But her HOH is Paul’s HOH all over again. He’s calling all of the shots and I don’t respect that. I’m sick of it.” In another moment in the video, Jess also referred to Alex as a “home wrecking slut.”

You guys can see the whole video in it’s entirety at Youtube by Clicking Here. As previously reported, tonight’s big live eviction episode will feature a Double Eviction. So, that means we’ll be seeing two people walk out the door before the episode is over. It should be pretty exciting. It’s set to start at 8 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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