Big Brother 19 Paul & Christmas Expressed Near Hate For Raven’s Actions Today,September 4th

Big Brother 19 Paul & Christmas Expressed Near Hate For Raven’s Actions Today,September 4th

Alright guys. So, very early this morning, September 4,2017, Paul and Christmas were seen on the Big Brother season 19 live feeds just going off about how much disdain they have for houseguest Raven Walton. They said she’s really not sweet, is fake and a bully too! Paul straight up said he literally can’t stand her! Christmas echoed the same sentiment. They must have trashed her for at least a full 30 minutes this time.

At 2:59 am today, Paul told Christmas, “So, I’m gonna split from you and be attached to Raven for a few days. I legitimately don’t know if I’m going to be able to do it. I can’t stand her. I can’t stand Raven. It’s that bad. She’s not sweet. She’s fake. She calls me fat. She calls me short.” Christmas said, “She tells Josh to shut up and that he’s ugly. Paul said, “Sometimes, she says things and I’m like ‘You’re actually a bully.’

Christmas said, “She’s so mean. She’s so insecure that she has to be mean. She’s gained a chin in this game. She complains that she can’t gain weight but all of her clothes don’t fit anymore. She has a second chin. Cellulite is gathering on her f@#cking legs and she never works out. The only time she ever works out is so she can do splits in front of the f@#cking camera.”

Paul said, “She’s not nice either. In the beginning of this game, I was bamboozled by her. She had my heart.” Christmas said, “ Me too.” Paul said, “Now, I wanna sit her down and be like, ‘Let me give you some advice. Stop being gumpy.’” Christmas said, “She drives me f@#cking insane. And it pisses me off because I really try to not talk sh@#t about people. But at the same time, she’s lied about every single f@#cking thing.

She’s presented something and contradicted herself usually within sentences of the same conversation. So, here she is with a serious disease and has this platform. And she sits there and lies. She’s mean to people. She f@#cking bamboozles them. She just manipulates. And She’s a cruel person. And She’s really ruining any chances of being perceived as a good person. She has an amazing opportunity to do great f@#cking things but her insecurity is ruining everything.”

Paul said, “She called Kevin, ‘You old m@#ther f@#cker. Shove your finger up your a@#.” Christmas said, “She’s just ignorant. She said I graduated high school at 16. B@#tch you were home schooled. Who can’t graduate at 16 when they’re home schooled?”

Paul said, “I don’t know. She’s just rude. She has no consideration for others.” Christmas said, “What was Matt’s fascination with her?” Paul said, “She leaves her stuff everywhere. She doesn’t ask to use things. She just uses them. The one thing that irks me the most is people who claim or act like they’re intelligent but they are not.

Nothing bothers me more than that. I studied logic. This is what I went to school for is logic. So, when you speak illogical things but front as if you are smarter than everyone else and you have a condescending tone, it makes me want to put a bullet in my f@#cking eye socket. Because you are not intelligent. You are just a mean bully and put people down to build yourself up. And really you don’t know anything about anything.

She’s that girl in high school that hangs out with a click of girls. And if the click of girls are being mean, she’ll be mean. But, she’s not actually like that. She’s not like that. She’s probably really a sweet girl. But, she feels the need to jump on a bandwagon whether it’s right or wrong. At the beginning of this game, everyone was sh@#tting on Josh. So, she was sh@@#tting on Josh.

She said she caught him looking at her in the shower and made this big thing about it. Made this big scene about it. Now, she’s like, ‘I love you Josh.’ If she felt so strongly about a human being, how does that change over a period of time? How much did I hate Cody? Did that change?”

Christmas answered, “Nope.” Paul said, “Did I make it any less clear that I hated him. No, because I don’t fake the funk as Josh likes to say.” Paul also said that Raven claimed Cody said he wouldn’t date her because she can’t give birth on day 7. However, she kissed his a@# until day 30. “So, if it made her feel that infuriated, then why didn’t she say something about it.

