Riverdale Season 2 Betty Will Get Another Very Unexpected Shocking Twist, New Details

Riverdale Season 2 Betty Will Get Another Very Unexpected Shocking Twist, New Details

According to a new report from the folks over at TV Line CW’s hit drama series “Riverdale” has got another very big surprise in store for character Betty Cooper. This new twist is scheduled to occur later in the season about midway through.

Their report reveals that the show is bringing on a new character named Chic Cooper. He will be Betty’s long lost brother! That’s right! Betty has a brother that she doesn’t know about. TV Line referred back to a scene that took place in the season 1 finale episode where Betty found out that her mother Alice got preggers while she was in high school. That resulted in her giving birth to a son that she ended up giving away for adoption.

So, it looks like they will have him come lurking back around after all these years. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been revealed what Chic will want when he shows up. Hopefully, more information about that will pop up as we get closer to his arrival. TV Line reports that Chic will be a recurring character. So, we’ll see him in a couple of scenes from time to time, but not as much a regular character. And a little more than say a guest character.

Though they didn’t give specific details about what Chic will be doing, they did say that Chic is going to throw Betty’s life into more of a tailspin than it already is. As previously reported, Betty will already be dealing with a lot of stress in regards to her boyfriend Jughead.

Jughead will be involved with the Southside Serpents, and a new girl named Toni Topaz is reported to possibly get in the middle of Betty and Jughead’s relationship. Additionally, Betty’s darker side is going to get explored. So, there’s definitely lots of drama in store for Betty. This new addition of her long lost brother Chic probably isn’t going to help ease her stress much.

The show is still currently in the process of casting this new Chic character. There hasn’t been a description revealed for what Chic will look like, how old he is, or anything of that nature. We’re guessing he’ll probably be in his 20’s or something since Betty’s mother Alice gave birth to him when she was in high school. Since both Alice and Betty are blondes, it’s highly likely that Chic will be blonde as well unless he just wanted to dye his hair or something.

Anyways, judging from what we know thus far, it certainly sounds like Chic will add a very interesting twist in the midway point of season 2. Again, we’ll let you guys know if we get anymore details on this new Chic character in the coming weeks and months.

TV Line also made note to point out that the producer Robert Aguirre-Sacasa did hint Chic’s possible arrival back in May 2017 when they asked him if they might meet Betty’s brother in the new season 2. Robert replied with, “I wouldn’t be surprised.”

In related news, additional season 2 photos have emerged that feature the new girl Toni Topaz posing with other Southside Serpents. She definitely looks very attractive. We could totally see her giving Betty and Jughead some problems. It’s been reported that she will indeed do that. To what extent remains a mystery right now. You guys can view the new Toni Topaz photos on Instagram by Clicking Here.

It’s still unclear when Toni will actually make her first appearance. We’re guessing it’ll be pretty soon though, but we’ll have to just wait and see to be sure.

The new season 2 is scheduled to premiere on Wednesday night, October 11,2017 at 7 pm central standard time on The CW. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Riverdale Facebook page for more Riverdale news by Clicking Here.

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