New Amazing Race Season 30 Premiere Date And Teams Have Been Revealed

New Amazing Race Season 30 Premiere Date And Teams Have Been Revealed

Hey, “Amazing Race” fans . It’s time to get excited once again. CBS recently unveiled the new cast photo for their latest batch of contestants that will be competing in the upcoming season 30. You guys can view the new cast photo over on CBS’ site by Clicking Here.

They also revealed when season 30 is set to premiere. It’s due to arrive on Wednesday night, January 3,2018 at 7 pm central standard time. So, be sure to mark that very important date down on your TV show calendars. It’s supposed to run all the way until finale night on Wednesday, February 21,2018.

Along with the cast photo and premiere date, we also got a detailed description for each of the teams that will be competing. There was a total of 11 teams that competed when the season actually started filming back on October 1,2017.

The first team we’ll go over is the friends/roomates team of Alexander Rossi and Conor Daly. This information was retrieved from CBS’ official cast website for this season of Amazing Race. Alexander Rossi is a 26 years old from Indianapolis, Indiana.

His current occupation is: IndyCar driver. He’s a professional race car driver for Andretti Autosport. He drives the NAPA Auto Parts Honda in the IndyCar Series which is the premiere open-wheel racing series in the United States.

He describes himself as: competitive, adaptive, and diverse. His favorite hobbies are: Downhill skiing and mountain biking. He’s most proud of winning the 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 in 2016.

In the Amazing Race, Alexander wants to check off the box of one of life’s great opportunities. He is always seeking adrenaline-filled experiences outside of a race car, and he hopes to have lots of those experiences in the Race.

His partner Conor Dalyis a 25 year old Indycar driver from Indianapolis, Indiana as well. He drives in the Verizon IndyCar Series. He describes himself as: funny, outgoing and compassionate. His favorite hobbies are: Xbox, any sport, preferably basketball and go-karting. He’s most proud of becoming an IndyCar driver and competing in the Indianapolis 500. It was always his dream to make money driving race cars.

In The Amazing Race,Conor hopes to gain some new skills he never thought he’d have by encountering challenges along the way. He also hopes to gain some more fans for both Alex and himself and IndyCar racing.

The second team is friends/co-workers April Gould and Sarah Williams. April is a 39 year old Yoga business owner from Gilbert,Arizona. She owns “Arizona Goat Yoga.” She does what is necessary to make Goat Yoga a successful business. On the fun side, she trains her 25 goats to jump and interact with hundreds of different people every day for a unique yoga experience. It’s like a big circus every time.

She describes herself as: adventurous, ingenuitive, and motivated! Her favorite hobbies are: anything adventurous and outdoors. She was a professional water skier, so she especially enjoys barefoot waterskiing, wakeboarding, and wakesurfing, as well as circus flying trapeze, acrobatics, and stilting. She also likes traveling, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, rollerblading, snowboarding and scuba diving.

She’s most proud of being a wife and mother to her three kids. She’s also proud of making a very successful business out of playing with her goats and all the good that has come from it throughout the community.

In the Amazing Race, April wants to go to different places, meet new people and soak in the whole experience!!

April’s partner Sarah Williams is a 25 year old business co-owner. She’s actually the business partner of April at Arizona Goat Yoga. She’s from Mesa,Arizona. Sarah also owns a business called Desert Paddleboards. She teaches kids parkour classes, and she’s a part-time tour guide.

Sarah describes herself as: Spontaneous, fun and a little crazy. She likes snowboarding, hiking, or wakesurfing at the lake. She’s most proud of starting her paddleboard business four years ago with two boards and she’s up to 35. Goat Yoga started as a fun idea and now it’s an international sensation! In the Amazing Race,Sarah wants to get lots of great stories to tell at Goat Yoga.

The 3rd team is friends Cedric Ceballos and Shawn Marion. Cedric Ceballos is a 48 year old retired NBA player. He describes himself as: Funny, outgoing and friendly. He likes music, sports and traveling. He’s most proud of being a healthy “Kool” Dad and an NBA All-Star. In the Amazing Race, Cedric he wants him and Shawn to stay friends.

Cedric’s partner Shawn Marion is a 39 year old retired NBA athlete and father from Chicago, Illinois. He takes care of his son 40 percent of the time. He’s also an NBA Ambassador where he does meet and greets, clinics, speaking and engagements.

He describes himself as: competitive, stubborn to a degree and loyal. He likes spending time with his son and family, traveling and shopping. In the Amazing Race,Shawn wants to maybe open more doors and opportunities for future endeavors.

