New Big Brother Season 20 POV Winner Revealed For August 5, 2018

New Big Brother Season 20 POV Winner Revealed For August 5, 2018

Happy Sunday, “Big Brother” fans. Alright, so let’s just jump right into this. As previously reported, the reigning HOH Angela decided to throw Scottie and Angie Rockstar on the eviction chopping block this past Friday,August 3, 2018, but her real target was tentatively Bayleigh. She had told Scottie he was just a pawn.

Then on that same day, the Big Brother producers threw in yet another twist. It’s called the Hacker comp which allowed the winner to replace one of the HOH’s nominees with someone they wanted. The Hacker also got to pick someone to play in the Power Of Veto competition along with canceling out one of the votes on live eviction night.

Haleigh ended up winning that Hacker comp. She used her hacker power to take Scottie off the chopping block and replaced him with Tyler. It was crazy. It had everyone playing the guessing game about who the hacker is because the hacker was able to stay anonymous. So, no one knew who the hacker really was. Angela, Tyler, Kaycee and Brett came to the conclusion that it was Bayleigh which made Angela want to target her even more.

Then yesterday, August 4, 2018, the Power of Veto competition took place. According to Big Brother Network and their inside sources, Angela and her eviction nominee Angie Rockstar and the hacker’s eviction nominee Tyler played for it along with Scottie, Brett and Haleigh’s Hacker pick which was Kaycee.

After everything was said and done, the reigning HOH Angela was the one who pulled out the POV victory! So, Angela is on quite the competition role right now. It’s reported that the comp was a ball balancing competition. It’s also believed that the houseguests got a chance to play for prizes and punishments. Angela was seen saying on the live feeds that she gave up $5,000 dollars to trade Scottie for the veto. So, it sounds like Angela is really out for blood this week to give up all that cash like that.

She will of course be able to use the veto to pull her alliance member Tyler off the chopping block, and replace him with Bayleigh. That should make all you Tyler fans out there quite happy. Also, Angela is acting like she’s real good with Bayleigh right now. They’ve even been seeing talking game together. Angela is putting on quite the acting routine with Bayleigh by entertaining her thoughts and ideas for this week’s eviction. She’s even been talking what they might do next week.

But all this time, Angela is really plotting to backdoor the hell out of Bayleigh in tomorrow’s POV Ceremony. So, we expect to see some major fireworks go off after that happens. I think it’s gonna get real crazy guys. I could see Bayleigh staying calm if maybe she was expecting to get backdoored by Angela, but I don’t think she suspects it at all with the way Angela has been faking it with her. So, I think it’s really going to totally blindside Bayleigh, and I could see her really going off tomorrow. I just can’t wait to see this.

Angela definitely doesn’t care about getting Bayleigh’s jury vote with the plans she has for her. We’ve been hearing that Angela plans to be very rude in her delivery of Bayliegh’s backdoor tomorrow, and that she also plans to leave Bayleigh a really bad goodbye message.

I don’t know how much of a fan Angela is of this show, but she definitely doesn’t seem to be up to speed on how to handle people she’s sending to jury. I don’t know if she just plans to treat Bayleigh this way or just everyone in general. Whatever the case, it’s definitely not a good start.

Also, it’s currently believed that Bayleigh will indeed go home because of this backdoor with at least a vote of 4-3. So, it looks like she’s going to go out just like her boyfriend Swaggy C did. I’m not really upset about this. I never really liked Bayleigh. I didn’t like the fact that she trusted Tyler after he clearly had a hand in convincing Kaitlyn to backdoor Swaggy. I mean you’d think Bayleigh would’ve known better after that. I just can’t feel bad for Bayleigh at all.

Some interesting events took place on the live feeds yesterday. At around 3:25 pm pacific time, August 4, 2018, Haleigh was seen putting on another brilliant acting performance with Angela by congratulating her on winning the POV. She told Angela, “It’s great you won the veto so you can reclaim your power against whoever it was that took it away with the Hacker Comp.” Again, Haleigh was the hacker. So, she just did a marvelous acting job on Angela. I love it. That should further deflect any blame away from her.

Unfortunately, Haleigh is unaware of Angela’s plan to backdoor Bayleigh. So, Haleigh did try to pitch to Angela to use her veto to replace Angie Rockstar with Scottie. Haleigh told her,”It would be the easiest renom with Scottie since he was already on the block this week.” Currently, Haleigh thinks this might work, but it’s not.

Also, at around 9:30 pm, Bayleigh tried to offer Angela her special power app power for next week if she wants to make a big move. Angela told her she might take down Tyler this week, but didn’t say who she would replace him with. Bayleigh tried to make a suggestion of who Angela should replace him with, but Angela just told Bayleigh, “I’m undecided and just want to get the least blood on my hands from the move.” Again, this was all just an acting job on Angela’s part ,and Bayleigh is completely in the dark about getting backdoored tomorrow.

Bayleigh’s biggest mistake was telling anyone about her power app power last week. It’s got Angela and her gang extremely paranoid to the point that they want to just flush it out. So, it’s definitely looking like Bayleigh will get voted out this Thursday night.

How do you guys feel about Angela winning the POV ? Are you happy about it ? Are you sad about it ? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Again, the POV Ceremony is next on the Big Brother agenda list. It’s scheduled to take place tomorrow, August 6, 2018. We expect some major fireworks to go off after it happens. So, be sure to look for our big report on that. As always, you guys can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

Another all new episode of Big Brother season 20 is scheduled t air tonight,August 5, 2018 at 7 pm central standard time on CBS. So, be sure to tune in for that. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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    Bayleigh needs to be taken off the show and escorted out after that racist remark she made when talking with Rockstar & she said “I know you don’t like white people any more than I do” If one of the white girl’s said that they would be OUT. Let’s see some balance here.

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