‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Former Lead Male Recently Arrested Multiple Times This Year

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Former Lead Male Recently Arrested Multiple Times This Year

Hey, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We’ve got some pretty shocking news for you guys today. It turns out that one of the show’s former leading males has fallen on some pretty hard times as of late which has led to multiple arrests for being drunk out of his freaking mind!

The person we’re talking about is former Thorne Forrester portrayer Winsor Harmon. That’s right guys. According to a recent report from the folks over at TMZ and some other sources, Winsor has been busted two times so far in the past three months for being heavily intoxicated.

One of the arrests happened in early May 2018 when the police were called to the scene to check on reports of a man sleeping in his car in a suburb of the San Fernando Valley. When the cops got there, they found Winsor sleeping in his SUV. TMZ’s sources went on to claim that Winsor was passed out in the back seat, and that beer cans were all over his floorboard. Also, one of the SUV’s tires was flat.

Eventually, Winsor woke up, but was extremely disoriented and inebriated. His situation was so bad that the police decided they had to arrest him and take him to jail because he couldn’t take care of himself in his present state. He was eventually released and given a citation.

TMZ also briefly mentioned one of Winsor’s previous arrest that happened a few months back. They say he was arrested in public during this altercation, and that urinating was involved!

We were able to track down some extra details on these previous arrests from the folks over at Popculture.com. They say he was arrested for the second time in three months. They reported the same arrest that TMZ reported which revealed he was sleeping in his SUV.

However, they went into greater detail about his previous arrest. First, they revealed that it took place back in February 2018. This report claims that the police were called to the scene after receiving reports about a man urinating at a park in the middle of the day! Can you guys imagine how out of your freaking mind you have to be to do something like that? That is insane.

Anyways, the report goes on to state that the police found Windsor sitting inside his SUV at one of the park’s parking lots. They also found numerous empty wine bottles in his SUV. Winsor was not wearing pants at the time, and he told the cops that he had slept there overnight. From there, the police arrested him for being publicly intoxicated.

So, it sounds like Windsor didn’t handle getting his Thorne role taken from him after 20 long years. Actually, we don’t know why he’s going through these troubles, but his Bold And The Beautiful layoff definitely wasn’t a positive turn of events. He was replaced by actor Ingo Rademacher back in November 2017.

And apparently, this news did shock Windsor. Windsor told Soap Opera Digest at the time, “It shocked me especially since Executive Producer Brad Bell had called and said, ‘I want you to come to the fan club event in August.’I was told there was a storyline coming and then a month later, I got the call from him that he was going to recast the role. So yeah, it was a bit of a shocker I have to say.”

At the same time, Windsor did have some positive words to say. He stated, “When I look at my life, I’m blessed. God gave me something very special. The majority of people don’t get the opportunity to achieve what I’ve achieved in my life. I spent 21 years on the number one show in the world. I’m a part of history, and I have to be grateful for that. I can’t sit here and say that I’m angry.”

Hmmm, so it sounds like we may never know exactly what has led to Windsor’s recent troubles. Hopefully, he’ll get some help though.

As for “The Bold And The Beautiful,” another new episode will be airing today, May 28,2018, and it looks like it’s going to sizzle coming off of Friday’s big event when Wyatt finally told Liam the truth about Bill’s Steffy cheating deception. And Steffy is about to get pretty ruthless over it too. She’s going to totally go off on Bill this week.

The Bold And The Beautiful airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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