New Big Brother 19 HOH Winner Revealed Last Night, August 24th

New Big Brother 19 HOH Winner Revealed Last Night, August 24th

Last night August 24,2017, the HOH competition took place during the LIVE eviction show. However, it was an endurance comp so it lasted well beyond the time limits of the show. We were able to see the rest of it on the live feeds. During the comp, the houseguests were trying to hang on for dear life inside giant hot dog buns while being lifted into the sky. The last person to be left hanging, won the HOH for this week.

When the feeds came on at around 7:10 pm pacific time, all the houseguests were still hanging on. Then at 7:11 pm, Kevin already decided to give up and fall off. So, I guess he felt pretty safe this week. At 7:14 pm, Matt fell off when the buns started moving and he looked like he was surprised by it.

At 7:15 pm, Alex started complaining about her feet hurting. At 7:20 pm, Alex, Jason, Paul, Josh and Raven were still hanging around. At 7:24 pm, the buns started to tilt at a very steep angle which caused Josh to take the next fall. So, he was out at that point. At about 7:31 pm, they started spraying the remaining houseguests with water but everyone hung on.

At around 7:40 pm, the outgoing HOH Christmas started asking them if any of them wanted to start making any deals. No one responded. At around 7:47 pm, Paul fell out and Raven followed right behind them. So, they went out at that point. That just left the duo team of Alex and Jason hanging around. At 7:52 pm, Alex asked Jason to make a deal and he looked confused by it. Then at 7:54 pm, Alex just decided to drop knowing that she would be safe for the week if Jason won. That means Jason won the HOH for this week!

After the comp is when the real interesting things started happening. The houseguests started chatting about who’s getting put up this week. From some of the various conversations that took place, it looks like we’ll finally see Matt and Raven get put on the block together. What’s worse is that Jason and Alex will try to make Raven and Matt think they’re just pawns to backdoor Kevin. Then blindside the hell out of them on Thursday night.

The conversation between Alex and Jason went down at around 2:38 am today, August 25th on the live feeds. They talked about how they should send Matt to jury before Raven. Alex said, “Matt’s game is basically to be stagnant.

If we send home Raven, his game is basically imploded and he’s gonna freak out because his whole goal is to get her as far as he can. So, if he’s just sitting here, he’s going to be a salty vote. We have to send her first because if he sits here, he’s just going to be salty about how could we send home Raven.”

At around 2:45 am, Paul joined Alex and Jason in the HOH room to tell them that he’s going to keep working on assuring Matthew and Raven that Kevin is the backdoor target and to not worry.

Earlier in the night, there was also some discussion about who voted to send Matt home during the LIVE eviction show. Jason actually told Kevin that he was one of the votes to send Matt home and that he thinks Alex might be the other one. Later on, Jason then tried to tell Kevin that he thinks Raven was the other vote. Basically, a lot of lying took place about who the two votes were. Kevin had actually ratted Jason out to Paul about him voting against Matt.

At around 9:01 pm, Josh told Christmas that he thinks Alex and Jason definitely casts those votes against Matt. He said, “Jason wouldn’t even look me in the eyes.” Christmas said, “We need to let them think we don’t know that.” Josh said, “I think we might go up.” Christmas said,”This all feels like they’re trying to use Kevin as a scapegoat and might backdoor him.”

Later at around 2:10 am, Christmas and Josh had another discussion about the rogue votes. Josh said he is certain that Alex and Jason did it and doesn’t need anyone to confirm it.

At one point around 11:15 pm, Paul tried to reassure Raven that Alex and Jason are going to try to backdoor Kevin so she and Matt didn’t freak out. So again, it looks like Jason and Alex are looking to put Matt and Raven on the chopping block. Then make them think they’re backdooring Kevin so they don’t freak out.

I’m not really sure how they’ll handle the veto situation. It depends on who wins it. If Matt or Raven win it, they’ll probably put Kevin up there as a renom and then vote out whoever didn’t win the veto. If Jason or Alex win it, they might pull Raven off and renom Kevin to give the appearance of a backdoor on Kevin. Then send Matt out the door.

Whichever way things work out this week, it appears that we will see either Matt or Raven finally go home this week. It will be interesting to see how things will play out though. Currently, they are trying to either get Matt or Raven out by blindsiding them which would make for a very interesting and drama-filled eviction night on Thursday. We’ll see.

The nomination ceremony is scheduled to take place later on today, August 25th. So, we’ll be back to confirm what takes place with that. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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