‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 7 Will Bring Back Some Very Important Characters & More

‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 7 Will Bring Back Some Very Important Characters & More

Recently, the people over at IGN got to chat up “Once Upon A Time” co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis to drag more season 7 spoiler teasers out of them. They definitely delivered by revealing some very important characters that will be showing up. We’re also going to see a new gay character at some point. Unfortunately, they didn’t reveal exactly who this gay character is.

Horowitz started things off by saying as much as he could about the gay character. It’s going to be a new character that they will introduce within the big premiere episode. It will come to light that this character is gay within the first four episodes. This person will also play a very prominent role in the new season 7. With that type of description, it’s speculated that the character might even be a part of the main cast.

There will not be a special arc for this character. He or she will just be gay and exist in the world. As for the very important characters, Horowitz mentioned that we’ll be seeing Jennifer Morrison return to reprise her main role as Emma Swan along with actress Emile de Ravin as Belle. Unfortunately, we’ll only see them for a brief period. As of right now, they’re scheduled to only appear in just one episode of season 7.

Apparently, Jennifer and Emilie told the press a little bit of what they’ll be doing. They will interact with other characters from Storybrooke. They didn’t get specific though. There was also no mention of them possibly interacting with any of the new characters. What we do know is they will definitely interact with a multiple number of characters before making their exit. We’re still holding out hope that they’ll come back later on. For now, that will be it for them.

The other co-creator Edward Kitsis said it’s also possible that we might see the Charmings come back in the future saying, “We love the Charmings very, very much. We could possibly see them this season, absolutely. We remain very close with them and we miss them every day.”

As previously reported, season 7 will feature a rebooted storyline that features some of the old characters along with some new ones as the main cast. They old characters will be adult Henry Mills (Andrew J. West), Regina (Lana Parrilla), Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) and Rumple Stiltskin (Robert Carlyle).

The new characters are: Henry’s daughter Lucy (Alison Fernandez), Henry’s wife which a new iteration of Cinderella (Dania Ramirez), Cinderella’s evil stepmother Lady Tremaine (Gabrielle Anwar) and stepsister Drizella (Adelaide Kane), Tiana (Mekia Cox) and a new iteration of Alice (Rose Reynolds).

Lady Tremaine is going to be the new big bad for this season. A new curse will be in place and it’s going to be really hard to break. The new main town will be called, “Hyperion Heights.” Kitsis revealed details about what the cursed version of Rumplestiltskin will be.

He stated, “I would say that the cursed version of Rumple is similar to the other version of Rumple in that you never know quite what he’s up to and what he’s doing. For us, it’s really great because Bobby has a new persona and it is not Mr. Gold and it is super fun to watch him do it.”

Kitsis also revealed that Regina and Hook will have different cursed Seattle personas. Regina will be a bartender named Ronnie. Kitsis stated, “She’s playing a bartender who’s kind of sticking up for the neighborhood. She’s the last hold out. We named her after Ronnie Spector because we just thought that was such a cool and fun name, and at the same time we could totally picture Lana with background singers.”

Horowitz elaborated on Regina’s description by saying, “Regina is a special character, and still the flashbacks of the season, Regina is still her name. Yes, it’s a new person that she’s occupying, but we’ll be seeing the tried-and-true version of Regina as well.”

As for Hook, his cursed name will be Rogers. They didn’t elaborate on him. Season 7 will also air on a new day. It’s been moved to Friday nights. It’s set to premiere on October 6th,2017 at 7pm central standard time on ABC. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Once Upon A Time Facebook page for more Once Upon A Time news by Clicking Here.

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