Why Big Brother Season 20 Tyler Crispen Lost To Kaycee Clark In Last Night’s Finale Revealed

Why Big Brother Season 20 Tyler Crispen Lost To Kaycee Clark In Last Night’s Finale Revealed

Happy Thursday fellow Big Brother fans. Wow, that was quite a season. In this article, we’re going to go over and break down why we think the season 20 favorite Tyler Crispen failed to win the $500,000 dollar grand prize last night over fellow houseguest Kaycee Clark in a very close vote of 5-4. We had ran reports about this yesterday afternoon before last night’s LIVE finale show. In them, we expressed our worry for Tyler not winning against Kaycee who came on real strong towards the end of the season.

Before this article is done, you’re going to see how Kaycee’s strong comp win terror was able to just edge out Tyler’s overall, all-around game. Before we start our breakdown, I would just like to say that we think Tyler should’ve have won because not only was he running things socially all season long, he also won just as many if not more competitions than Kaycee.

The first thing we want to do is just analyze the jury Question and Answer segments and the final speeches. During the Q&A sessions, we thought Tyler did a much better job than Kaycee. We weren’t impressed with a lot of the things Kaycee said particularly when they asked her why she thinks she should win the game. She said something to the effect of “I love you all” and some other gibberish that didn’t really answer the question.

She also couldn’t really explain how she did anything other than win competitions because she didn’t. To her credit, Kaycee did mention that she created good relationships with people on the other side of her alliance. That is definitely a big part of Big Brother.

She apparently did a real good job of that which why we were so worried for Tyler. Nobody was really bitter at Kaycee. When we go over the votes Kaycee received, you guys will see how that proved to be a big part of Kaycee winning this thing over Tyler. In terms of pulling strings and setting things up socially on a strategic level, Tyler was in charge of all that. There’s no doubt about it.

Now, let’s go over Kaycee’s final speech. We didn’t find it to be all that impressive. It just seemed like a lot of the same rehashed stuff from the Q&A session. She said she won competitions and created good relationships.

However, Kaycee did say something different that caught my attention. She said, “I didn’t make promises I couldn’t keep.” That’s very important because that’s the exact opposite of what Tyler did, and I really think it affected one of the key votes that Tyler should have gotten. However, this person in particular Sam Bledsoe will say otherwise. We definitely think Sam took it personal and screwed Tyler with her flip vote, but we’ll go over that in more detail later in this article.

Right now, we’re going to go over Tyler’s Q&A segment. We definitely think Tyler did a much better job than Kaycee in this segment. He really did his best to point out that he started playing and socially constructing things from day one. We thought he could have done a better job of explaining things had he been given more time.

Perhaps maybe Tyler should have rehearsed things a little more before hand to make up for the time constraints. Whatever the case, after Tyler went over a lot of the key things he did in the game, it was acceptably clear he was running the show. In fact, it was so clear that he did manage to actually flip Haleigh’s vote right there on the spot.

In Haleigh’s backyard interview, she admitted that she came into the finale undecided on who to vote for, but she was leaning towards Kaycee like all her other Foutte clan members decided to do. However, she ultimately decided to vote on the best gameplay. She said she wanted to see if Tyler and Kaycee could explain the moves she thought were made to help them advance further in the game. She thought Tyler did that ,and he actually flipped her vote. So, bravo to Haleigh. I applaud her on voting based on gameplay. We always liked Haleigh. We just thought she made very bad game moves.

Anyways, moving on to Tyler’s finale speech. We thought it was ok. He basically just rehashed everything he did in the game from his Q&A session. Again, if he was given more time or rehearsed a little more, it could have come across more clear to the jury.

So, that brings us to why did Tyler ultimately lose to Kaycee? First, let’s go over the votes and who voted for who. Bayleigh, Faysal, Angie Rockstar, Scottie and Sam all voted for Kaycee to win. Haleigh, Angela, JC and Brett all voted for Tyler to win.

Here’s what we think. That whole Foutte group with the exception of sweet Haleigh was obviously either bitter, or to nicely put it, just appreciated Kaycee’s gameplay more than Tyler’s gameplay. Tyler’s extreme gameplay didn’t effect any of his Level 6 alliance members’ votes despite him making multiple final two deals with a lot of them. That really goes to show why they were so solid. They were always game focused, and kept a lot of emotions out of it.

When it comes to those votes we weren’t really surprised. The flip votes came down to Haleigh and Sam. We always thought Haleigh was the smartest person in the Foutte group, but that group was just so terrible. That and the combination of Haleigh being so young caused her to veer off track. She finally didn’t let them influence her final vote, and we’re proud of her for that.

So, it came down to Sam’s vote, and we all know Sam’s decisions can just go wherever the wind blows. Tyler always had Sam the entire game. I mean she would just do whatever he told her to do the entire,freaking time. We know this well because we were always very irritated by it to no end.

Along with all of that, Sam was one of Tyler’s shady final two deals, and I think that really weighed heavily on Sam’s very emotional and personal wired mind. We heard her in her diary room sessions multiple times how she despised thinking she was ever being played for a fool. In one of her diary room sessions, she said she would rip the doors off the hinges if it turned out they were lying to her about being safe that week.

