Big Brother 19 Paul Switched Up The POV Ceremony Plans Yesterday, September 3rd

Big Brother 19 Paul Switched Up The POV Ceremony Plans Yesterday, September 3rd

Alright guys. Yesterday in the Big Brother season 19 house. A series of conversations took place that ultimately revealed that Paul will actually be using the veto at the POV ceremony today in an effort to keep Alex from getting super pissed off. Paul wants to basically keep tricking Alex until they can get her out next week rather than them just showing her their cards up front by leaving the nominations the same.

At around 3:20 pm, Josh started questioning Christmas in the backyard over why they aren’t having Paul not use the Veto. So, at some point, Paul switched up the plan. He will be using the veto today at the POV ceremony. Josh told Christmas, “We’ve got Raven and Kevin on our side so if it’s all of us against Alex then why not?” Christmas said, “We need to keep Alex calm and subdued by tricking her.”

At around 3:25 pm, Josh got frustrated with Christmas and walked into the house. Later at around 3:27 pm, Josh came back just as Christmas was walking into the house. She took him into one of the rooms to have a private conversation. She asked him, “where did you go?” Josh said, “The bathroom.” Christmas said, “Could you come here for a second?”

Then she told him, “Two things. If you ever pull a f@#ck boy move like that again and walk away when we’re having a f@#cking conversation. I am not one of these little f@#cking club whores that you can treat like that! I am a grown a@# f@#cking woman and you will not treat me like that!” Josh tried to reply with, “I was going to the bathroom.” Christmas said, “Do not interrupt me. We can have conversations. We can have discussions. We can have arguments. You walking away from me. Not f@#ckin ok! Don’t f@#ckin do that again!”

At around 3:35 pm, Christmas told Josh, “Paul will have to get blood on his hands sooner or later.” Josh wasn’t convinced. Christmas started to get upset with him again and asked him, “Are you listening to me? F@#cking listen to me! You’re not listening. You know what happens? You get so fixated on one thing and you stop looking at all the other things.”

She went on to tell Josh that Paul will have to get blood on his hands next week by winning HOH end getting Alex out. Alex will go talk shit about all of them in the jury house. She also explained that this week, they want to use the veto and put Kevin up beside Jason so Alex feels comfortable.

Then when they vote out Jason, they can say it was a strategic move to get out a strong male. She thinks that will keep Alex from getting mad at them. Paul will become Alex’s new guy to replace Jason. Alex might still gun for HOH, but if she loses, they can throw it to Paul so Paul can nominate her.

Josh told Christmas, “Paul is planning to use two pawns to get out Alex if he’s HoH.” Christmas said, “I don’t like that. I want Kevin and Alex up together.” Josh said, “Good luck convincing Paul of that.”

At around 4;55 pm, Josh asked Paul to not use the veto because Paul’s current plan of using the veto exposes He and Christmas. Paul told Josh, “your plan is bad for Christmas.”

At around 5:14 pm, Paul told Christmas that Josh is freaking out about the plan and told her that not using the veto is a bad idea. At around 5:17 pm, Paul and Josh had another conversation about the plan. Josh was still trying to convince Paul to not use the veto. Paul told him, “That’ll make all three of them look really bad since Christmas did the nominating and you have to do the voting.”

At around 5:20 pm, Josh told Christmas, “This could be a Double Eviction coming up. I’m a fan and have seen how this plays out.” At around 5:30 pm, Paul told Christmas, “I have to use the veto because it creates less chaos than Josh’s suggestion.”

At around 5:35 pm, Josh asked Paul again to consider not using the veto. Paul said, “No, because I’ve already thought about it and it won’t work.

At around 6:50 pm, Christmas told Josh that she’s sure Paul has their back. “We can’t show our cards yet.”

At around 8:55 pm, Josh tried again to get Paul to leave the nominations the same. Paul kept refusing to do so. He also told Josh, “We have to fake a fight.” Josh said he didn’t want to do that. Paul said, “You have to if you want this to work out for us.”

At around 9:04 pm, Paul told Christmas, “Don’t worry about Alex winning the next HOH because one of her nominees will be Kevin regardless of who her target ends up being.”

Around 1:35 am today, September 4,2017, Josh decided to ask Paul, “Did you tell Alex and Jason that I’m working with Christmas?” Paul said, “Of course not. You’re tripping.”

Later on at 2:09 am, Paul and Christmas confronted Josh over a comment he let slip to Raven about being a third reel or something. Paul told Josh, “This is the time where you can’t slip up anymore. We’re at the end of the f@#cking game. Josh, at this point of the game homie there’s no slipping up. I’m telling you that. You have to get your head on right bro.”

You’ve gotta play stupid. You’ve gotta be the Josh I told you to be f@#ckin week 4 when you were trippin. Just play dumb. That’s your role. That’s your character. You’re getting all gassed up . You’re getting excited. But, you gotta play dumb. Because what is saving you is the underestimation. Because if you start gassing up and doing crazy sh@#t, you will become a threat to Alex.

You know why you aren’t a threat to Alex? Because she thinks she has you in her pocket and she thinks she can beat you. So, what do you need to keep doing? Make her think she has you in her pocket and that she can beat you. Because if they see that you have this good thing going, they will smell it. They will see the overconfidence out of nowhere.”

After that, Paul explained how he can suggest to Alex to put up Kevin and Raven next week if she (Alex) wins HOH. Paul said, “We need to bamboozle Alex to beat her because she is a warrior. She will fight. In order to f@#cking beat her, we need to bamboozle her. There’s no other option here. You need to play your role Josh. Don’t get gassed up. Don’t get excited. The end is near. You’re freaking out. But I’m telling you I will take us there.

Now, I have to attach more to Raven which is going to drive me insane. Raven doesn’t have anymore loyalty. Her man is gone. She’s gonna try to win and she’s going to use whatever she wants to guilt trip and win the f@#cking game. And she will sweep jury probably. If one of us gets clipped, we’re f@#cked.”

Paul told Josh in reference to him asking if he told Jason that he (Josh) and Christmas are working together, “Don’t ever asked me sh@#t like that again because it will legit piss me off. I don’t roll like that.”

At around 2:35 am, Josh said, “I’m fine. I will go with the plan.” Paul said, “After Alex is gone then he can pull Kevin in and then we can get rid of him.” Josh agreed and said, “ I won’t tell Jason anything. I’ll just vote him out.” Paul said, “I’ve got a plan to get us all to final three but it’s only going to get harder from here on out.”

Alright, that pretty much wraps up all the game conversations for yesterday. Paul went on for about an hour with Josh about how the game plan is supposed to work. He appears to be fully onboard now. The POV ceremony is scheduled to take place at some point today.

Paul is going to go ahead and use the veto to keep Alex calm. So, it doesn’t look like we’re going to get those fireworks we were hoping for if Paul didn’t use the veto. We’ll be back with a full report of what takes place after the POV ceremony. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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