Pokemon Go Is About To Deliver New Super Improved Photo Feature For Players

Pokemon Go Is About To Deliver New Super Improved Photo Feature For Players

Happy Wednesday Pokemon Go fans. We’ve got some very exciting news for you guys that like taking photos of Pokemon characters. According to the folks over at Polygon.com, a new feature called Go Snapshot is about to be added to the very popular mobile game. They’re describing it as being an augmented reality feature that allows trainers to take photos of any of the Pokémon they currently have in storage against real-world backdrops!

Polygon.com pointed out that players can already currently take AR-powered photos of Pokémon in Pokémon Go when they’re attempting to catch them. However, with this new Go Snapshot mode, they will be able to do a photo shoot with their favorite Pokémon anytime, anywhere. In other words, they will be able to pose and interact with Pokémon they’ve already captured!

Pokemon Go’s developer Niantic released a statement about this new Go Snapshot feature. It reads like this, “Select a Pokémon and tap on the screen to throw its Poké Ball to that spot. Once your Pokémon is situated in the ideal spot, you can then move around it to find the best angle for your photo. Is your Pokémon distracted or looking the wrong way? Brush across it to get its attention, and it will be sure to face you.”

So, that definitely sounds quite interesting to say the very least. Niantic also said that the developer’s Real World Platform technology will scan the environment and place your Pokémon at the proper scale. This action will make your Starly or Pikachu look appropriate to its surroundings.

Polygon.com went on to explain that Pokemon Go players will be able to take as many photos as they like during a photo shoot. The photos will automatically be stored on their mobile device. From there, the photos can then be shared via social media with a couple of quick taps.

Polygon.com also took the liberty of posting a few photo examples on their website of what can be done with this new Pokemon Go “Go Snapshot” feature. You guys can view those photos on Polygon.com’s website by Clicking Here.

The folks over at Engadget.com revealed some extra info about the new Go Snapshot feature. They provided some brief instructions on how to activate the Go Snapshot feature. In order to activate it, you’ll need to open the camera or navigate to a specific Pokémon in your bag. Once you’ve picked the perfect spot and the Pokémon you want to take photos of or with, just tap the screen to toss their Poké Ball to that place.

From there, you should be able to move around the life-size Pokémon to find the best angles for your photos. You’ll also even be able to get it to turn around by brushing it to get its attention.

Engadget pointed out that Niantic is saying the Go Snapshot feature will be available very soon. Unfortunately, there was no specific date revealed at this time. So, you’ll just have to keep checking for it.

How do you guys feel about this new Go Snapshot feature? Does it sound good to you? Do you hate it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Alright guys. That’s it for this latest Pokemon Go report, but definitely stay tuned for more. Be sure to follow us on our Pokemon Go Facebook page for more Pokemon Go Video Game news, tips and more by Clicking Here. Get your favorite video game stuff by Clicking Here.

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