The 4th team is recent Big Brother 19 houseguests and dating couple Cody Nickson and Jessica Graf. Cody was formerly in the Air Force and Marine Corps and is 32 years old. He now lives in Plano,Texas. He’s currently moved on to a sales job and college. He describes himself as passionate, stubborn and honest. He likes motorcycle riding, surfing and going out to eat. He’s most proud of becoming a Marine. In the Amazing Race, Cody wants to compete by Jessica’s side again.

Cody’s partner and girlfriend Jessica Graf is currently 26 years old, unemployed and living in Los Angeles,California. She describes herself as: loyal, honest and outrageous. She likes Yoga, hiking and boxing. She’s most proud of getting through seven weeks of hell on Big Brother. In the Amazing Race, Jessica wants to be able to release her competitive side.

The 5th team is friends Dessie Mitcheson and Kayla Fitzgerald. Dessie is a 27 year old model from Apollo, Pennsylvania. She does print, spokes-modeling and promotional modeling. She describes herself as: vibrant, sweet and passionate. She’s most proud of being named one of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’s Top 15. She shot with them and walked in their first ever runway show debuting their brand new swimwear line. In the Amazing Race, Dessie wants to have the experience of a lifetime! She thinks she will gain confidence and knowledge.

Dessie’s partner Kayla Fitzgerald is also a 26 year old model from Clermont, Florida. She’s a professional print and commercial model, and she also does promotional and spokes-modeling. She describes herself as: Hardworking, outgoing and loyal. She likes Yoga, boating, cooking and sudoku puzzles. She most proud of shooting for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. She was also chosen to not only shoot, but walk in their first ever runway show during Miami Swim Week where they debuted their new swim line!

In the Amazing Race, Kayla wants to experience different cultures and places around the world that she hasn’t yet and experience more adventures with her best friend. She’s a foodie so she’s also excited to get to try and experience different foods around the world that she normally wouldn’t. Lastly, she hopes to learn more about herself and how far she can go to test her limitations.

The 6th team is twin brothers Eric Guiffreda and Daniel Guiffreda. Eric is a 33 year old firefighter/paramedic from Ponchatoula, Louisiana. He works for the Gonzales Fire Department. He responds to any type of emergency call, medical emergencies, fires, car wrecks, and any rescue. He provides treatment and care to the injured and eliminates hazards.

He describes himself as: focused, loyal and corny. He likes hunting, traveling, and spending as much time as possible with his wife and two daughters. He’s most proud of: graduating as an honor graduate from Marine Corps Boot Camp and his two daughters. They are everything to him. In the Amazing Race, Eric wants to get awesome once-in-a-lifetime memories that he will have forever and be able to share with his children as well as overcoming new types of challenges and situations.

Eric’s partner Daniel Guiffreda is also a 33 year old firefighter/paramedic from Gonzales, Louisiana. He puts the wet stuff on the hot stuff and when people are hurt, he stabilizes and transports them. He describes himself as: loyal to family, ambitious and committed. He likes: camping, reading and spending time with family outdoors.

He most proud of: being a husband and a dad. His family means more than any of the other things he has invested time in accomplishing. Second would probably be finishing paramedic school. It was brutal. In the Amazing Race, Daniel wants to reconnect with Eric outside of the work environment. They work at the same place and put everything they have into accomplishing the same goal.

The 7th team is dating couple Henry Zhang and Evan Lynyak. Henry is a 22 year old management consultant from Los Angeles, California. He works on a team that helps companies, governments, and NGOs improve their performance and realize their goals.

He describes himself as: entrepreneurial, caring and ambitious. He likes soccer, coding and ukulele. He’s most proud of: teaching himself to code and creating a website to provide debate preparation materials to disadvantaged students.

In the Amazing Race, Henry wants to learn a lot more about his girlfriend Evan and about their relationship. He also wants an awesome travel experience!

Henry’s partner Evan Lynyak is a 22 year old management consultant from Los Angeles, California. She works on a team that helps companies, governments, and NGOs improve their performance and realize their goals. She describes herself as: Thoughtful, sarcastic and compassionate. She likes watching movies and reading.

She’s most proud of being the seventh overall best speaker out of more than 700 individual competitors at the 2016 World Universities Debating Championship. It made her the top ranking female debater that year. In the Amazing Race, Evan would like to learn more about how she and Henry function as a team. Additionally, she would like to run the race and get as far as possible so she can see the world and have a unique adventure!

The 8th team is friends Joey Chestnut and Tim Janus. Joey is a 33 year old competitive eater from San Jose, California. He competes in eating contests all around the world for cash prizes. He also represents brands and makes appearances. He describes himself as: Goofy, honest and competitive. He likes: fishing and gambling.

He’s most proud of winning everything he tries. In the Amazing Race,Joey wants to show himself and the world that competitive eaters are the best at solving problems and having a blast beating people.

