New Big Brother 19 HOH Winner Revealed Last Night, August 31st

New Big Brother 19 HOH Winner Revealed Last Night, August 31st

Alright guys. So, last night, August 31,2017, the Big Brother season 19 houseguests finally competed for the next HOH after evicting Matt over Raven during the LIVE eviction show. There was a rain delay that prohibited them from doing the comp during the LIVE show. According to Big Brother Network, the HOH competition was a physical sprint challenge. During it, the houseguests we required to hold a button until the screen displayed “Go.”

If any of them made a false start, they were automatically eliminated from the comp. They say Paul had a plan going into this comp that entailed convincing Alex, Raven and Kevin to throw the comp to Josh or Christmas. They didn’t show this comp on the live feeds. The live feeds actually came back on about 90 minutes after the LIVE show ended. Apparently, Christmas pulled out the victory in this one even with a broken foot.

We personally heard from people in one of the live feed chatrooms that it was admitted the houseguests threw it to her. Big Brother Network also said that Christmas was seen on the feeds, thanking the other Houseguests for messing up.

Judging from conversations on the live feeds, Christmas actually didn’t have to move an inch during the comp. The other houseguests just decided to disqualify themselves by making a false start. Christmas was seen on the feeds saying she never even moved during the comp. This is really pathetic because what this means is that Paul was even able to convince the targets for this week to throw the HOH comp!

So, I’m just completely convinced that this has to be the worst cast ever! Even worse than when Derrick won it so easily in season 16. These houseguests are just so bad, geez! There’s just no excuse for throwing comps this late in the game. I’m dumbfounded. A lot of them have even said they don’t mind losing to Paul and that he deserves to win! This is so crazy to me.

Anyways, we’re going to go over some of these pathetic conversations that took place after the comp. They totally reveal how stupid Alex is for throwing that HOH. Because guess what? It turns out that she and Jason are the main targets to go up for eviction this week. Apparently, Paul has gotten Alex to believe that the main plan is to evict Kevin.

Even if that was true, she has to know that it could change at the drop of a dime. Kevin could win POV. Then who’s the next target? It’s just silly thinking or not thinking at all. I think the one good thing that could come of all this is that maybe Jason and Alex’s suspicion bells will start ringing when they find themselves on the block after today’s nomination ceremony.

Oh, I’m sorry. Actually, Alex volunteered to be a pawn against Kevin. She thinks Christmas is going to put Kevin up next to her today. However, when they put her partner Jason up next to her, it might send off some alarm bells. But, we’re still not sure because they might be able to convince Alex that they plan on backdooring Kevin. Who knows?

At around 8:35 pm, Alex was seen telling Christmas, “It’s useless to backdoor Kevin since almost everyone plays in veto this week.” At around 8:50 pm, Alex told Paul, “I volunteered to go up as a pawn next to Kevin.”

At around 9:14 pm, Kevin asked Christmas if she’s nominating him for eviction. She replied with, “I promise you you’re not. Trust me. Just keep acting paranoid.” At around 9:15 pm, Paul told Christmas, “The smartest move is to just put Alex and Jason up outright.” Christmas agreed with him and said, “We just need to be straightforward about the plan. I think I can do damage control pretty well with Alex after nominations.”

At 9:44 pm, Paul told Josh, “I’m going to start acting like I think Christmas is going to backdoor me.” He said they can’t be too obvious so Josh can’t be up Christmas’ a@# this week. At around 10:03 pm, Paul and Josh agreed that they need to get rid of Jason this week because they think Jason will team up with Kevin if Alex gets evicted.

At around 10:15 pm, Kevin tried to convince Paul that getting rid of Alex would be the best move since he despises her and all. He claimed Jason would have their backs if they got rid of Alex. So, they might have a tough time trying to get Kevin to vote Jason out this week.

At around 10:50 pm, Christmas and Raven were seen talking and they started laughing about how dumb Alex was to throw the HOH competition to Christmas. At around 12 am today, September 1st, Jason asked Josh who the next target is. Josh lied to him by saying it’s Kevin. After that, Josh warned Jason that Kevin will try to get Alex out if he gets the chance.

Elsewhere, Kevin was seen telling Christmas, “I would never nominate you or Paul since you’ve had my back all season while everyone else turned on me.” Christmas promised Kevin that there is a plan and to just have faith in them.

At around 2:20 am, Paul told Christmas he wants her to nominate Alex and Jason. If one of them wins POV, nominate Kevin as a replacement. And that was it for the main conversations. Unfortunately, we’re pretty sure Christmas will do exactly what Paul orders her to do just like she did during her last HOH. That’s why they let her win it. Again, it’s crazy that Alex threw the HOH comp. She’s been so suckered by Paul’s BS.

The nomination ceremony is scheduled to take place later on today sometime. We might see some more drama break out afterwards if Alex and Jason finally smarten up and get suspicious that they’re the actual targets this week. We can only hope at this point. We’ll definitely be back with another report on everything that goes down. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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