Big Brother Season 20 Crazy Kaitlyn Had Another Tearful Break Down Again Today, July 23, 2018

Big Brother Season 20 Crazy Kaitlyn Had Another Tearful Break Down Again Today, July 23, 2018

Hey, “Big Brother” peeps. As previously reported, the reigning HOH, Sam nominated Kaitlyn and Haleigh for eviction this week. She says it was for personal reasons. Then the POV was played this past Saturday evening, July 21, 2018. Faysal ended up pulling out that victory and was left with the very difficult decision of choosing to save either Haleigh or Kaitlyn, or to just not use it at all.

All day yesterday, Faysal was seen going back and forth about what to do because he also knew his other ally Angie might go up as a replacement nominee if he saved either Kaitlyn or Haleigh. He eventually came to the conclusion to save Haleigh, but then Haleigh started saying she doesn’t want Angie to possibly go home. So, back and forth Faysal and Haleigh continued to go in a late night chat session.

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Then earlier today, July 23, 2018, the POV ceremony finally took place along with the moment of truth for Faysal. When all was said and done, Faysal did follow through on his word to Haleigh by using his veto to save her from the eviction chopping block. Then just like we all thought, Sam decided to nominate Angie as a replacement nominee for Haleigh. However, it was revealed on the live feeds that Sam almost put up JC instead, but JC begged her at the last second not to. So, Sam went ahead and threw Angie on the chopping block against Kaitlyn.

JC was pissed off at Faysal too because Faysal apparently didn’t tell him he was using the veto. So, Faysal had to listen to JC whine and complain about it nonstop. Finally, Faysal told him to just get over it. He said he saved Haleigh because he didn’t want there to be any chance of her going home this Thursday night.

Also, after the nomination ceremony, Faysal had to listen to endless pouting and sobbing from Kaitlyn as she totally broke down again, and acted like a three year old toddler. She said things like , “You betrayed me” and so on and so forth. Faysal came back at her with all the crap she’s pulled in the game and how it’s damaged his game. He tried to encourage her by telling her she’s on the block with Angie, and that she could possibly get the votes she needs to stay.

Another important note is that Sam told everyone about her special bonus life power app, and how this week’s evicted nominee will have a chance to re-enter the house with it. Sam also broke down into tears saying,” I didn’t want anyone to go, and now I’m sorry I didn’t save Winston.”

The POV Ceremony ended at around 12:41 pacific time today, July 23, 2018, and the feeds cut back on. Kaitlyn was spotted in tears with Faysal in the lounge room. Sam was also explaining her bonus life to Angie.

Sam was crying in the kitchen saying, “I tried to do the right thing ,and I don’t want anyone to leave. I almost used it on Winston.”

At around 1:30 pm, Faysal was seen asking Kaitlyn, “Do you understand what I did even a little bit.” Kaitlyn said, “Yes.” Faysal said, “I still love you, and you’re still my best friend.” Kaitlyn said, “You don’t and don’t to lie to me! You know well and good that I don’t have the votes to stay because of what I did to Swaggy. I don’t even know if I would’ve had your vote over Swaggy. You must have known I would be going home if you didn’t save me.”

After all that, Kaitlyn turned right back around and asked Faysal, “Are you voting to keep me?” He answered, “Yes, why wouldn’t I? Kaitlyn said, “I now feel like I’m not worthy of being saved.”

Faysal told Kaitlyn, “I don’t have a final 2 with anyone.” Kaitlyn said, “I was under the impression that we had a final 2 deal. Do you have a final 2 deal with Haleigh?” He said again, “I don’t have a final 2 deal with anyone.”

At around 1:56 pm, “Angie asked Sam, ” Why was I the next best choice to go up?” Sam said,”Because you’re the biggest target and if they vote you out next week, you’re out forever.” Angie told Sam, “We’re going to be friends outside of the house.”

Sam told Angie, “When I looked at JC to name him as the replacement nominee, I broke down and couldn’t do it.” Angie said, “Ok, but why me?” Sam said, “Because this week’s eviction might not be final. You might have a power to save yourself.”

At 2:19 pm, Bayleigh was seen talking to Kaycee and Rachel about the vote saying, “I don’t care which one you vote for, but let me know so I can vote with you.” They agreed that if Kaitlyn stays, she’ll be a target for the whole house.

At around 2:39 pm, JC and Faysal had a pretty big argument. JC told him, “I was three seconds away from going on the block and that would have been your fault. I’m not going to talk game with you anymore because I feel like you betrayed me!” Faysal told JC, “I will ever go against you in this game ,and I was happy to go against Kaitlyn this week.”

At around 2:52 pm, Angela was seen telling Kaitlyn, “I’m voting to keep you. and I think you’ll make it through this eviction.”

At around 3 pm, JC started talking to Faysal about convincing Tyler to get rid of Kaitlyn this week. Faysal warned him against talking to Tyler about that too early.

We also saw Rachel and Kaycee trying to make plans to keep Kaityln over Angie this week. So, it looks like it certainly isn’t written in stone that Angie will stay over Kaitlyn. All we know is that they are the two final nominees for this week, and that one of them will be making their exit this Thursday night. However, the one who is evicted will be given a chance to re-enter the game by completing a special challenge. We’re hearing it’s a puzzle challenge. So, we’ll see.

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