Former ‘Bachelor’ Favorites Recently Faced A Serious Medical Scare

Former ‘Bachelor’ Favorites Recently Faced A Serious Medical Scare

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. We’ve got a serious, new report for you guys in reference to former Bachelor and Bachelorette stars Sean Lowe and Catherine Lowe (formerly Giudici). Apparently, their second child Isaiah had to be rushed to the hospital this past weekend after experiencing a pretty serious cough!

According to the folks over at, Sean posted on his official Instagram account that little Isaiah was rushed to the hospital after developing a really bad cough, and he was eventually taken to the pediatric ICU. Later, he was diagnosed with Bronchiolitis. There is some good news. Sean said he’s confident that Isaiah will be fine.

He wrote, “Long story short- we took our little dude to the pediatrician yesterday for a bad cough he developed and ended up in the pediatric ICU. We’re still here and probably will be for a couple more days. Isaiah’s got bronchiolitis and his little body is having a tough time getting enough oxygen. He’s not having the best time but the doctors and nurses have been great and we’re just super thankful we took him to the doctor when we did. We’re confident he’ll be just fine but prayers are always welcome.”

That post was accompanied by a photo that features Catherine and little Isaiah in the hospital. You guys view it over on Sean’s official Instagram account by Clicking Here. pointed out that Bronchiolitis is considered a common lung infection in children and infants by the Mayo Clinic, but as they note, a small percentage of those who develop it need hospitalization.

Since that initial Instagram post, Sean and Catherine went on to post a few, positive updates. Catherine wrote: “Holding my little one so so tight. Thank you for all your prayers and sweet comments. I think they’re working.” You guys can view that post over on Catherine’s Instagram by Clicking Here.

Sean wrote,”Guess who’s in good spirits today?” That post was accompanied with a photo that featured Isaiah in the hospital, smiling from ear to ear. You guys can view that post on Sean’s Instagram by Clicking Here.

For those of you who need a refresher on Sean and Catherine Lowe’s Bachelor Nation past. Sean originally entered the Bachelor Nation scene when he competed for Bachelorette Emily Maynard’s affections back on the eighth season of the Bachelorette in 2012. During that season, Emily took him all the way to the final three before deciding to cut him for two other guys she thought was a better fit for her.

After that, Sean came roaring back as the 17th Bachelor in season 17 on “The Bachelor” which premiered on January 7, 2013. During that season, he went on to ,of course, pick Catherine to be his wife and the rest is history.

They’ve gone on to have two kids which are both boys. Their first son is named Samuel. He’s currently two years old. Isaiah is 5 months old. pointed out that they are one of the very few couples that found success from the hit ABC reality dating show. They got married on January 26, 2014. It was a whole big, live, televised event that took place at the Four Seasons Resort Biltmore in Santa Barbara, California. Sean’s father, Jay Lowe, officiated at the wedding.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve for this latest Bachelor report, but be sure to stay tuned for more. Also, be sure to follow us on our The Bachelor Facebook page for more Bachelor news by Clicking Here.

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