Big Brother Season 20 Sam & Scott Revealed Why They Flipped Their Votes Against Tyler In Last Night’s Finale

Big Brother Season 20 Sam & Scott Revealed Why They Flipped Their Votes Against Tyler In Last Night’s Finale

Hey, fellow Big Brother fans. Last night, it turned out to be Sam Bledsoe and Scott Salton that flipped their votes against Tyler Crispen to make Kaycee Clark the 20th winner of Big Brother. If any one of those two had of voted for Tyler to win, he would’ve walked away with the $500,000 grand prize.

We’ve made this article about these two houseguests in particular because these are votes that Tyler could’ve had. We believe Angie Rockstar, Bayleigh and Faysal were a lost cause. They had already made plans to vote against Tyler out of spite. We believe Sam did too, but Tyler had Sam doing everything he wanted her to do the entire season. That’s why we consider her to be a flipped vote.

Anyways, after the show, both Sam and Scottie talked with host Ross Matthews and Marissa Jaret Winokur during the backyard interviews. During Sam’s interview, she explained exactly why she didn’t give Tyler her vote, and it was probably one of the most lame and inconsistent reasons we’ve ever heard. But hey, that’s Sam.

She said her decision was solely based on personal reasons and had nothing to do with game. Then at one point, she said Tyler and Kaycee were her top two people she would have voted for. Right after that, she turned around and totally contradicted herself by saying she still would have voted against Tyler if he would’ve ended up in the final two next to JC!

She gave really odd reasons as to why this is the case by saying things about their background and stuff when she should’ve been making decisions on how they played the game. Ugh, she is so frustrating to listen to. Here’s how that particular segment of Sam’s interview went.

Ross explained to Sam that her flipped vote is what caused Tyler to lose against Kaycee. If Tyler would’ve have gotten her vote, he would have won. Then they asked Sam why she voted against Tyler. Here’s what Sam had to say, “It was not influenced at all by Tyler’s actions towards the end of the game. It was truly because I played a personal game, and I know a lot about each houseguest that they might not have shared with everyone. Their stories. Their families. I was sort of like a sounding board for some of the emotional things people went through.

I know that Kaycee was coming from a very real place. I have a very clear picture of her family. I had sort of made up my mind a long time ago. I decided that if I was a millionaire ,and it’s my money that I’m giving away at the end of the show, who am I gonna give it to? Kaycee and Tyler were both my top picks.

So, I was very happy to see them up there.” Then Ross asked Sam, “So, if Tyler was sitting next to JC at the end, you would have voted for Tyler?” Sam said, “That’s an interesting question. I had considered it because as a juror, we have no idea what to expect. But it’s my responsibility to consider all of my options, and I would have probably voted for JC.

Again, not for Tyler’s actions, but because JC represents so many communities. There’s a lot of depth to him that I don’t think was represented. He’s very smart. He had all of this social stuff going on that nobody knew about. He’s brilliant.”

Sam just totally had no clue. She said nobody had a clue what JC was doing.Tyler always knew what JC was doing. He was working with him. Again, the reasons Sam gave just made absolutely no sense from a game standpoint.

We definitely respected Scottie’s decision to vote against Tyler a whole lot more than Sam’s. At least it was based on some sort of actual gameplay. Scottie revealed that he just straight up thought Kaycee earned it with her crazy amount of competition wins towards the end of the season.

He admitted that he went into the finale thinking he would vote for Tyler. But, when Kaycee won that final HOH to put her fate in her own hands, that’s what sealed the deal for him. That totally caused him to flip his vote to Kaycee. He said she just flat out earned it in his mind.

Here’s exactly what Scottie had to say when asked why he voted for Kaycee over Tyler, “In the end, I voted for loyalty and respect. Kaycee cleaned those comps out in the end. That’s beasting it. That’s taking it. There’s no way she can go home. She’s making sure she’s putting it in her hands, and I respect that.

