New Big Brother 2022 Season 24 Live Feeds To Start Up Late On Premiere Night

New Big Brother 2022 Season 24 Live Feeds To Start Up Late On Premiere Night

Hey, fellow, “Big Brother” fans. We are back with some more very important news for the new, upcoming Big Brother 2022 edition aka season 24, which is set to debut in less than a week from now on Wednesday night, July 6, 2022. This one is for all of you 24 hour LIVE feed watchers out there.

As we previously reported, the houseguests are going to do another LIVE move-in on premiere night due to all of the Covid preparations and quarantines that CBS has to do now. That means we’re going to get to see them move into the house for the very first time during the premiere episode.

Now, according to some new info from CBS, the 24 hour LIVE feeds will also start up on that same night. However, they’re going to start up pretty late if you’re in the eastern or central time zones.

CBS is going to wait for both Big Brother and their new reality show The Challenge to air on the west coast before starting up the Big Brother LIVE feeds. That means the LIVE feeds won’t start up until 9:30 pm Pacific time that night, which in turn means they won’t start up until 11:30 pm in the central time zone ,and 12:30 am in the eastern time zone.

So, the wait for the LIVE feeds to kick in will take a little longer this season, but we’re guessing you guys won’t miss all that much, considering that the houseguests will have just moved in that night. In the pre-pandemic days, the houseguests actually moved in a full week before the LIVE feeds kicked in. So, we definitely missed a lot more of the first-week action back then.

Anyways, there’s still currently no twists or spoiler reveals for this new season to date. Heck, we still haven’t even gotten a cast reveal from CBS yet. So, we’re still looking out for that. It should happen at anytime now. So, get prepped for that in the very near future.

Again, the new Big Brother season 24 is currently scheduled to debut this Wednesday night, July 6, 2022 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright, guys. That is going to be it for this latest, “Big Brother” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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