Big Brother 19 Alex Totally Went Off On Cody & More In Another Big Fight Today August 15

Big Brother 19 Alex Totally Went Off On Cody & More In Another Big Fight Today August 15

Alright, so this is getting exhausting now. Yes, it’s very true. We’ve got yet another couple of fights to report that took place today August 15,2017. Multiple people were involved. However, there were some main culprits that got the ball rolling. For fight number one, it was Alex and Cody.

The big showdown happened at approximately 1:50 pm Pacific time on the live feeds. It was all over a box of cereal. However, it did escalate into more things being talked about. Apparently, Alex let Cody have some of her cereal, but he ended up eating the entire box. When Alex found out she ran up to him while he was eating the last bowl and said, “That’s f@#cked up! Seriously!”

Cody showed no remorse and said, “Consider it a consolation prize, fA#ck.” Alex said, “Consolation prize! You get to go to jury. That’s the f@#cking consolation prize!” Cody replied to that by saying in a sarcastic tone, “I’m so glad I’m not in the running for $500 thousand dollars now. Thank you for that.”

Alex replied with, “It’s not my fault! You play by yourself dude! That is you’re own f@#cking fault! We were the only ones that tried to be nice to you. And all you can do is be f@#cking asshole! Literally, you couldn’t save me one fucking bowl of my own f@#cking cereal? I’m the only one that tried to be nice to you!” Cody responded with, “I don’t want anyone to be nice to me. I prefer that you all fucking hate me.”

At this point, Alex’s sidekick Jason interjected and said, “I thought you were joking at first but you’re a f@#cking idiot for being a d@#ck to her.” Alex again screamed, “I let him have some of my cereal and he ate the entire box!!! The entire f@#cking box! Jason told Alex, “ It’s Cody’s standard operating procedure.”

Then he asked Cody, “So, yesterday was just bs? You are a fucking idiot.” Cody responded with, “ You’ve done nothing for me in this game. What have you ever done? I saved your game and you’ve done nothing for me.”

Jason answered with, “Now, I’m starting to believe that was all just a lie and that you always had Christmas in the plan to be put up. And you used me because you knew that I would believe you.” (This was in reference to the first week when Cody planned to backdoor Paul.) Next, Alex tried to ask Cody some game questions and he responded by saying, “I don’t want to talk about any of this stuff with you guys. I don’t care. I don’t care if any of you f@#cking hate me. I don’t care. Don’t ever talk to me again.”

Alex said, “ooh ok. How’s your kid? Do you have one?” Cody said, “Could you just quit talking to me?” Alex said, “No because you want us to hate you. We’re going to make you hate us even more! What’s the truth Cody? How many other people do you have to throw under the bus? Do you like Jessica or did you use her for your game? Because you f@#ked up her game too. You didn’t do a good job of getting her very far. How many more lies do you have to tell, dude? What do you want from us?”

Cody replied with, “I’m done talking Alex.” Then Jason told Cody, “I actually appreciate it because I was on the fence wondering if you were really f@#cking full of sh@#t or if you were a little bit midwest. Now, I know you’re fucking full of sh@#t which kinda does hurt me a little bit. Now, I don’t feel bad about voting your a@# out on Thursday.”

Cody replied with, “ When were you ever gonna vote to keep me?” Jason said, “Good call. That’s a good call.” Then Alex said, “We know the person you’re trying to protect. So, go ahead. They’ll probably be next. Why don’t you tell everyone who it is?” Cody said, “I have no idea.” Alex said, “Cause you’re lying again! Surprise! How many times do you lie?”

From there, Christmas jumped in and asked Cody, “Have you never had a ride or die other than Jessica in the game?” Cody said, “no.” Christmas said, “You never told me Mark was your ride or die from day one?” Cody replied with, “He kinda went back on that one. I didn’t f@#ckin turn my back on him.”

Alex said,” That’s not true. Who started that rumor about Mark?” Cody said, “You guys are lunatics.” Christmas said, “We’re lunatics that actually talk to each other and communicate. But whenever anything is brought up to be questioned, you shut down, walk away and don’t talk.” Cody said, “what’s your point? What’s your point of getting anything out of me? I’m going home this week so what’s the point of any of it?”

Then Cody went off into rant saying, “I couldn’t even get a sympathy vote for Jess so who can I protect? I can’t protect anybody. I can’t protect my own game.” Alex replied with, “You could’ve protected Jess by getting her to not use the hex power. I don’t know why you’re coming at me like this when you clearly knew about her deal to get me evicted! You lied to me in my face in that room. You f@#cking knew because she blew you up two seconds later! Do you tell anything in this game that’s the truth?”

Cody sarcastically responded with, “No, it’s all a lie. Every single bit of it and that’s why I’m going out the door. I played a horrible game. You guys can all f@#ckin hate me.” At this point, Kevin stepped in and told Cody, “Since you know you’re going out of the game, maybe be honest and let everyone know the type of person you really are. Maybe they don’t actually hate you. Maybe they just hate the way you played the game.

How can you not just like people, Cody? You can’t live like that. When you leave this game, you have to be a person. You have to know how to get along with people. It takes a real man to just tell everyone I tried to play this way. I apologize. To just tell people you hate them and don’t want to talk to them makes them feel like they did something wrong. Maybe just be friendly to everyone and go out on a good note.”

Cody replied with, “If everyone wants, I’ll be polite and courteous. I won’t talk sh@#t to anybody.” Then Josh said, “I have no hate for you. I just don’t know you. I don’t understand where your hated for me comes from.”

At one point, Cody said, “All I want to do is just be by myself.” Christmas said, “Well, you shouldn’t have come on Big Brother then.” Cody again said, “I’ll be polite, courteous and just shut the f@#ck up.” Christmas said, “We don’t want you to shut the f@#ck up. We want answers Cody. We would like some answers.”

Cody said, “I’m going out the door.” Christmas said, “It doesn’t matter, we still want answers. He doesn’t want to give answers.” Cody said, “No one will believe anything I say.” Alex said, “That’s not true because me and Jason did believe you.” Cody said, “I didn’t mean to be a jerk Alex.” Christmas said, “That’s not an apology and he doesn’t answer your questions. If he wants to be left alone, he shouldn’t have come on Big Brother.” After that, Cody just walked off.

At around 2:13 pm, Josh and Elena got into a major fight. Josh basically accused her of the same type of shadiness that he accused Mark of. Elena started getting loud because Josh wouldn’t let her talk. She actually cussed him out at one point.

Josh kept telling her, “Personally, I like you but in this game, you’re not someone I want to work with.” They went back and forth because Elena kept trying to deny things that Josh was calling her out on. It lasted until about 2:50 – 2:55 pm. It was super intense. As always. Stay tuned and be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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