Big Brother 20 Kaitlyn Totally Went Off On Faysal Yesterday July 3, 2018

Big Brother 20 Kaitlyn Totally Went Off On Faysal Yesterday July 3, 2018

Alright guys. The 4th of July fireworks came early yesterday on the Big Brother live feeds when Kaitlyn decided to call Faysal out on his BS in the HOH room. She basically told him she just doesn’t know if she can trust him anymore, she doesn’t like him talking sh@#t about her, and that they’re supposed alliance is definitely in some trouble right now.

The whole thing got underway at 4:58 pm pacific time, July 3, 2018, Kaitlyn asked Faysal, “What are you smiling about? Faysal replied with, “I don’t know, nothing.” Kaitlyn then said, ” What’s up?”

Faysal said, “You ok?” Kaitlyn answered, “Yeah, are you?” Faysal said, “I’m great.” Kaitlyn said, “I don’t know if it’s just gonna be the same.” Faysal said, “I don’t know. I think it will eventually in a couple of days.” Kaitlyn said, “I mean I’m doing my part.” Faysal said, ” Am I not?” Kaitlyn said, “No.” Faysal asked, “How am I not?”

Kaitlyn said, “I’m trying to be silly with you. I was trying down there. It’s just not registering. I think you’re checked out of this. Like, you’ve moved on. And that’s fine, but like the past few days, I think the main thing that’s been bothering me is the fact that you’re flattered. You’re that much in your own head that you think I can’t be happy for our friendship.”

Faysal said, “Wait what?” Kaitlyn said, “The main issue over the past few days is that you kept saying she’s not fine when I f@#cking told you I was fine! So, like there’s a trust issue here already.”

Faysal said, “It’s not a trust issue. I think it’s a miscommunication issue.” Kaitlyn said, “Faysal, do you not feel a little bit bad that you were a huge part of why I was f#@cking attacked? And now everyone in America is going to see people talking about me behind my back, telling me I think a certain way when I don’t!

Do you understand how that’s going to come across? I certainly take my part in the fact that I made a really stupid, sh@#tty joke about it looks like you guys are having sex under the covers which it was f@#cking noon, and I was joking! And none of that matters, but like do you understand that? I don’t think you get the severity of how much you hurt me as a friend at all! Like at all! This is something that has me being called to the diary room and being asked if I’m ok. I’m being misrepresented!

Angela, those are the people that have been there for me when I was like crying and can’t even f@#cking say anything. Those are the people that are noticing that I’m sad and they’re like ‘come hang out.’ Do you know how much that sucks for me? That the people I thought were my friends are like sitting in the backyard talking about me! Like, I didn’t do anything. Like I always say, the universe kind of shows you what you need to see at the right time. And as much as it sucks, maybe I had to see that, but like I’m upset!”

Faysal said, “I didn’t know the game would be this hard.” Kaitlyn said, “This isn’t like game anymore.” Faysal said, “I know, but it’s part of the game because it’s life in the house. Like even though it has nothing to do with gameplay decisions, it’s part of the game because you’re stuck in here and having to deal with these situations and relationships, friendships and experiences. I told you I’m not that good at it. That’s why I thought you were gonna help me.”

Kaitlyn said, “Help you?” Faysal said, “Yeah, like I don’t get this game. It doesn’t make sense to me. It’s like freaking one day we’re best friends. The next day it’s like I don’t know. It’s like we don’t even talk.”

Kaitlyn said, ” Yeah, but do you like understand how that happened?” Faysal said, “Yeah.” Kaitlyn said, “Ok, so like what do you suggest I could’ve done differently? I’ve been myself since the beginning. You know that. Like I have not changed a bit. I’m like my wall is down. Totally down, and I was so vulnerable with you guys. Like you guys were my f@#cking friends, and you like really think I’m supposed to be under this belief that after three days of you guys just talking sh@#t about me, I’m cool?!”

Faysal said, “We weren’t talking sh@#t about you. Just because Bayleigh said that what she thinks.” Kaitlyn said, “But you also didn’t stand up for me!” Faysal said, “How so? What do you mean?” Kaitlyn said, “Like you didn’t do anything to stop it! You didn’t do anything to be like, ‘She’s fine and that’s my f@#cking girl’! You didn’t do that, Faysal!

Faysal said, “They didn’t talk to me about you. The only time they ever talked to me about you was out there.” Kaitlyn said, “But you didn’t shut it down! You didn’t say let’s go get her so she could be a part of this! It’s just very telling like inside or outside the f@#cking game! Like I would never ever do that to one of my friends ever! So, don’t pull the whole like, ‘I see you getting close with Brett and Winston.’ Yeah, because they’re f@#cking talking to me and being my friend. Like showing me attention and like wanting to hang out!”

Faysal then said, “Ok, let’s talk. How do we make sure me and you are still cool?” Kaitlyn said, “I don’t know that I believe you.” Faysal said “Why?” Kaitlyn said, “I just don’t. Like you’ve said a lot of stuff to me these past few days.” Faysal said, “What have I said to you?” Kaitlyn said, “You’ve said like she said she’s fine, but I know she’s not. Like don’t f@#cking flatter yourself Faysal! I don’t care that much about what you’re doing in your personal life or in a relationship! I don’t! Like don’t flatter yourself!”

Faysal said, “I’m not flattering myself.” Kaitlyn said, “I’m still just really confused why my day one didn’t shut that sh@#t down quickly.” Faysal said, “Because you kept saying comments that doesn’t make any sense why if you’re ok, you’re making these comments.”

