New Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Possible Teasers, Casting News And More Revealed

New Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Possible Teasers, Casting News And More Revealed

Hey, “Grey’s Anatomy” fans. As most of you are well aware, season 14 has wrapped up as of this past Thursday, May 17, 2018. We saw a surprise second wedding take place as April and Matthew decided to get hitched along with Jo and Alex in the finale episode!

We saw Arizona get a phone call from Callie saying, “I can’t wait to see you!” So, that was a pretty interesting exit for Arizona. Jo and Alex had some very interesting moments while being trapped in that shed until they were finally rescued by Meredith and Andrew.

Now, looking ahead to what’s in store for the brand new season 15, the folks over at threw out a couple of ideas and important facts. The first teaser idea they mentioned had to do with the guest transplant surgeon Dr. Nick Marsh played by actor Scott Speedman.

If you’ll recall, Meredith saved his kidney during his episode. They’re saying it’s possible that he could pop back up at anytime. There’s been no official confirmation of this. It’s just an idea right now. They pointed out that Meredith’s portrayer Ellen Pompeo did speak to E! News about Scott and his Dr. Nick Marsh character. She told them, “He’s welcome anytime. He knows that. Him and I had so much fun. So, that door is open for him if ever he wants that. He knows that.”

Next, elitedaily pointed out a conversation that Ellen had with E! News about what she would like to see happen in season 15. Apparently, Ellen wants to see a lot more information get revealed about diseases, illnesses and harmful chemicals.

She stated, “I’d like to get in to neurological diseases, and disease in general and talk about what’s causing it. What we’re ingesting, what we’re inhaling, the chemicals that are in our food, water, air—what really is making people sick. I’d love to deal with that. I don’t know if that’s a popular thing on network television, and sponsors may not like that. So, I don’t know that we’ll do that.

We can’t be so political, right? We’re half rom-com, half procedural, but I would like to tackle the issue of illness and the chemicals in our environment that are poisoning the planet and our people.”

Elitedaily pointed out an important fact which is that most of the cast will back in action. As previously reported, the show unfortunately lost major characters Arizona Robbins played by Jessica Capshaw and April Kepner played by Sarah Drew due to a reported “creative” reasons.

ABC’s renewal press revealed that we can expect to see the following season regulars to return: Ellen Pompeo as character Meredith Grey, Justin Chambers as character Alex Karev, Chandra Wilson as character Miranda Bailey, James Pickens Jr. as character Richard Webber, Kevin McKidd as character Owen Hunt, Jesse Williams as character Jackson Avery, Caterina Scorsone as character Amelia Shepherd, Camilla Luddington as character Jo Wilson, Kelly McCreary as character Maggie Pierce and Giacomo Gianniotti as character Andrew DeLuca.

In addition to those characters, we just got some new intel from the folks over at They’re reporting that Dr. Teddy Altman portrayer Kim Raver has been promoted to a season regular again for season 15! She was a season regular back in seasons 6 through 8. Then she returned to do a guest arc in this past season 14. It looks like she did a great job because the show wants her back fulltime.

During the season 14 finale, Teddy agreed to come back to work fulltime at Grey Sloan as interim chief of surgery. She also revealed that she was surprisingly preggers. Kim recently commented to the press about her permanent return to Grey’s Anatomy.

She stated, “I am thrilled to reprise the role of Dr. Teddy Altman as a regular. Returning to Shondaland with the incredibly talented Krista Vernoff, Ellen Pompeo and the amazing cast is heavenly. I have a special place in my heart for Teddy and feel very lucky to have the opportunity to continue her story.”

How do you guys feel about Kim Raver’s Teddy Altman being a season regular again for the upcoming 15th season? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Also as previously reported, Grey’s Anatomy’s season 15 renewal marked a milestone for ABC as being the network’s longest-running primetime drama series. The show could be poised to break even more records if it continues on past a 15th season. It’s highly likely that it will too because the show’s leading lady Ellen Pompeo has actually signed a new, two-year deal for seasons 15 and 16. A season 16 hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. We’ll have to wait until next year for that, but it’s looking pretty positive that it will happen.

Alright guys. That’s all the new season 15 details we have for you at the present moment. Surely, there will be more to come in the upcoming weeks and months. As soon as we see anything else, we’ll let you know. So, stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Grey’s Anatomy Facebook page for more Grey’s Anatomy news by Clicking Here.

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