Pokemon Go Is Reportedly About To Give Players A Way To Finally Switch Teams

Pokemon Go Is Reportedly About To Give Players A Way To Finally Switch Teams

Hey, Pokemon Go fans. We’ve got another new and very interesting report for you guys today. It turns out that Pokemon Go’s developer Niantic is about to release a new item called the “Team Medallion.”According to the folks over at Dexerto.com , this item could prove to be very valuable because it’s supposed to allow players to change teams once every 365 days! That’s right, guys. If you’ve been stuck on a team that you just don’t like, this could be your chance to break the chains so to speak and join a new team!

Dexerto.com pointed out that before this Team Medallion item, players have been forced to remain on a team that they chose at the beginning and were just stuck with that same team forever. There are three teams to choose from: Instinct, Mystic and Valor.

Dexerto said this important Team Medallion news was reported by Pokemon dataminer Chrales on their official Twitter account. Chrales tweeted,”description :
A unique coin that enables a Trainer to change teams. A Team Medallion can only be purchased from the shop once per 365 days.” You guys can view that tweet on Chrales’ official Twitter account by Clicking Here.

It’s presumed that Chrales located the Team Medallion on one of their most recent datamines. Dexerto pointed out that it’s currently unclear when this Team Medallion will become available. The files for it are now inside of the game. So, it could very well be a new update in the near future. Also, it’s not yet clear if players will be able to select the team they want, or if they will be bumped to a random team. We’re guessing that it will allow players to chose the team they want or else what’s the freaking point?

Another interesting thing Dexerto pointed out is that if a player changes teams, any Pokemon currently occupying a gym won’t receive PokeCoins when they are defeated.

Apparently, their are some concerns floating around about this Team Medallion. It turns out that Pokemon Go trainers are very concerned that a lot of players will try and switch to the same team. If that were to happen, it will cause particular teams to further dominate the gyms.

However, there is an obvious bright side that was pointed out. It will resolve player’s frustrations about being on opposite teams of their close friends. It also may create a renewed interest for players that have quit playing the game to return.

Dexerto pointed out that it’s widely known Team Instinct is considered the worst team in the game, and it’s harder to hold on to gyms when you’re on that particular team. As for the Mystic and Valor teams, there’s apparently a debate going on as to which one is the strongest team.

How do you guys feel about this new Team Medallion possibly getting introduced to Pokemon Go and allowing players to change teams? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

In related news, we previously reported that Pokemon Go’s developer Niantic is currently trying to settle a lawsuit that may force them to have to remove certain PokeStops and Gyms in the game! Apparently, some people had been complaining about the game encouraging players to tresspass on their private property in order to track down a Pokemon. It got so serious that a class action lawsuit was filed.

If the settlement of this lawsuit goes into effect,homeowners will be able to use a web form to complain about any “points of interest” such as Pok√©stops and Gyms that are located within 40 meters of their single-family home. Niantic says it will honor such complaints by removing the “points of interest” within 15 days and will maintain a database to ensure new “points of interest” don’t get placed there.

Public parks will also be able to request that “points of interest” on their grounds be inaccessible outside of that park’s posted hours of operation. Niantic says the new “points of interest” will be reviewed “for the principal purpose of trying to avoid “points of interest” that are more likely to lead to issues with nuisance or trespass.” New in-game warnings will also instruct players to “be courteous to members of real-world communities” while playing.

The Plaintiffs that are named in the lawsuit could receive up to $1,000 under the settlement. Meanwhile, Niantic might have to eat a whopping $8 million dollars in legal fees! Ouch! Those lawyers are parasites aren’t they?

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest Pokemon Go update, but definitely stay tuned for more. Be sure to follow us on our Pokemon Go Facebook page for more Pokemon Go Video Game news, tips and more by Clicking Here. Get your favorite video game stuff by Clicking Here.

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