Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Is Bringing Back Someone From The Very Early Days

Grey’s Anatomy Season 14 Is Bringing Back Someone From The Very Early Days

Hey,”Grey’s Anatomy” fans. We’ve got some new casting news for you guys in this latest article. It turns out that the producers wanted to reach and grab one of the females that appeared on the show way, way back in the real early days.

According to a new report from the folks over TV news team, the show has decided to bring back character Nurse Olivia Harper for a new storyline. She’s played by actress Sarah Utterback. Olivia Harper’s Wikia page says she was a nurse at Seattle Grace until she was fired prior to the merger with Mercy West Medical Center. She was on the show for its first six seasons.

During her time on the show, Oliva got into a number of serious situations.According to her Wikia page, she entered the show by way of an intern mixer where she eventually met Alex. Then they left together. She worked on a case called, “Digby Owens.” She was the nurse instructed to move him to ICU after his infected calf tattoo was revealed.

Olivia slept with Alex at one point. Dr. George O’Malley had asked her out on a date while she was involved in a casual fling with Alex. She eventually broke things off with Alex, but she also unknowingly contracted syphilis from Alex. Then she ended up passing it along to George.

From there, things became awkward between the George and Olivia when they had to continue working together. Eventually, George ended up liking Meredith way more than he liked Olivia. Olivia also got involved in a serious matter involving a patient character named Robert Martin. Olivia was instructed to give Robert hypertonic saline to bring his sodium level up, but Alex gave her the wrong order. So, she gave him too much which dehydrated his brain. She later revealed this when Derek came to check on while he was having a seizure.

There was another time where Olivia hooked up with Alex again even though he was currently dating character Izzie Stevens. At the time, Olivia found Alex in an on-call room. They talked about when they had been sleeping together before, and Olivia assured him that the sex was good. From there, they proceeded to have sex again.

Olivia was also involved in a big nurses’ strike at one point. Then there was a time where she got involved in a big backlash against character Mark Sloan. Olivia had gotten together with Jolene to tell Mark the nurses had created a club to unite against him due to the fact he never called back after he slept with them.

Olivia’s last episode was titled, “I Always Feel Like Somebody’s Watchin’ Me.” During it, the hospital merger between Seattle Grace and Memorial West was announced. Olivia asked Alex to let her know if he heard anything because the nurses were likely to be among the first cuts. Olivia ultimately was fired to reduce staff in preparation for the merger.

Fast forward to now, Olivia is scheduled to make her big return in the episode that’s scheduled to air on Thursday night, April 26, 2018. It’s entitled, “Bad Reputation.” It’s the 21st episode of this current 14th season.

ABC has already released some promotional photos for this episode which feature Olivia in action. It’s revealed that Olivia has returned to Grey Sloan and is getting treated by Jo. For what, is unclear right now. It’s speculated that she could cause some trouble for Jo and Alex given her past relationship drama with Alex. Or at the very least, make things somewhat awkward. We’ll have to wait and see to be sure.

It’s also revealed that Olivia will show up with her son at some point. So, yeah. Olivia’s return could quite possibly provide a pretty interesting twist. Entertainment Weekly’s article about this is saying that Olivia’s appearance is definitely going to throw Alex and Jo for a loop. You guys can view the promotional photos for Olivia’s appearance over on Entertainment Weekly’s site by Clicking Here.

It’s currently unknown how long Olivia’s latest stint on the show will last. It could just be for this one episode or more. We have no idea. Sarah Utterback’s IMDB page only has her listed to show up in this 21st episode. So, it’s likely that this will just be a one-episode appearance for Olivia.

Alright guys. That’s gonna wrap it up for this report, but definitely stay tuned. Grey’s Anatomy airs every Thursday night at 7 pm central standard time on ABC. Also, be sure to follow us on our Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page for more Grey’s Anatomy news by Clicking Here.

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