Joey’s partner Tim Janus is a 41 year old waiter/bartender/manager/competitive eater from New York, New York. He’s a waiter at a very comfortable, high-end pizza/wine bar. He’s also an on-hiatus competitive eater. He was named Eater X one of the best in the whole wide world! He’s also the world burping champion according to the World Burping Federation.

He describes himself as: determined, loyal and daydreamer. He likes skiing, sleeping, crossword puzzles, and reading the news and trying to understand this world. He’s most proud of: Being the third eater ever to eat 50 hot dogs in 10 minutes. Joey was the second. Nobody believed he could do it until he did it. He worked hard and surprised everybody. He felt like he did what he once thought was impossible, and in general he’s proud of himself anytime he perseveres. In the Amazing Race, Tim wants to bond with Joey in this adventure and shared goal.

The 9th team is friends Kristi Leskinen and Jen Hudak. Kristi is a 36 year old retired professional skier, athlete mentor and entrepreneur from Uniontown, Pennsylvania and Scottsdale, Arizona. Her family owns a resort hotel and a marina in Pennsylvania. She helps there where she can. She also has investments in sports-related startups and has a love for mentoring young female athletes.

She describes herself as: adventurous, daring and literal. She likes skiing, wakeboarding, biking, hiking, golfing and painting. She’s most proud of helping to develop a brand new sport and watching it grow from one or two women competing all the way to the Olympics. She’s also very proud to have competed as a pro in multiple sports.

In the Amazing Race, Kristi wants the experience of traveling to places she may never get the chance to see otherwise, meet new friends, and share the adventure of a lifetime with them.

Kristi’s partner Jen Hudak is a 30 year old professional skier, coach/mentor and marketing manager from Park City, Utah. She’s a professional skier that formerly competed intensely on the world stage in halfpipe skiing. She now creates content (video, photo, and written word) to share the power that outdoor adventure can have in one’s life.

It’s time spent outdoors and pursuing new challenges that teaches her about this world and helps her be a better person. She also helps various publishing entities make money through referral-based advertising (that’s technically her day job now!).

She describes herself as: Indomitable, intelligent, competitive and empathetic. She likes: Skiing, writing, mountain biking and coaching. She is most proud of her impenetrable mind. Coming back from numerous injuries to continue her pursuits in skiing. She was able to return strong and have big wins after some pretty major knee injuries. In the Amazing Race, Jen wants to reignite her inner competitor to fight hard for something again and to work as a team toward a common goal!

The 10th team is dating couple Lucas Bocanegra and Brittany Austin. Lucas is a 35 year old Lifeguard Lieutenant from Miami Springs, Florida. He does Baywatch stuff, but for real. He saves lives and helps the public. He describes himself as: adventurous, determined and creative. He likes: surfing, paddle boarding and hockey.

He’s most proud of having such a bada@# chick who can do anything even if he doesn’t express it as much, and bringing two people back to life after drowning using CPR with coworkers.

Lucas’ partner Brittany Austin is a 31 year old Ocean Rescue Lifeguard from Miami Springs, Florida. She’s a full-time ocean rescue lifeguard for the city of Miami Beach and saves lives for a living. She describes herself as: outgoing, giving and hard-working. She likes swimming, surfing, rowing, horseback riding and reading romance novels.

She’s most proud of buying a house with the man of her dreams and winning the open Surfboat Row at Nationals with her awesome rowing partner, Alex. In the Amazing Race, Brittany wants to learn to work better with Lucas, improve their communication, and have his undivided attention for a whole month!

The 11th and final team is bandmates Trevor Wadleigh and Chris Marchant. Trevor is a 31 year old musician from New York, New York. He’s a touring violinist/violist in the string quartet “Well-Strung” which is a classical string quartet that marries together pop and classical music in an entertaining and approachable way.

He describes himself as: perceptive, playful and dry. He likes concerts, hanging out with puppies, getting in meme wars and being outdoors. He’s most proud of starting and developing their company/band and having it thrive for five years. In the Amazing Race, Trevor wants to use his skill sets in innumerable other ways.

Trevor’s partner Chris Marchant is a 33 year old Musician from New York, New York. He
performs as part of the singing string quartet Well-Strung. They travel all over the country and world performing approximately 120 shows a year. Their favorite thing to do with music is combine classical music with the pop music of today.

He describes himself as: perseverant, pragmatic and passionate. He likes games of any kind, going to concerts and musicals, traveling and escape rooms. He most proud of being a part of a group of such talented men. In the Amazing Race, Chris wants to put all the skills he and Trevor have been using in life together to the test in The Amazing Race.

Alright guys. Those are your season 30 “Amazing Race” teams. Get ready to see them in action on January 3,2018. Also, be sure to follow us on our Amazing Race Facebook page for more Amazing Race news by Clicking Here.

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