Big Brother 19 POV Ceremony Results Revealed Today August 21st

Big Brother 19 POV Ceremony Results Revealed Today August 21st

Alright guys. So earlier today, August 21st,2017, the POV Ceremony took place for the current Big Brother season 19 houseguests. As previously reported, current HOH Christmas decided to nominate Jason and Matt for eviction with her main target being Mark. In other words, that was Paul’s main target.

Mark was lucky enough to get drawn to play for the Power of Veto to get a shot at avoiding his backdoor fate. Unfortunately for him, he was not able to win it. Jason won it. With all that said, Jason did use the Power of veto to take himself off the chopping block today. And just like clockwork, Christmas replaced him with Mark so they can go ahead and follow through with their plans to get rid of him this Thursday night.

As previously reported, Mark attempted to make every plea he could to Christmas and Josh yesterday afternoon. He tried to make a case to go after Alex this week because she’s a tough competitor and what not. Though that didn’t work to save him, it did get Christmas and Josh to switch up their future plans of going after Jason next.

Instead, they agreed that Alex should be their next target. So, I guess Jason would owe Mark some gratitude if he knew what the hell was going on. That’s so sad. We’ve got Mark indirectly saving Jason when he attempted to save himself.

I’m personally upset that Mark used that “save a friend” temptation on Paul which gave him extra safety this week. I would’ve just burned it before I gave it to him. If you make that dumb of a move, I think you kind of deserve to go home. What’s even worse, is Paul nonchalantly thanked Mark for it because he knows he didn’t even need the safety. Paul was never in any danger of going home this week. It was just insane.

Anyways, according to Big Brother Network, Christmas and Mark were seen chit chatting in the Have-Not room when the feeds came back on after the POV ceremony. Mark was totally calm and accepted his fate. At one point, Christmas said, “he’s taking it so well that it almost makes it harder since I do like him.”

It’s possible that Mark will attempt to get the votes to stay this week. His efforts probably won’t work with this group of people, but it won’t hurt to go out trying. Right now, on the live feeds, I heard Christmas telling Josh that she’s going to volunteer to go up as pawn at some point in an effort to get Kevin out later on down the line. So, that’s pretty sad. No one should never be volunteering to be a pawn. My goodness. But that’s the group that we’ve got his season. It’s crazy.

In another report from Big Brother Network, Paul was seen on the live feeds revealing that he actually wants to end up in the final 3 with Christmas and Josh. He revealed this yesterday, August 20th,2017 at around 12:08 pm pacific time. He said Josh and Christmas are the two people he cares most about in this game.

These two would also work out great for him in a final 3 situation because Christmas can’t compete in at least two of those final 3 comps for the last HOH. He also thinks he can beat Josh in the endurance comps. Also, Josh really ticked off a couple of the jury members: Cody, Mark and Elena a few of times this season. So, that wouldn’t help him bode well in final 2 situation.

Josh and Christmas have reportedly agreed to these final 3 plans with Paul. Christmas thinks it’s good situation for her because she thinks the two guys will just duke it out. Then drag her into the final two. Josh hasn’t specifically spoken about this deal by himself but he has been saying good things about working with Christmas and Paul. So, it sounds like he’s pretty much all in to work with them at this point.

All we can do is just hope that somebody. Anybody will finally decide to step up to the plate and throw a wrench in Paul’s master plan. Will it happen? With the way these people operate, probably not but we can always hope that somebody will wake up and smell the freaking coffee.

Alright, so just to recap, Christmas replaced POV winner Jason on the chopping block with Mark at the POV ceremony today. That leaves us with Mark and Matt as the final nominees for this week. It’s expected that Mark will definitely get voted out this Thursday night.

If something huge happens to possibly change this outcome, we will definitely inform you guys of it. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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