Big Brother 19 To Feature A Big Surprise In Tomorrow Night’s Live Eviction Show

Big Brother 19 To Feature A Big Surprise In Tomorrow Night’s Live Eviction Show

Alright guys. It’s that time of the season again. We’re going to see a big surprise during the Live eviction episode tomorrow night, August 17,2017! Well, it’ll be a surprise to the houseguests anyways. It turns out that they will be doing the big Double Eviction episode. So, we’re going to see not one, but two people head out the door before the big night is over.

We definitely know that Cody will be the first one to exit. Everyone wants him out especially after some of the antics he pulled this week. He totally ticked Alex off by eating her entire box of cereal on purpose yesterday and didn’t leave her one bite. What’s worse, is he showed absolutely no remorse afterwards.

Actually, late last night, Alex revealed a part of that fight that we didn’t see on the live feeds. Apparently, when Alex first confronted him about it, he said something like, “Yeah, I ate it. F@#ck you Alex. I hate you!” It was really disturbing. Alex said she actually thought he was joking at first because she’s always been nice to him. They say he did a complete 180 on them.

Anyways, once Alex realized it wasn’t a joke, all hell broke loose. It was a pretty wild argument. A lot of other houseguests got involved in it too. After watching all of it, it’s fair to say that Cody is the worst enemy number one ever and the houseguests won’t waste anytime telling host Julie Chen that he’s their vote to go tomorrow.

But what about the second person? That’s definitely going to depend entirely on who wins the HOH competition. Mark and Elena are certainly next in line as the house’s main targets. Mark and Elena definitely know it too. So, if either Mark or Elena wins, we could finally see a plan to get Paul out of the game since he’s clearly the leader of the pack. However, they might have to consider whether or not they have the votes to get him out. It’ll certainly be interesting if one of them wins it.

Of course, if one of the main house members: Paul, Christmas, Raven, Matt or Josh wins it, we’ll definitely see Mark and Elena get thrown up on the chopping block. If Jason or Kevin win HOH, it’s slightly possible we could see a different outcome, but it seems likely that they’ll still go with the house at this stage of the game.

Alex won’t be able to play in that HOH since she’s the outgoing HOH. There’s also the Power of Veto competition. It could change some things depending on who wins it. One thing that we can all definitely be sure of is that it will be a highly eventful night.

In related news, Paul has been constantly seen talking about how shady Mark is today August 16th. He also said he confronted him late last night around 2 am. We’re going to have to flashback to that to see exactly what happened. We were just now made aware of it. If anything interesting was said, we’ll definitely do another post to give you guys the rundown on it.

Just to recap, we’ve got Elena, Cody and Matt on the chopping block for tomorrow night’s first eviction. There will be a surprise double eviction that will send another person packing for the jury house.

Also, that whack Temptation Competition is no longer a part of the season. That means after Cody leaves, we’ll only see two nominees on the chopping block from here on out unless the producers think of another way to get three people nominated for eviction. Let’s hope that they don’t. I never like when they do that.

Alright guys. So, with all that said, it’s time to get excited now. We might finally see something get stirred up against Paul if things go Mark or Elena’s way tomorrow night. The big LIVE eviction show is set to get started at 8 pm central standard time on CBS.

Also,as previously reported, there will be a special Big Brother episode that’s airing this Friday night, August 18th,2017. The description for it that we got from TV Guide is:”The new Head of Household moves into their HOH room.” So, I guess we can expect to see that happen if they’re correct.

Right now as I’m writing this, the houseguests have been presented with an HOH practice apparatus. So, they’re getting their practice in right now. It has something to do with sliding disks. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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