Big Brother Season 20 Bayleigh And Tyler Exploded Into A Major Fight Today, August 8, 2018

Big Brother Season 20 Bayleigh And Tyler Exploded Into A Major Fight Today, August 8, 2018

Hey, “Big Brother” fans. A huge fight just went down between freaking Bayleigh and Tyler a couple of hours ago! Let’s get into what led up to it and why it happened. As we previously reported to you guys, Haleigh totally had a meltdown yesterday, August 7, 2018. She just couldn’t take keeping her hacker secret from Bayleigh any longer especially since Bayleigh kept constantly telling Haleigh how much this hacker twist has upset her.

Haleigh broke down and apologized to Bayleigh for not telling her she was the hacker much sooner. Bayleigh told her it was ok, but Haleigh didn’t just stop with telling Bayleigh she was the hacker. At that time, Haleigh said she was also going to tell the whole house in a huge house meeting today, August 8, 2018!

Before she did though, she went and told Faysal last night, August 7, 2018, she was the hacker as well. He tried to talk her out of it at first, but she kept insisting that she can’t let Bayleigh take the blame for her being the hacker.

Fast-forward to earlier today, August 8,2018, Haleigh did eventually call that crazy house meeting. Before she did, Haleigh went and told Angie Rockstar that she was the hacker. Haleigh apologized to her for not telling her sooner. Angie said it was ok, but wished she would’ve thrown Brett on the chopping block instead. Haleigh also told her she was about to have this crazy house meeting. And of course, Angie encouraged Haleigh to go ahead and make this dumb move.

Finally, at around 12:24 pm pacific time today,August 8,2018, Haleigh called the crazy house meeting. She called everyone downstairs to the living room. Once everyone was gathered around and settled in, Haleigh started in with her speech. She said, “Ok, guys. I’m gonna start out with I love everyone in this room. However, there are several people here that owe Bayleigh an apology including myself because last Thursday, I won the hacker competition.” (Actually, it was on Friday).

Tyler, I didn’t put you up for personal reasons. When Kaitlyn was in this game, she told me several times about several moves you were trying to make and several people you were working with, and that there’s not one person that would put you up in this house. So, with that in mind and your four competition wins, made you an obvious target.

Angela, I never wanted to steal your power. I never wanted to take anything from you. This is the only opportunity I’ve been given in this game to make a move, and so I took it. The reason I’m telling you all this is because the way Bayleigh has been treated, and the way she has been spoken to is not fair. And I’m not about to let her take the fall for something I did. So, I’d also like to add that last week, Tyler came to Bayleigh and asked that Angela be backdoored.”

Tyler immediately chimed in and said, “That is hilarious, dude! Hilarious!” Then Bayleigh said, “Literally, When I had the power,I said I didn’t want to use it, but you said if I use the veto, Angela should go on the block.”

Tyler kept laughing at what Bayleigh said. Then Baleigh started raising her voice, telling Tyler, “Hey, hey stop. No, seriously stop!” Then she rambled on about something Angela said to her this morning. From there, she told Tyler, “For you to literally throw me under the bus when I’ve been protecting you this whole time is vicious! And for you to still treat me so crazy. Tyler, I literally kept you from going up last week! Why are you treating me like crap?! How about an apology! Instead of treating me like f@#kin trash!”

Tyler said, “Own it. Why would I lie about that?!” Bayleigh said, “Own up to what?! I didn’t nominate you!” From there, Tyler started arguing about what was really said in reference to Angela possibly going up on the block last week. Tyler swore that he just asked Bayleigh if her plan was to put up Angela if he used the veto. He didn’t tell her to put up Angela which is correct. But Bayleigh is claiming that Tyler told her to put up Angela which is incorrect.

This made Tyler extremely pissed off at Bayleigh, and they just went back and forth in a screaming match with each other. During their big fight, Tyler told Bayleigh that it’s irrelevant if she’s the hacker or not, he’s still voting her out. Bayleigh continued to yell at the top of her lungs, claiming that Tyler has been treating her like crap this week and that she just had to get an apology from him. He refused to give it.

Haliegh said, “Ok, well that’s all that I had to say. If anyone has anything they want to say to me, we all live in this same house. Meeting adjourned.” Yeah, it was adjourned for Haleigh, but it wasn’t for Tyler and Bayleigh. They still just kept going at each other. Bayleigh’s outburst totally took the focus off Haleigh. In fact, Angela was seen mentioning later on to Kaycee and Tyler that she still doesn’t believe Haleigh was the hacker. She thinks Bayleigh devised this plan in effort to get her to stay.

Tyler and Bayleigh’s big fight ended with Bayleigh storming off, telling Tyler you’re out of control. “Just shut up!” Tyler said, “No matter how much you scream and yell and try to throw personal shots at me, I did not throw Angela under the bus. There was no reason for me to do that. Everyone knows I didn’t do that. You’re the one that lied to everybody about not having a power and then got called out about it.”

Bayleigh came back out screaming at the top of her lungs, yelling, “I didn’t tell anybody about my power because I wasn’t going to use it on anyone. You’ve made my life in this house a living hell!” Then she stormed off again. Tyler said, “I didn’t do anything to you Bayleigh. You are taking this way too far! Oh my God! How did that get so far?! That was taken way too far, dude!”

Eventually, Tyler ended up crying in Angela’s lap upstairs in the HOH room. He was saying, “I’m not a villain like that” and stuff along those lines. Also, it was later revealed by Angela that she and Tyler already had this discussion about him throwing her name out. So, she already knew it wasn’t true. They knew Bayleigh was just trying to throw Tyler under the bus.

A little later after everything simmered down, JC went and talked to Faysal. He tried to tell him that Haleigh doesn’t care about him if she kept the hacker secret from him for so long. Faysal basically told JC that isn’t true, and he understands why Haleigh felt she needed to keep it a secret.

JC also talked with Haleigh and told her she should’ve told Faysal when she won the hacker competition. He maybe could’ve helped you. Haleigh told JC she didn’t have enough time. She said they literally gave her about 10 minutes to make a decision.

So yeah. Unfortunately for Haleigh, she has pretty much thrown her game away for Bayleigh. Or at the very least, ended her ability to talk some game with the other side of the house. This move drew a definite line in the sand for her. Angela was seen telling her alliance this gives her a good reason to target Haleigh whether or not she is the hacker. She still doesn’t think Haleigh came up with the decision to put up Tyler on her own. Angela was seen saying, “Even if Haleigh is the hacker, Bayleigh was the one controlling it by telling her who to put up.”

So, there’s no big surprises here. Angela, Kaycee, Tyler and Brett are still looking to vote our Bayleigh tomorrow night, August 9, 2018 and they’ll probably target Haleigh next. What’s really sad is that Bayleigh, Haleigh and Faysal still think they can possibly get the votes to keep her from JC and Sam, and they can’t.

One other thing. JC was seen making fun of how awful Angie Rockstar is at this game, saying she was trying to defend Bayleigh even though she’s up on the block right next to her. JC said I would’ve just keep my mouth shut if I was her. It’s just ridiculous.

We have to agree with that statement from JC. This team Foutte team is just terrible at this game. We thought Haleigh was a little more woke than them, but unfortunately it looks like they just brought her down with them. Haleigh was seen telling Bayleigh, “If you go home. I wanna go too.” So, it sounds like she’s checked out of this game which is sad because we liked her. Oh well.

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