New Riverdale Season 2 Episodes 6 And 7 Titles Revealed And They’re Dark

New Riverdale Season 2 Episodes 6 And 7 Titles Revealed And They’re Dark

According to recent report from Screenrant, the titles for the upcoming Riverdale season 2 episodes 6 and 7 have been revealed! They sound really dark too. Apparently, episode 6 is going to be called, “Chapter Nineteen: Death Proof.” Then the title for episode 7 is labeled, “Chapter Twenty: Tales From The Darkside.”

The producer of the show Roberto Aguirre Sacasa recently hit up his official Twitter account to tease that something very dark will happen for three of the main characters in episode 7. He wrote, “This is one of my FAVORITE scripts for #Riverdale so far… But it won’t be for Jughead, Josie, and Betty…” Judging from that statement, It sounds like we’re going to see Jughead, Josie and Betty possibly get themselves into a very sticky situation. You guys can see Sacasa’s tweet by Clicking Here.

As previously reported, Sacasa recently revealed that a new dark villain is going to show up at some point. He called him the Sugar Man. More theories have popped up as to who he might be. Some initial theories claimed he might be a supernatural creature of sorts. But now, we’re hearing that more realistically he might just be a really bad man that deals drugs.

The “Sugar” in Sugar Man is said to be a representation of the drugs he deals. Whatever the case, he will definitely be a problem that Archie and company will have to deal with. Sacasa tweeted about the Sugar Man saying, “Lock your doors, #Riverdale, the Sugar Man is coming…”

Episode 7 does sound like it could feature some pretty creepy stuff. Unfortunately, we don’t have any specific details about it yet. However, we are expecting the first synopsis press releases to start coming out possibly in Mid-September 2017 or maybe late September. They’ll give us a little more intel to go on.

Right now, we do know that Veronica is going to experience major problems with her ex-boyfriend Nick in episode 5. This situation will also involve Cheryl. Things will get so intense that it will cause all the Riverdale ladies to band together to fight whatever Nick has done to Veronica.

Veronica’s very dark side is also supposed to get brought out. We’re going to see a more darker Betty as well. In fact, this whole season is just going to start off on a really dark note. Archie is going to be toting around a gun while he seeks vengeance on his father’s shooter. Jughead will be hanging with the Southside Serpents where some more heavy trouble could be looming for him. It’s definitely going to cause issues for he and Betty’s relationship.

Basically, you all just need to get ready for lots of darkness when season 2 starts up on Wednesday night, October 11th,2017 at 7pm central standard time on The CW. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Riverdale Facebook page for more Riverdale news by Clicking Here.

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