Celebrity Big Brother 2 Power Of Veto Winner & Veto Ceremony Results Revealed For February 12, 2019

Celebrity Big Brother 2 Power Of Veto Winner & Veto Ceremony Results Revealed For February 12, 2019

Happy Tuesday, fellow Big Brother fans. Late yesterday evening, February 11, 2019, the Power Of Veto competition was finally played for this 6th round of Celebrity Big Brother season 2, and we have the results. Before we get into that, let’s go over the events that led up to the Power of Veto competition.

This round 6 began with the former NFL football player Ricky Williams winning the Head Of Household competition after former WWE Diva Natalie Eva Marie and comedian Tom Green got the eviction boot in last Friday night’s LIVE double eviction episode.

After that, Ricky immediately made it known that he was throwing Kandi and Dina up on the chopping block during a few of the conversations. Then surely enough that’s what he did at his nomination ceremony that took place on Saturday February 9, 2019. From there, we just heard lots of conversations about who would take who to the final 2 and so on and so forth. We believe Kandi is definitely the main target between her and Dina.

And now, for what you’ve been waiting for. The Power Of Veto winner. According to Big Brother Network and the live feeds, everyone got to play for this one since there’s only five people left in the house and the freaking finale is tomorrow night. After everything was all said and done, it was the gorgeous, uptight track and field star Lolo Jones who emerged the victor of the latest Power Of Veto!

That’s right, guys. Lolo has secured her place in the final round of Celebrity Big Brother season 2! How do you guys feel About Lolo pulling out the Power Of Veto win for this 6th round and solidifying her spot in the final four? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Earlier today,February 12, 2019, it was also revealed that the Power Of Veto Ceremony took place. It was also revealed that the Power Of Veto competition was actually a freaking hurdling comp. That just so happens to be Lolo’s profession in Track and Field! So, the producers didn’t even try to hide that they were helping out Lolo with this one.

As far as the Power Of Veto ceremony went, we didn’t see any surprises here. Lolo decided not to use her veto and keep Ricky’s original, eviction nominees the same. That means Kandi and Dina are the first and final eviction nominees for this round 6. One of them will get sent packing during tomorrow’s night’s, two-hour finale show.

Last night, a couple of interesting conversations took place about who Ricky, Lolo and Tamar will decide to keep between Dina and Kandi. At one point, Tamar told Ricky, “I can’t accept getting all this way in the game and then Dina ends up winning. I want to talk to Lolo about keeping Kandi.” Ricky said, “Lolo is going to want Dina to stay because that’s the only person she thinks she can beat in the end.”

Tamar asked Ricky, “What would you do if the vote is a tie?” Ricky said, “I’m not sure. So, I would have to think about it.” Lolo revealed to Ricky that she doesn’t think Tamar would vote out Kandi.

At around 11 pm pacific time, Lolo went to work trying to convince Tamar and Ricky that Kandi needs to go. Lolo told them, “Kandi is closer to the two of you and knows all the events better.” Tamar said, “Dina is performing well and could finally win something in the final four.”

At around 11:15 pm, Lolo told Ricky and Tamar that she wants them all to eventually come to an agreement on who to send packing between Dina and Kandi. And that was pretty much it for all of last night’s game talk.

Alright guys. It’s been real. That’s all we’ve got for this year’s Celebrity Big Brother season 2. The big, two-hour finale episode is tomorrow night. After it’s done, we’ll know who the winner of the season is.

The Celebrity Big Brother season 2 finale episode is scheduled to air at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. Again, you’ll want to set aside two hours for this one. It’s going to wrap up at 9 pm central standard time.

After this, it will be time to get ready for the brand new season 21 of regular Big Brother. We’ll keep you guys posted on all the new details of that. So, definitely stay tuned for all that good stuff. Be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here. Get your favorite TV Show and Movie stuff by Clicking Here.

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