I figured it was going to be Kaycee and Tyler, and I was going to pick Tyler all day. I said to myself I was going to pick Tyler no matter what. Then the second they said Kaycee won the final HOH, I was like, ‘She took it. She earned it. It’s hers.’ Man, she beasted it. She earned it in my mind. I’m gonna give it to the person who I think earned it.”

Again, we think that’s a very fair and respectable reason for voting for Kaycee to win. She did put her fate in her own hands by winning that final HOH even though Tyler said he was taking her to the final two. On the off chance that Tyler decided to renege on that deal, he wouldn’t have had a chance to due to Kaycee’s win.

Definitely, strong arguments can be made for why Kaycee and Tyler should have won. But in the end, it was Kaycee. So, congrats to her. Personally, we think Tyler did a little more in terms of strategy. He also won just as many competitions if not more than Kaycee over the course of the whole season.

That’s the only reason why we think Tyler should have edged out Kaycee,but that’s semantics at the end of the day. Kaycee got the most votes so she is the winner. You guys can view all of the Big Brother season 20 backyard cast interviews over on Facebook by Clicking Here.

How do you guys feel about Scottie and Sam’s reasons for voting against Tyler? Do you hate their reasons? Do you like them? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Be sure to stay tuned because we’ve got a lot more exciting Big Brother news coming down the pipeline. Both Celebrity Big Brother season 2 and regular Big Brother season 21 have been confirmed! We’ve got more details to share about that and more in upcoming posts. Be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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3 Responses

  1. Tyler didn't deserve to win BB20 says:

    Your article is biased. You understand Scotties reason but not Sam’s.


    Ok well here are my opinions on Sam’s vote

    You do realize, if you watched the feeds all summer, that Sam was an emotional player. She wasn’t much interested in game related stuff as more as the social experiment (which this show is based on).

    Tyler messed up because he abandoned his relationship with Sam once jury started and thought he would have her vote to win regardless once he broke with her to be with Angela. Hence he told Bay in his F2 speech “I don’t need you vote” to win nonsense.

    Secondly, you’re in the house 99 days, you will develop relationships with people on a deep level. When Sam was on the block the last 2 weeks of the season Kaycee actually did more in terms of her social game to secure her vote to win over Tyler while checking on Sam often. Even JC did the same when he and Sam were on the block together! So it makes sense to me the two people who were the closest to Sam in the beginning would get her vote at the end.

    Just face facts, that Tyler ruined his jury mang. once jury started and completely took his eyes off the prize. Had he taken Sam to top 3 instead of JC, he’d probably be 500K richer as we speak. Derrick, Rachel and Andy were smart enough to take weaker players top 3 and win. Tyler just made a bone head decision cutting Sam at 5, which benefited Kaycee more than himself. Plus calling Sam a “wildcard” didn’t help him at the end.

  2. Martha Massie says:

    I have one beef about your comment regarding comp wins but i’ll get to that. In answer to your question about what I think about Sam and Scottie’s reasons for voting for Kaycee, I think they are both reasonable. Because Sam and Scottie played the game differently, because they are two different people whose thought processes are diametrically opposed, then their reasoning is different. Scottie’s decision was based on one thing, that Kaycee won the final HOH comp, even though he thought Tyler played a more strategic game. Sam’s decision was based on her core belief in honesty and she felt that Kaycee played a more honest game than Tyler which was “reasonable” for her.

    Your comment towards the end, “He also won just as many competitions if not more than Kaycee over the course of the whole season.” would have been fine had you omitted the “if not more than Kaycee”. He did not win more, they were even going into the final 3-part HOH comp: Tyler 3 HOH, 3 POV = 6 – Kaycee 1 HOH, 5 POV – 6. Period. No “if not more…” …this is fact.

  3. Janet says:

    If either of them were on the fence, Tyler’s speech pushed them to Kaycee. You don’t tell jurors they were wildcards or that you used them. He humiliated and embarrassed both of them.

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