Big Brother 19 HOH Winner And Eviction Nominees Revealed For August 18th

Big Brother 19 HOH Winner And Eviction Nominees Revealed For August 18th

Alright, so for some crazy reason, Big Brother decided to turn off the live feeds for a full day in order to keep us from seeing season 16 winner Derrick Levasseur enter the house to create footage for that lame special Friday episode. So, we couldn’t find out who won HOH until late last night August 18,2017.

The feeds finally cut back on at around 9 pm or 10 pm Pacific time. After that, we were able to confirm that Christmas won the HOH for this week. The competition was “Tales From the Decrypt.” They’ll show what went down with that in tomorrow’s August 20 episode. As revealed in the special episode, Derrick hosted the comp.

Raven was spotted in the HOH room with Christmas when the feeds returned. She congratulated Christmas for having a smooth Nominations Ceremony thus confirming that she had also already nominated two people. Those two people are: Matt and Jason. The nominations took place earlier in the day on Friday August 18th.

From the conversations that took place on the live feeds tonight, it sounds like Mark will be the main target via another backdoor attempt. Paul’s current order of operations is to get Mark and Jason out next. Apparently, he wants to split up Alex and Jason before splitting up Matt and Raven. Josh told Paul that they would need to get Alex out immediately after Jason because she would be livid. Of course, Paul said he wasn’t worried about Alex since he’s secretly working with her on the side.

There was also talk about wanting to get Kevin out too. Josh told Paul that he’s really annoyed with Kevin. Paul agreed but wants to go after him later. At 2am pacific time today August 19th, Josh and Christmas were chit chatting. They definitely agreed that they want to get Mark out this week.

Then they want to try and get Jason out next week. Later, Paul joined the conversation to tell them that he had a very interesting conversation with Matt and Raven. He said that he talked to them about working together for a final 5 deal. Paul, Christmas and Josh want to work it so that the remaining pairs Alex and Jason and Matt and Raven start going after each other instead of them.

At 2:05 am, Paul made an alternate suggestion about possibly keeping Kevin over Matt so they can have an easier time in the later competitions. Finally, Paul, Christmas and Josh came to the current conclusion that Kevin and Raven should be the ones that go to final 5 with them.

So ,it sounds like they’ll try to lead Raven on into thinking they will bring her main squeeze Matt along with them to final 5. Then try to turn on him at some point to get him out. If their plan does actually happen, I imagine Raven will be highly pissed off but she’ll just have to get over it.

At 2:10 am, Paul reaffirmed that their first target as of right now is to definitely get Mark out of this game. Paul also said that he’s going to make a fake final 2 with Kevin. Paul mentioned that they need to get Jason out because he has actually said out loud that he has a final 2 deal with Alex.

At 2:50 am, Josh told Christmas that Kevin told him he was the one who won the $25,000 earlier in the game that ended up bringing Paul back. Alright, so that’s the general rundown of the main conversations that took place last night.

So, just to recap, Christmas is the current HOH. She nominated Jason and Matt for eviction. Mark is the main target via another backdoor attempt.

The big Power of Veto competition could of course throw a major wrench in all of these plans. It’s scheduled to take place sometime later on today. We’ll get those results up as soon as we find out what they are. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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