Then there was that one time where she had a major breakdown with Haleigh during her HOH. She told Haleigh if she finds out people are making fun of her behind her back, she was going to pull their bottom lips up over their heads and make them regret the day they were born! Yeah, it was totally crazy.

With that said, we think Sam definitely had a problem with Tyler basically screwing her over. Sam will say something different. In her backyard interview, Sam said she voted based on the relationships she made. And that judging from her conversations with Kaycee, she thought Kaycee deserved it the most.

We thought that was total BS because Sam turned around and said she would have voted for JC to win over Tyler too. Do you guys see the pattern here? It kinda doesn’t matter who Tyler was sitting next to in the final two. Sam was angry just like the Foutte group, and probably would’ve flipped her vote on Tyler no matter what.

So, why did Tyler lose against Kaycee? It’s simple. He made one shady final two deal too many and with the wrong person, Sam. It’s very ironic too because Tyler is the main reason why Sam even made it past week one. If you’ll recall, the Foutte alliance was all set up to vote Sam out against Steve in week one, but Tyler felt Sam needed to stick around.

So, he decided to get crazy Kaitlyn to flip her vote by telling her a fake story that a power would be unleashed her alliance if she didn’t vote Steve out. Had Steve stayed and made it to jury instead of Sam, he most likely would have voted for Tyler to win. On the other hand, that could’ve changed the whole complexion of the game. Maybe Tyler wouldn’t have made it to final two has Steve stayed over Sam. Who knows? What we do know is that Sam’s flipped vote is the culprit in Tyler’s demise last night against Kaycee.

Again, it’s so ironic because Tyler and his Level 6 alliance was responsible for so many flipped votes during the season, and it was a flipped vote that came back to bite Tyler in the butt in the end. Hashtag “who flipped?” That was definitely a major theme in this crazy season.

So, our assessment of why Tyler lost against Kaycee was he just overplayed it by a hair. We could definitely be wrong about this, but that’s just what it looks like from our angle based on everything that went down this season.

We always knew and said that Sam is really going to screw somebody over hardcore with her all-personal gameplay, and it turned out to be her best buddy in the house, Tyler. Tyler should have let her go that first week, and this could have all been avoided. Oh, well. It is what it is as they say. Never underestimate the butterfly affect.

We do think Tyler probably would’ve won against JC because we think he would have gotten Scottie’s vote if what Scottie said is true. He said in his backyard interview that he voted for Kaycee to win because she won that final HOH.

Scottie said he was ready to vote for Tyler. But after he learned Kaycee won that final HOH, that totally caused him to flip his vote to her. Scottie stated that Kaycee just flat out earned it. Again, that further reiterates our point that the Foutte group just appreciated Kaycee’s game more than Tyler’s whether it was for bitter reasons or just her many competition wins.

With all that said, Tyler didn’t come out a total loser. He won $50,000 and an additional $25,000 for America’s Favorite player. $75,000 dollars isn’t a bad payday for three months of work. Plus, he landed that beautiful fitness model Angela Rummans. According to their post interview, they’re going to move in together and do that whole thing. So, congrats to them.

And for you Kaycee fans out there, we do think Kaycee is a good winner. We just think Tyler should have edged her out. That’s all. Kaycee won a ton of competitions towards the end and really did make good relationships. Some of those comp wins were really important too as we think she could’ve went home if she hadn’t have won that Hacker competition. So, we certainly congratulate Kaycee on her win. It was a great season.

What do you guys think about Tyler’s loss to Kaycee in the final two last night? Do you agree with our assessment of making one shady final two deal too many? Or are we just totally wrong? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

Be sure to stay tuned as we’ll be posting more important Big Brother intel. We’ve got some important Foutte member interviews to post. They explain exactly why they voted for Kaycee over Tyler and much more. Also, be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here.

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  1. Tyler didn't deserve to win BB20 says:

    I love that Sam got the last laugh against Tyler. Serves him right!

    Sam didn’t owe Tyler a damn thing. He didn’t nurture his relationship with her (like a Derrick did with Victoria) when jury started and he put her on the block twice. That’s not loyalty, that’s straight up telling Sam she was worthless and only using her for a vote. Nothing more and nothing less in the eyes of Tyler which he admitted by even saying she was a wildcard. He used her and he too took it personal when Sam voted to keep Bay, who he considered as villian. Yet that is missing in these articles.

    Tyler was so sure he could control Sam but he never could. The only people he could control were Kaycee, Angela and Kaitlyn. Sam liked Tyler enough (even voted his direction through most of the season) yet she him gave many of opportunities at the end to come clean and be honest where their relationship stood and he couldn’t be real. Had he been honest, she would had been upset but I think she would had voted for him to win!

    Even Evel Dick said that Tyler messed up his relationship with Sam which cost him 500K. Tyler knew Bay, Angie and Fessy were lost cause votes but Sam should had been his ace and he threw her away especially cutting her at final 5 over a more strategic player like JC who broke his showmance up with he and Angela!

    So while you’re upset Tyler lost, you have to understand Big Brother is a social game experiment! Yes you have to win competitions to prove yourself and stay in the house weekly but if your social game isn’t top notch don’t expect win Big Brother! Defense wins championships baby! Period.

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