Big Brother Season 20 Bayleigh Started Up Another Fight With Angela Last Night August 8, 2018

Big Brother Season 20 Bayleigh Started Up Another Fight With Angela Last Night August 8, 2018

Hey, “Big Brother” fans. We’ve got another semi-big report for you guys about a situation that took place later on in the night last night, August 8, 2018. Bayleigh who was still quite emotional from her huge Tyler blowout fight that she had earlier in the day, decided that she wanted to lay into Angela too!

It was quite an active day in the Big Brother season 20 house. So, let’s just get into this second fight of the day that involved Bayleigh and Angela. This one wasn’t as long or as intense as the one Bayleigh had with Tyler because Angela decided she just wasn’t going to go this deep with Bayleigh when Bayleigh started raising the tone of her loud voice. Once the tensions rose, Angela was like, “I’m not doing this with you.”

It all started up in the kitchen area at around 10:12 pm pacific time, yesterday night, August 8, 2018. Bayleigh was seen telling Angela , “If I do go home tomorrow, it’s a game. And at this point, I don’t care. I did enjoy getting to know you, and I thought we were going to be really good friends, and it sucks that I had to lose a friend like you.”

Angela said, “Bayleigh , honestly I think this is still a game, and I think we connected on a personal level that’s going to go so much further than beyond this game. And I hope that we can get past this.”

Bayleigh said, “When I heard that you were even trying to tear me down after you found out that I wasn’t the hacker.” Angela said, “I wasn’t trying to tear you down. I haven’t attacked you in a personal way. It’s just all been game. Like, none of this has been personal.”

Bayleigh said, “Well you made it personal ,and you actually broke my heart. I’m saying at this point, I will come to a place where I can forgive you for that. Even game wise, I never ever wanted to come near you. But, you were so quick to turn on me, and that hurt my heart. You didn’t even ask me. I never even got a chance to defend myself. So, if you love me that much the way you say you loved our friendship, you could’ve at least given me a chance to defend myself.”

Angela said, “When you came up there, it was five minutes after the meeting.” Bayleigh said,” The first thing I said after the hacker meeting was Angela, I did not win the hacker competition.” Angela said, “Everyone told me they didn’t win, and so I was like, ‘Ok, somebody’s lying to me.’ This is a game. People lie to each other.”

Bayleigh said, “You made the judgement call that I was on a power trip, and that I was doing all these things. You said nasty things to me.” Angela said , “I never said nasty things about you.” From there, they started going back and forth about alliance talk.

Then Bayleigh said, “When I was HOH, I never said one dirty word about you. So, for me as friends, I had your back. I was ride or die for you, and what I’m saying as a person, I totally get it. But as a friendship, the way I was willing to ride for you and the way you were willing to ride for me, are two different things.”

Angela said, “I will always have your back on a friendship level, and I never came at you with anything negative on a personal level. Anything that I have said about you that has a negative connotation to it, has been strictly on a game level. Nothing that I have ever said has been a personal attack against you Bayleigh because deep down in the bottom of my heart, I do love you.”

Bayleigh said, “Why would you say anything negative about me at all? Instead of saying it to my face, you run around talking behind my back. Why couldn’t you just ask me whether it was game related or not? Why did you feel the need to literally go and have conversations with other people about something you could’ve asked me? I would’ve told you the truth, Angela.”

Angela said, “But, if I expected you were the hacker, why would I come to you and tell you that?” Referring to Haleigh’s hacker confession speech, Bayleigh said, “You’re not 100 percent sure when someone literally admitted it to you?”

Angela said, “Yes, I feel like I can’t trust anyone right now. Maybe it’s not even Haleigh. Maybe it’s not even you. Maybe it’s Fess (Faysal). Maybe it’s Angie Rockstar. Maybe it’s Tyler. Who the f@#ck knows? All that matters is that you two are on the block now, and that’s what we have to deal with moving forward. I honestly don’t believe anything right now because nothing makes sense to me.”

Bayleigh said, “That’s crazy Angela. You can’t even open your eyes up to see that I got the short end of the stick in this situation? And that I literally got treated like really bad?” Angela said, “I never treated you bad.” Bayleigh said, “Are you kidding me?! You didn’t talk to me for two days! You wouldn’t even look at me, and you laughed when I came outside!”

Angela said, “I have never laughed at you, Bayleigh.” Bayleigh said, “Did you treat me the same?” Angela said, “I’m not gonna have this conversation right now.” Bayleigh said, “Did you treat me the same when you didn’t speak to me for the past two days? How is that not treating me different?!”

Angela said, “Bayleigh, it’s two way street.” Bayleigh said,”Yeah, but if I tried to talk to you, why would you not talk to me?” Angela said, “I came to talk to you today when we sat down on the couch!” Bayleigh said, “Two days later after acting like I don’t even exist without ever once apologizing for it?!”

Angela said, “I’m not gonna have this conversation.” Bayleigh, “Yeah, because you don’t care” as Angela walked away to go back upstairs to her HOH room.

After that, Angela was seen going back into her HOH room where her alliance members Tyler and Brett were there waiting for her, laughing up a storm. From there, they proceeded to make fun of how crazy Bayleigh has been acting. It was quite humorous.

That was the last verbal fight of the day. Bayleigh felt like everybody owed her some sort of an apology after Haleigh’s big hacker confession house meeting speech, and she just couldn’t get it from them. That really ticked her off.

As of right now, Bayleigh is on the eviction chopping block with Angie Rockstar. We expect Bayleigh to get evicted tonight. However, Bayleigh and her clueless Foutte group: Haleigh and Faysal think they can possibly get the votes for Bayleigh to stay after Haleigh’s ridiculous hacker confession meeting. It’s not gonna happen though.

So, what did you guys think about Bayleigh’s latest fight with Angela? Was she right to confront Angela and call her out or not? Let us know in the Facebook comments. I have to admit it was pretty fun to see Angela finally get called out for some of the shady stuff she’s said. Angela took some personal shots at Rachel at one point in one of the previous episodes, and Rachel was supposed to be good friends with her.

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