New Big Brother Season 20 House Features and Theme Revealed Today

New Big Brother Season 20 House Features and Theme Revealed Today

Hey, “Big Brother” fans. Earlier today, June 20, 2018, CBS released a new, official video clip that features host Julie Chen giving her annual tour of the Big Brother house. It appears that they have definitely added some new things to the house. First off, the clip showed Julie Chen climbing up a freaking rock-climbing wall that’s been installed in the house.

After that, Julie revealed the new theme for this season. She said, “This year, the theme is technology and being playful and interactive.” From there, Julie showed us what the new living room setting looks like. It turns out that the living room is on a floating platform that moves. Then right behind it is the 22 feet high rock-climbing wall.

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Next, Julie showed us the bedroom area. She revealed that there’s a sliding wall feature that opens up to show a bedroom for twelve people. There’s two bedrooms. One is pink and the other is blue, and they’re a mirror image of each other.

After the bedroom tour, Julie revealed that there is a third bedroom which is being called the Fidget spinner room. I don’t even know if I spelled that right. I just sounded out the letters for that one. Anyways, Julie revealed that the fidget spinner room has spinning fidgets on the walls that allows the houseguests to have something to do while they’re trying to plot out their next moves.

They can just spin those fidgets with their fingers to give them something to do while thinking so hard. All I can say is I hope that these houseguests can actually think for themselves this year. Season 19 was a travesty.

Moving along, Julie showed us what the dining room and kitchen area looks like. She revealed that the new bar area is actually on wheels. So, the houseguests will be able to roll the freaking thing around. That’s pretty wild, huh? The clip showed footage of Julie pushing it around for a little bit.

Next, Julie showed us a big pink bear that’s in the house. She mentioned that if you wanted to, you could fit 18,120 gummy bears inside the pink bear. She said that fact sounds like a Big Brother question. Whether or not that’s a hint of a question we might possibly see this season remains to be seen.

After that, Julie revealed a room that she called a Kaleidoscope room. It features a pinwall. This pinwall allows the houseguests to make imprints of their bodyparts on the wall. It looks like it could be fun on a boring day. From there, Julie showed the bathroom area which looks new and nice now. Julie mentioned that the houseguests will get four sinks instead of two this year.

Next, Julie revealed that there will be a new game lounge in the house. It features a foosball game table and some other game that we couldn’t make out what it was. I think this is an interesting, new addition because it might actually be fun to watch the houseguests play foosball instead of playing pool all the time. Or even worse, Chess.

Julie revealed that the HOH bedroom has a new feature that allows them to spy on other houseguests in three new rooms of the house where they couldn’t see them in the past. Julie went on to explain they can’t hear what they’re saying, but they can see them. However, the HOH will have the option of pressing a button to speak one-way too the houseguests and tell them, “I see you in there” or something to that effect.

Julie also revealed that the walls change colors this season. I’m not sure how important that is, but it is a feature. Maybe that little, small feature might help the houseguests make it through all the downtime moments. Who knows?

And that was the end of the Big Brother season 20 house tour by Julie Chen. You guys can view it for yourselves over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

So, what do you guys think of the new Big Brother season 20 house? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Personally, I think the new house is refreshing especially considering it hasn’t been revamped in ages. It’s been the same for about 10 years or so. Some crazy number like that. I think the new features of the house alone already make the season seem more interesting. Let’s just hope these new houseguests can do the rest.

We’re going to be back later on to tell you guys about some new, official twists information we’ve found out about this season. As we previously reported, the new houseguests entered the house today, June 20, 2018. They always enter the house a week before the actual televised premiere date. So, some new info about the twist has leaked. Be sure to stay tuned for our post on that. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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