Kaitlyn said, “I don’t know what comments you’re referring to.” Faysal said, “The comments about me and Haleigh being under the sheets. The comment about the bandana. That was just weird.” Kaitlyn said, “What bandana? What are you talking about?” Faysal said, “When Haleigh was wearing that orange bandana, and you were in the bathroom. And you were like ‘Is that my bandana? Are you sure?'” Kaitlyn said, “What does that have anything to do with this conversation?”

Faysal said, “It was just weird.” Kaitlyn said, “It was weird that I asked if she was wearing my bandana?” Faysal said, “It was just weird the way you said it.” At this point, Faysal talked about some other weird things he thought Kaitlyn did when he was around other people.

Then finally, they got back on topic. Kaitlyn asked, ” What does that have anything to do with me feeling some type of way? Like, I don’t get it. I actually don’t even understand what you’re saying. And I think you’re like overthinking that other thing.”

Faysal, “I didn’t look at it at any way. Do you know what I mean? Because the way I felt about it was that me and you hung out a lot, and then when you became a have-not, we didn’t hang out as much because obviously you have to go in that room.” Kaitlyn said, “We were just as close when I was a have-not.” Faysal said, “No, what I’m saying is when you told me you’re jealous. You told me that.”

Kaitlyn said, “Yeah, it was my own thing, and I was so over it like two days later, but it had nothing to do with anything. It had to do with the fact that yeah I’m f@#cking jealous. You’re my day one, and now you don’t speak to me. You and I don’t talk. So, am I from a game perspective supposed to be confident in my day one? The fact that you keep not believing me when I tell you things, says a lot about where our trust lies.”

Faysal said, “What do you mean I wasn’t believing you? I never not trusted you.” Kaitlyn, it doesn’t matter. I never ever in my life said something with any sort of mean intent. And if I did, I would f@#cking admit it because I own my sh@#t.

Faysal said, “I never thought you meant to be mean at all.” Kaitlyn said,”No, but there are so many hidden situations that you thought had a bigger meaning that didn’t, and I would be the first one to admit it because I own my sh@#t! And all these like lingering feelings of you thinking I’m like doing something when I didn’t. That’s like bad! Like you don’t trust my intent. That’s a problem!”

Faysal said, “It’s not that I don’t trust your intent. I thought you felt some type of way about me because of the whole Haleigh situation.” Kaitlyn said, “I don’t.” Faysal said, “I still trust you. I think you would go to bat for me if something happened. That’s how I feel.”

Kaitlyn said, ” I don’t feel like this group would go to bat for me.” Faysal said, ” What group? Haleigh, Bayleigh, Swaggy?” Kaitlyn said “Yeah.” Faysal said, “What about me?” Kaitlyn said, “I don’t know. I really don’t know.” Faysal said, “That’s not a good place to be.” Kaitlyn said, “No it’s not. It’s not. It sucks. It sucks for me to feel that way.”

Faysal said, “Well, if you feel that way, that means I’m in a bad place too.” Kaitlyn said, “I think you just need to get where I’m coming from. Like if you were me, would you feel comfortable? Would you feel like you’re in a good space? The last four days, all you guys have been doing is talking about me. Last night, particularly. My family and friends are going to be watching this and be like Kaitlyn hasn’t argued with a f@#cking beetle on the ground. Like this is strange.”

At this point, Swaggy C walked in. Faysal said, “Honestly, I think there’s a lie that’s been going on.” Kaitlyn said, “How do you guys expect me to feel right now? How do you expect me to feel safe in this dynamic?”

Faysal said, “The only way one of us feels safe in this situation is if one of us wins HOH, and we stick to the original plan. Then everything goes back to normal.” Kaitlyn said, “I guess you’re right.”

Swaggy C said to Kaitlyn, “I wanna know how you feel?” Kaitlyn said, “I feel like this. I feel like I’m entirely misunderstood. I don’t feel safe in this group after talking with everyone. Until one of us wins, and we can prove back loyalty to each other, fine. But it’s really f@#cking awkward that the only people you’ve made a deal with are in the backyard saying your name.”

Then Kaitlyn said to Faysal, “A lot of it is very petty, and I expected a lot more from you as my friend. I just expected more from you. I expected you to tell me sh@#t. I expected you to be straight up. I shouldn’t have to have Bayleigh be the one that’s straight up with me. It shouldn’t have been her. It was unfair that it was her. It was unfair that everyone else had to be dragged into this. It was unfair that you didn’t believe me when I said I was fine. All of it was just unfair!

And I just hope in the next few days, you and I can just go back to f@#cking normal. I’m trying to get that dynamic back with you, and you’re just not receptive. It’s just weird. I want to stay loyal to you guys. I don’t want to be stuck in a situation where I feel like I can’t be loyal because you don’t trust me.”

From there, Faysal told her that they’re just going to have to wait until one of them wins and prove it. Swaggy told Kaitlyn that there was never a time they didn’t trust her. They never had any plans to kick her to the curb. Essentially, Swaggy C and Faysal kept telling her they never want her to feel like they’re abandoning her or that they don’t trust her. They were more or less just trying to figure out how they can fix their relationship.

That was pretty much it for that intense confrontation. I definitely don’t think we’ve seen the last of these little fits from Kaitlyn. She already had some sort other issue with Haleigh. It seems to be resolved now, but Kaitlyn is very sensitive. If she’s getting this emotional in just week one or two, she’s going to have a really rough time when things really get shady.

Alright guys. That’s it for this report. As always, you can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

A brand new episode of Big Brother season 20 airs tonight, July 4, 2018 at 8 pm central standard time on CBS. Stay tuned. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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