A Former Bachelor Contestant Sadly And Suddenly Died Last Week

A Former Bachelor Contestant Sadly And Suddenly Died Last Week

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. We’ve got some pretty sad news for you guys today. Unfortunately, one of the former ladies of ABC’s popular “The Bachelor” dating reality show past away this past Thursday morning, October 4, 2018 at the very young of 38.

According to the folks over USA Today.com , the former “The Bachelor” lady we are speaking of is Cristy Caserta. She participated in the 15th season of “The Bachelor” which aired way back in 2011. Brad Womack was the bachelor that season.


Cristy was living in South Florida at the time of her untimely death. Officer Luis Fernandez of the Broward County City police department confirmed that Cristy was in a training class of some sort when she died.

Her classmates noticed that her head hit her desk and her coffee cup went flying. Her classmates rushed to try and help her, but she was unresponsive. Eventually, an emergency team showed up to attempt CPR on Cristy. They also took her to the Westside Regional Medical Center hospital, and they sadly pronounced that she was dead just before 9 am eastern time that morning.

It is currently unclear what the cause of Cristy’s death was. They did perform an autopsy this past Friday, October 5, 2018. However, officer Fernandez said it could take weeks before they establish the cause of her death.

Fernandez said they are being very thorough in this investigation, and that Cristy’s young age and circumstances has captured a lot of attention. He stated, “The young age and the circumstances of how this occurred catch attention. We made sure we were on the thorough side of investigating the death.”


During Cristy’s Bachelor stint, she was one of 10 ladies that was eliminated the first week. She had a Twitter profile where she described herself as an “attorney…FSU Alum…Just an easy going South Florida girl” who lasted a “hot minute on ABC’s The Bachelor 15.” You guys can view photos of Cristy on her official Instagram account by Clicking Here.

USA Today pointed out that Emily Maynard ,who eventually went on to be the lady Brad Womack selected that season, paid a special tribute to Cristy with a statement to Us Weekly. In her statement, Emily revealed that she formed very unique relationships with other Bachelor contestants because the situation is not something that many people can relate to. She also said she was really grateful for the memories she had of Cristy, and that she will definitely be praying for Cristy’s family and friends.

Emily’s statement reads like this, “Being on a show like ‘The Bachelor,’ you truly form relationships that are so special because it’s an experience no one else can relate to. I’m grateful for my memories with Cristy and will be praying for her family and friends.”

USA Today also made mention that the folks over at ABC have so far declined to comment on the unfortunate Cristy Caserta situation.


Pagesix.com ,which is the Gossip department for the New York Post, also ran a story on Cristy Caserta’s death. They had some additional information to share. They’re saying that Cristy may have had a seizure of some sort. That’s how they are referring to it anyways.


The Sunrise Police Department spokeman Luis Fernandez, who I referred to in the USA Today article, also spoke with Page Six. He told them of Cristy’s death, describing that she just “went out.”

They also noted that Cristy’s family said she was in good health before her death. That, of course, makes this tragedy even more strange. Fernandez said the autopsy report found no evidence of trauma. They’re still waiting on the toxicology results.


Pagesix.com pointed out that Ashley Spivey, who was also a contestant during Cristy’s season, made a very heartfelt statement to Us Magazine about Cristy in light of this unfortunate incident. Ashley said she was totally heartbroken to learn about Cristy’s passing. Ashley went on to say that Cristy was one of the kindest people she’s ever met. She was also an amazing friend, and she will miss her deeply.


Ashley’s statement reads like this, “I’m absolutely heartbroken about Cristy. She was one of the kindest people I met on the first night of the show and she continued to be an amazing friend. She was as smart and funny as she was beautiful. She will be deeply missed in this world.”

Alright guys. That’s it for this very unfortunate report we had to bring to you. We will definitely be back with more positive Bachelor Nation news in the future. You can follow us on our The Bachelor Facebook page for more Bachelor news by Clicking Here.

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