Big Brother 19 Is Catching Major Fan Backlash Over Something Jason Said, New Details

Big Brother 19 Is Catching Major Fan Backlash Over Something Jason Said, New Details

According to a new report from New York Daily News, CBS is now catching quite a bit of fan backlash on social media over some very offensive rape jokes that houseguest Jason Dent (above) made earlier this week. They’re saying that this past Monday, August 28,2017, Jason made a joke about threatening to f@#ck houseguest Kevin Schlehuber’s wife and tie up his daughters and make them watch.

He was talking with Alex Ow, Paul Abrahamian and Josh Martinez at the time. They all started laughing after Jason made the joke. Jason made the joke, saying it would be a consequence of Kevin breaking their alliance.

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New York Daily News listed a couple of remarks that were made by various viewers that took to social media to express their very negative feelings about what Jason said. One viewer said, “Rape is now entertainment.Bb and cbs and juile chen condone it with their silence=acceptance.”

Another viewer wrote, “Just to be clear there is nothing funny about rape ever. Shame on you” while tagging Jason’s Twitter account @Whistlenut-ole. One viewer said, “Jason Dent rodeo clown thinks rape is funny Sounds like the movie IT.”

Cat van Zyl @Catvanzyl wrote, “I have always been proud to support & promote BBUSA, until #BB19. The casting gets worse & for the 1st time in 17 yrs, I stopped watching.” @terry marsh @uk_teejay wrote, “@cbsbigbrother first and last time watching BB all access. Why do you allow bullying, rape threats and HGs doing what they want?”

The news outlet went on to reveal that this wasn’t the first time Jason resorted to talking about raping someone as a joke. Apparently, he previously said he would hold down a fellow female houseguest and allow the other male contestants to “backdoor her!”

Current houseguest Matthew Clines who is on the eviction chopping block this week has commented about Jason’s inappropriate jokes saying, “There’s a line. Jason doesn’t step over it, he dives over it.”

FOX News also did a report about this. They said this Jason rape joke was the final straw for fans. One fan even went as far as to say that this season’s houseguests are worse than the racist season 15 houseguests.

Some other users have canceled their Big Brother live feeds subscription and what not. Twitter user Roselee Dolle @RoseleeDolle wrote, “Shame on you CBS & BIG BROTHER PRODUCTION for letting this bullying and breaking of the rules continue. I’m done.”

RX Logan @dml55 wrote, “@CBS these comments and the bullying going on your show Big Brother are just discussing!! @CBS boycott Big Brother and fire Alison G !!!!!”

Strutter50 @strutter50 wrote, “When it all comes down to it. I blame CBS Big Brother for not having more control and disciplining the HG this Season #bb19.”

Waterfallpasion @waterfallpasion wrote, “CBS Cares Tolerance..Bullying.. Honor Vets? Sharon Osbourne, Mark Harmon, LL Cool & other’s Do you see what CBS is allowing on Big Brother?”

Katherine Hunt @PrettyMaryK__ wrote, “CBS best do a better casting job next season or I’m done with US Big Brother. They’re vile humans. Makes #BB15 cast look like angels. #BB19.”

Tamie Bever @BeverTamie wrote, “SHAME ON CBS for letting all the bullying and harassing going on in Big Brother, just disgusting.”

Wes Lyons @weslyons wrote, “Just #cancelled my @CBSAllAccessTV. Got an error that my reason was too long. Here is a copy of what I tried to send. #bb19.”

Both of the news outlets said CBS is not currently returning any requests to comment on the Jason situation. So, it sounds like Jason could be in for quite some backlash from fans when he gets out of the house. Also, there’s no telling how Kevin will react to watching that comment when he gets out of the house.

As far as we know, Kevin doesn’t currently know that it was said. In fact, he and Jason appear to be really good friends inside the house. However, Jason has been seen talking a lot of crap about Kevin behind his back. But, everyone talks crap about everyone inside the house, especially when they try to set someone up to be the next target for eviction.

This Jason rape comment was picked up by a lot of other bigtime media outlets like TMZ and even some that are way overseas. So, it’s definitely being taken very seriously. It’s believed that production is trying to tip off the houseguests about watching what they say because they have started talking about what America might be thinking of them during various conversations. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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