One Of Grey’s Anatomy’s Main Stars Just Got A New Baby

One Of Grey’s Anatomy’s Main Stars Just Got A New Baby

Happy Tuesday “Grey’s Anatomy” fans. We’ve got some pretty interesting news for those of you who are fans of this particular Grey’s Anatomy star. Recently, the Gossip division for the New York Post which widely known as revealed that Owen Hunt portrayer Kevin McKidd just recently had a new baby with his new wife Arielle Goldrath. This is the first child that he’s had with her.

Pagesix pointed out that Kevin had recently divorced his previous wife Jane Parker just five months ago. So, it sounds like he moves pretty fast. Kevin hopped on his official Instagram account to share the wonderful baby news with all his fans.

He wrote, “On this beautiful Mother’s Day evening… Welcome- little Aiden to our family and to the World! Arielle, you’re the most amazing mother and I love you both so much ! #happymothersday #forever #weeAiden #Arielle #newlife.” You guys can view this message on Kevin’s official Instagram page by Clicking Here. The post also features a giant photo of Kevin’s wife Arielle laying side-by-side with the baby.

As mentioned in the Instagram post, their new baby’s name is Aiden. He was born on Mother’s day which was this past Sunday, May 13, 2018. According to Pagsix, Kevin married Arielle way back in March of 2018. So, they’ve only been married for about two months now.

Pagesix also pointed out that Kevin had been married to his previous wife Jane Parker for a whopping 15 years, and that they actually split up in late 2015. The divorce was just finalized 5 months ago. Kevin actually had two kids with Jane during their marriage. Their kids are teenagers now. So, Aiden is their new half brother.

In related news, Grey’s Anatomy’s current 14th season is coming to a close this Thursday night with the big finale episode 24. It looks like it’ll be a pretty relaxed episode. It definitely is if you compare it to last week’s episode 23 where we saw poor April almost meet her maker.

Before the episode aired, the promos had us believing for sure that they were going to kill April off so there would never be a chance of seeing her again on the show. Fortunately, that was not the case, and she pulled through.

So, both April and Arizona will appear in the finale episode before making what is expected to be their permanent exit from the show after their portrayers Sarah Drew and Jessica Capshaw got laid off earlier this year due to reported “creative’ reasons. Sarah has already landed a new acting gig. It’s still up in the air what Jessica will do next.

Getting back to the finale show, it looks like Jo and Alex will have a big wedding, but not before they escape getting trapped in a shed or something. You guys can see the preview clip for it over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

Some other exciting and important news we recently shared for Grey’s Anatomy is that ABC recently announced that the show is officially renewed for a brand new season 15! That’s right guys. You can officially pop the cork on those Grey’s Anatomy renewal champagne bottles if you have any because the wait is over.

We haven’t heard any other details about the new season 15 yet, but we definitely expect to hear something soon probably after the season finale episode airs this Thursday night. Usually, the producers spill some of their initial ideas they have around that time. So, be on the lookout for all that good stuff. We’re definitely going to keep you guys posted all summer long on any new season 15 status updates.

Grey’s Anatomy airs every Thursday night at 7 pm central standard time on ABC. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page for more Grey’s Anatomy news by Clicking Here.

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