‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Steffy Is About To Get Ruthless And More, New Details

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Steffy Is About To Get Ruthless And More, New Details

Hey, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. Welcome to one of our rare Sunday news editions. We just had to hop back on today after CBS released a new preview clip of what’s in store this week. It revealed some very interesting drama that’s going to take place with various characters. In particular, the one that caught our eye was the one with Steffy.

It turns out that she’s not going to be playing nice with Bill anymore. It also doesn’t look like she’s going to let his blackmail threats control what she does anymore! As most of you know, Wyatt finally let Liam know about Bill’s scandalous plan to rip Steffy and Liam apart in this past Friday’s wedding episode. Wyatt did it just before Liam and Hope were about to say their “I Dos” too. It was crazy.

But what’s even crazier is what Steffy is going to do once she finds out about Bill’s wicked plan. The new preview clip showed Steffy and Bill getting into a very intense and heated argument over the scandal. Steffy as you can imagine was super pissed off. She called him a psychopath and pretty much threatened him!

In the clip, Steffy is seen telling Bill, “You’re a psychopath!” Bill responds with, “I did it all for you and our future.” Steffy replies with, “You messed with the wrong woman!” If those aren’t fighting words, I don’t know what is. You guys should definitely get ready to see Steffy finally get back to being interesting again.

No more tears for this girl. She looked like she was ready to start a fight in this clip. She almost looks similar to how Sally looked when she told Bill she hated his guts. I love it because it’s about time Steffy stopped playing nice with Bill. I personally never understood it. She used to just be understanding of Bill’s most heinous activities. Not anymore. He messed with her marriage to Liam this time. So, she’s ready to go off on Bill.

The only question is how is she going to get around this whole blackmail situation that Bill has hanging over her head in regards to her mother Taylor shooting him? I think it’ll be interesting to see how she tries to deal with that.

Some other very notable scenes that were shown in this new preview clip features a very pissed off Liam confronting Bill in his office. In the clip, Liam is seen telling Bill, “You’re sick! You used us like chess pieces.”

I look forward to seeing how Bill responds to Liam’s angry words. We definitely can’t imagine that it will be pretty. We expect this scene to get quite ugly indeed. But that’s not all. There’s another scene with Wyatt yelling at Bill again. Wyatt is seen saying to Bill, “You manipulated Liam, and you used me to do it!” In typical, awful fashion, Bill replies with, “You should’ve kept your mouth shut!”

Geez, it’s no wonder more people haven’t tried to shoot Bill. The man is just completely despicable. There’s one last scene that shows Bill acting all arrogant with Justin. Bill is seen telling Justin, ” In case you haven’t noticed, I’m the big dog, roof!”

So yeah, this guy just will never learn. It’s amazing that he is just able to get away with everything on this show. I know they need him to continue causing problems to keep the show somewhat exciting. But at some point, a little reality should come into play here.

Anyways, guys. You can all check out this new “Bold And The Beautiful” intense Steffy preview clip we’ve been talking about over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

The only teaser that CBS mentioned in regards to this big Steffy and Bill confrontation says that Steffy is going to slam the door on Bill after telling him off. Then she’s going to trip and fall! The teaser description reads like this, “Steffy trips and falls after slamming the door shut on an uninvited and unwanted Bill Spencer.”

This is going to result in Steffy going into premature labor. So, this week will get very intense once again. As we previously reported, tomorrow’s new May 28, 2018 episode will show us the huge aftermath of Wyatt telling Liam about Bill’s ruthless scheme. CBS’ official teaser description for it reads like this, “As Liam and Hope’s wedding guests wait and wonder, Ridge demands the truth from Katie. Hope is blindsided when Liam reveals the secret that Wyatt shared with him mid-wedding.”

Alright guys. That wraps it up for this brief Sunday report. We’ll be back tomorrow to give you guys the rundown for what’s coming up in the May 29, 2018 episode. So, be on the lookout for that.

The Bold And The Beautiful airs every Monday through Friday at 12:30 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Bold And The Beautiful Facebook page for more Bold And The Beautiful news by Clicking Here.

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