Raven who claims to hate bullying, is a f@#cking bully. She criticized Cody’s d@#ck size. Called Jessica a whore.” She said Jessica just jumped on Cody because he has the biggest d@#ck. That had nothing to do with the game. It was all personal.”

They also made fun of how Raven can never come up with any logical answers to any of their questions. She just piggy backs on what other people do.

Christmas said “She always has to one up people. I’ve never met someone so insecure and so willing to cling on anyone and everything in my entire f@#cking life. And I have met a slew of people. Like from all over the world. And I have never met anybody this annoying and fake and willing to do anything and everything to get just a granule of approval. “

Paul said, “She told me in the jacuzzi that she had something called “rough kneecap syndrome” where your knees have no cartilage and they grind at the bone and she needs to be very careful. And then she was jumping on her f@#cking knees. Her entire body weight knee to the f@#cking mattress. And she said, ‘ well, they’re fucked anyway.’” Christmas said, “And she didn’t clinch.” Christmas went on to give an example of when she just had a little knee problem and how much pain it gave her and how Raven’s supposed “rough kneecap syndrome” should have been even worse.

Paul said, “My knees are fine and if I jumped the way she did, I would’ve hurt my knees and I don’t have “rough kneecap syndrome.” I just can’t anymore. She says she can’t eat red meat at all. She eats beef jerky, tacos every f@#cking day, hamburgers. All red meat. All products of a cow or a pig. Red meat.”

Christmas said, “And then she talks about her big following on social media but won’t give numbers of how many. I don’t know. I’ve just discredited everything she’s f@#cking said. I just know she has something in her f@#cking stomach. Every conversation leads to her death sentence.”

Paul said, “She always has to make me feel worse about her disease.” Christmas said, “She builds herself up by putting others down because she’s so insecure and doesn’t know who she is. When I first got into the house, my heart went out to her. But, I couldn’t have more than a two minute conversation with her because every conversation would go south fast. I tried to present solutions. She was constantly negative nelly. I was like, ‘this girl is not a positive girl.’

She wants to pretend that she’s positive to continue to get sympathy and to be a f@#cking negative nelly. And to sh@#t on everybody. I thought maybe I‘m just being a d@#ck. I’m hoping I’m just accessing her wrong. But, every conversation she would talk over you, one up you. And then go back to where her disease is the most devastating thing in the world. That’s why I just stopped talking to her.”

After that, Christmas described how she tried to have a conversation with her in the kitchen earlier that day and just wished that someone would walk in and rescue her. Christmas said, “Raven is so self-consumed that she has no awareness for anybody else’s emotions or interactiveness. I really wish we could just expedite her fast. This makes me feel awful because she does have a major thing wrong with her and she also has major emotional and psychological challenges. So, I feel bad that I’m not more patient to understand her and to help her.”

Paul said, “But I don’t think she will allow us to do that because she always contradicts herself.” Christmas said, “She’s been a victim her entire life and she’s from a small town that plays into it.”

At one point, they talked about Raven calling herself an olympic athlete. Christmas said, “No, you have to actually go to the Olympics to call yourself an olympic athlete.” Paul said, “The inverted spine got to me the most. What does that mean? What is an inverted spine?” They also talked about her showing her private parts while she was exercising or something.

They talked about how she also made a contradiction about freezing her eggs. She said she didn’t want to risk the child having the same disease. Then Paul suggested adoption. She said but I want to have my own child. Then they would just go back and forth. She would never accept a solution. Christmas said, “Raven doesn’t want a real solution. She just wants sympathy. I feel sorry for her. She constantly feeds her own demons and insecurities.”

That was pretty much the whole conversation in reference to Raven. It went on for about a full thirty minutes. This like the third or fourth time that Paul and Christmas have had one of these Raven bashing conversations. I think this one was the most harsh though. They could be on the verge of calling her out soon if things continue to get worse. We’ll see. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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