New Big Brother Season 20 Eviction Nominees Revealed For September 1, 2018

New Big Brother Season 20 Eviction Nominees Revealed For September 1, 2018

Happy Saturday fellow Big Brother fans. We’re back with another new report from the crazy Big Brother season 20 house.The eviction nominations ceremony took place yesterday, August 31, 2018. Before we tell you guys who’s up for eviction, let’s go over what took place before the eviction ceremony.

Scottie Dalton made it back into the house this past Thursday night, August 30, 2018 via the Jury Battle Back competition. Then later on that night, all the houseguests except for the outgoing HOH Angela competed in an endurance competition that would determine who the next Head Of Household is.

This one really came down to the wire between Haleigh and Tyler. We really wanted Haleigh to win so she could make this week interesting, but it was not to be. She hit one of the pies really hard while she was hanging on a rope apparatus. That hit immediately caused her to fall which left Tyler as the new Head Of Household for this week.

After the HOH competition,Scottie and Haleigh had a long chit chat about how awful Fessy ran his HOH reign which ultimately got Scottie evicted. Haleigh also talked a lot with Tyler to try and see where his head was at before the nomination ceremony. Apparently, he had Haleigh thinking she would get nominated along with Sam.

Now, fast forward to yesterday evening, August 31, 2018, Tyler’s eviction nomination ceremony took place. After every thing was all said and done, it was revealed that Haleigh and Scottie were nominated for eviction together this week. Haleigh was noticeably sad on the live feeds following the nomination ceremony. She tried to hold a bit of a smile, but it was very hard for her. She looked like she was just worn out emotionally. Poor thing.

She eventually went to the Have-not room, pulled the sheets over her head and cried. Brett tried to come in and check in on her. He asked if she was ok. She did not answer. So, he left. Later on, Haleigh did get back to being reasonably ok.

She eventually went to have another conversation with Tyler. At one point,Haleigh asked Tyler, “Why do you even bother entertaining a conversation with me? Is it like just a joke to you?” Tyler told her that’s it’s not a joke. He genuinely considered putting her up next to Sam, but that everyone was fearful of Scottie since they all voted him out the first time. So ,it made the most sense for his game to nominate her with Scottie.

Haleigh kept telling Tyler she understands his decision ,and that it makes sense since she did nominate him when she was the hacker. She also nominated Angela and Kaycee when she was HOH. She just hopes that they can eventually get past their little feud at some point.

Haleigh told Tyler, “I wouldnt have nominated you. It’s f@#cking annoying that I cant even show you that.” Tyler said, “Show me next week.” Haleigh said, “I’m not even going to f@#cking be here next week. It’s your fault #BB20.”

Tyler said, “What do I accomplish by getting you out? Nothing.” Haleigh said, “The one person you hate needs to go. You had valid points. You think I’m coming after you. It’s wrong. I’m not coming after you. You would just get rid of a person #BB20.”

Haleigh also brought up that if she and Tyler just keep taking shots at each other,the other people who haven’t done anything will make it to the end or something like that. Tyler seem to sort of agree with that point. Tyler also asked Haleigh if she ever had a showmance with Faysal. She quickly denied it.

She did say she liked Faysal, but they never had a showmance. Haleigh also did a good job warding Tyler’s suspicion by saying, “It was kind of like how you were with Kaitlyn. You two were close, but you never had a showmance.” Haleigh also brought up that Tyler appears to be close with Angela to the point of a showmance.

So, that immediately put Tyler on the defense to quickly try to convince Haleigh that he and Angela don’t have any kind of a showmance going on. Haleigh just said of Tyler and Angela having a showmance, “Yeah, the idea did cross my mind. I know you two have gotten really close.”

So, with that exchange, I think Haleigh really did a good job of getting Tyler off her back about her being in a showmance with Faysal at least verbally. But, I think Tyler deep down knows Haleigh was in a showmance with Faysal. We the viewing audience obviously know, but it’s tough to say what the houseguests know because they don’t get to see everything we do. Heck, Scottie revealed to Bayleigh and Angie Rockstar in the jury house that he didn’t even know Haleigh and Faysal had a showmance going on.

There was another interesting part of Haleigh and Tyler’s conversation where Haleigh told Tyler she hasn’t talked to Scottie all day because she was thinking Scottie might have known what Tyler was going to do at the nomination ceremony, and that Scottie thinks he’s just a pawn.

And if he is, Haleigh didn’t want to look like an idiot by trying to talk to Scottie about it. She kept saying she was going to go talk to Scottie throughout the day, but she never did. Maybe she will today. Who knows? At this point, I don’t think it really matters. If Scottie wins the Power Of Veto, Haleigh is for sure going home. If Haleigh wins the veto, Scottie’s going home. If neither one of them wins the veto, they have decided to just go ahead and send Scottie right back to the jury house.

Their fate was sealed when both of them failed to win this week’s HOH competition. I think it’s 99.9 percent safe to say that one of them will be leaving this Thursday night, September 6, 2018. The only question is which one of them will it be? That’s what today’s Power Of Veto competition will pretty much determine.

As for Scottie, we didn’t really see him try to talk to Tyler after the nominations. I think he pretty much knew what was up at that point. He probably figures he just needs to win the Power Of Veto to stay this week unless Tyler feeds him some BS,and Scottie somehow believes it.

The Power Of Veto competition is scheduled to take place later on today, September 1, 2018. So, be sure to look out for our big report on the results of it. Actually, we’ve just learned that the Power Of Veto competition players have just been picked. It turns out that Kaycee, JC and Sam were randomly drawn to play in the veto comp. They will join the reigning HOH Tyler and his eviction nominees Haleigh and Scottie to battle it out for the Power Of Veto. Brett will be hosting it.

What do you guys think about Tyler choosing to nominate Haleigh and Scottie for eviction this week? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments? Also, who do you guys want to win the Power Of Veto? As always, You guys can view the Big Brother live feeds yourself FREE for one week over at CBS by Clicking Here.

Another new episode for Big Brother season 20 is scheduled to air tomorrow night, September 2, 2018 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. It will feature the Head Of Household competition and Tyler’s eviction nominees ceremony footage. So, be sure to tune in for that one. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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